Look, to be honest with you, there wasn’t a ton of eventful things that happened in the NHL on Thursday night.  We’re leading off with Sam Gagner for a couple reasons.  One, he had a trick on four shots in the 5-2 win for the Red Wings.  Sure, one was an empty netter, but a hat trick is a hat trick and that deserves recognition.  Never mind that Gagner came into the game with zero goals on the season and the three points in this game were more than he had all season.  The other reason I started off with Gagner is to give him some appreciation.  He had a solid career for over a decade now, constantly as an elite streamer while having a few years where he was a bottom end hold.  With all of the big games McJesus is having lately, you can try to stump your friends with a trivia question in terms of who the last player was that had seven points or more in a game?  As you could guess, it was Gagner, but did you know he actually had 8!?  He’s one of only eleven players in history to have eight points in a game and for that, I thank Gagner for the memory of that wild night in Chicago.  Let’s take a look at what else happened on Thursday:

Linus Ullmark – 15 saves on 15 shots before leaving the game after the first period.  He made an absolutely ridiculous save but appeared to tweak his groin in the process.  Ullmark stayed in for the rest of the period but didn’t return.  Horrible break for him and the Sabres as Ullmark was playing great hockey.  Even if it’s long term, do not pick up Carter Hutton.  I can’t imagine there being a worse goalie in the league.

Pavel Zacha – Goal and two assists with three shots.  It took longer than anticipated, but Zacha is finally showing the offensive potential that Reid and I preached about back during our podcasting days.  He has a point in eight straight games bumping him to elite streamer status for the time being.

Jesper Bratt – Goal and an assist with five shots.  Really like Bratt as a player; he’s turned into a great find for the Devils in the sixth round.  He’s a solid streamer with some upside if it starts to click.

Anders Lee – Goal and an assist, as did Mathew Barzal.  The game was 2-2 going into the third and then boom, five goals in the period for the Isles!  Nice stretch from Lee and his shot rate is through the roof.  That gives Lee the potential to push the top 50 if the PIM increase to their usual level.

David Rittich – 16 saves on 20 shots in 32 minutes before being pulled in the 6-1 loss to the Senators.  Naturally, after two elite games against the Maple Leafs, Rittich gets lit up by the Sens.

Thomas Chabot – Two assists with a shot.  I think things will improve for Chabot from where it was to open the season.  There’s big upside long term as the Sens stockpile young talent.

Colin White – Two goals on four shots.  White is down to being a bottom end streamer while the minutes are low.

Curtis McElhinney – 31 saves on 32 shots in the 3-1 win over the Hurricanes.  An unexpected revenge game from McElhinney.  I still do not trust him, but if you want to stream him for wins, it’s understandable, just be weary of the downside.

T.J. Oshie – Goal and an assist with three shots.  Oshie is starting to turn it around with seven points in the past six games.  He’s back to being a solid hold.

Nicklas Backstrom – Goal and an assist with five shots.  While I don’t expect it to be sustained, Backstrom is scoring at the best rate of his career by a large margin. There’s a real chance of a point per game season at age 33.

Lars Eller – Goal and an assist with two PIM.  The lines are shifting constantly, but Eller has been playing with better linemates than usual lately.  He’s a middling streamer because of that, but I don’t expect much here, even if one of the big two centers goes down.

John Carlson – Two assists with two shots and two PIM.  It feels like Carlson has been extremely disappointing, but he’s not far off from being at a point per game.  Nothing to worry about.

Malcolm Subban – 26 save shutout in the 2-0 win over Columbus.  Goalies do not make any sense.  I still have no faith in Subban, but Chicago goaltending apparently has voodoo magic so if you want to stream him, so be it.

Darren Helm – Two assists with a shot.  I can’t believe Helm is still in the NHL.  And there’s your annual Helm update!

Bobby Ryan – Two assists with a shot. Ryan has cooled off unsurprisingly.  He’s a bottom end streamer who is carrying decent value in deep leagues for the PIMs with decent points.

Joel Armia – Two goals.  Armia had five points in eleven games before this one, with four in one game.  Clearly they’re coming in bunches, but Armia is only a middling streamer.

Jeff Petry – Two assists with two shots and two PIM.  Monster season from Petry who is still hovering around a point per game almost 20 games into his season.

Blake Wheeler – Goal and two assists with two shots and two PIM.  Mark ScheifeleKyle Connor, and Pierre-Luc Dubois all had two points in this game.  Safe to say that the studs on Winnipeg are pushing them towards a playoff spot in a big way.

Andrew Copp – Two assists with three shots.  Copp was pointless in his previous six games and the workload has dropped dramatically lately.  He’s trusted late in games, but without being in the top six, he’s a decent streamer at best.  That can change very quickly though so Copp should be monitored.

Mike Smith – 32 save shutout in the 3-0 win over the Canucks.  I guess Smith needs to held everywhere right now?  I don’t buy it, but he’s been absolutely incredible since returning from injury.

Connor McDavid – Goal and an assist with eight shots.  Just another day on the ice for McJesus as he pushes towards averaging two points per game.

That’s all for now guys.  I’ll be back on Monday recapping the action from the weekend.  As always, feel free to ask any questions, leave any comments, or give any suggestions below.  Thanks for reading, take care!

  1. Crush All Boxes says:

    Hey Viz, what’s cooking?
    In a keeper league who would you rather have: Hart or Shesterkin?
    Cats are: GS, W, L, GA, GAA, SV, SA, SV% & SHO
    I have Hart am losing my heart for him (can’t stand Philly as well)… thinking of targeting Igor but if not him who would you target (net minder that is…)?
    Thank you sir

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      Hey, how goes it? Being a Sabres fan, things are a bit wild here at the moment with the Skinner nonsense and everybody crucifying Ralph (as they should be). Linus getting hurt last night killed me too, another year of a bad team.

      These two are clearly in tier one for long term goalie keepers. I guess I would slightly prefer Hart only because he’s almost three years younger (easy to forget since Igor stayed in Russia so long), but you can really go either way, I’m a huge Igor fan and actually traded Hart away in one of my dynasties because I already had Igor (and Lehner who I loved this year, whoops). If you dislike Philly that much (me too!), I’m fine with moving Hart for Igor. I think I would try to get the person with Igor to give you an extra piece, nothing major, but something small, and worst case, you can offer the 1 for 1.

      If you’re looking for someone other Igor, the other guy I can really see worth considering is Hellebuyck. Those three and Vasilevskiy would be my tier one long term, and you obviously aren’t getting Vasilevskiy

      • Crush All Boxes says:

        Yeah, the Sabres are in a real conundrum; would you be down for a rebuild? Could get a boatload for Jack… if you were at the helm how would you play it?
        Thanks for the thoughts of Hart/Igor… man I dislike the Flyers-hurts rooting for them ) and thanks for all you do here-great stuff!👏🎯

        • The Harrow says:

          you don’t rebuild by giving away your 25 year old superstars. that’s how you tank entirely. you’d get back draft picks for guys who at least no small % of the time never end up close to what he already is, pre prime of his career. this is a capped sport, not baseball, so you don’t gain any advantage by tanking either for giving up a guy like him (in baseball the “poor” teams can gain by this, as the ONLY way the “poor” teams can compete for a few years consecutively is to have controlled contracts, and they are compared to the “rich” teams who can spend whatever money they want as there is no cap).

        • Viz

          Viz says:

          They’ve been rebuilding for a decade haha. Trading Jack is an absolute no go, the odds are high that you’ll never end up with a player as good as him, and you never get a proper return when you trade a superstar.

          • The Harrow says:

            not one pre prime for sure, this isn’t like if say WIN traded wheeler lately. trades like this ARE done often in baseball though, but that’s because their “economy” is so f’d up that only like 6 or so teams ever pay for the top level players (at least consistently), and there is no cap, so the “poor” teams actually sort of have no choice, either trade away your prime age superstar when he’s close to leaving you for somebody else who will pay him when you won’t/can’t anyway, get back what you can, which almost never is anybody close (even if you add their WAR’s together or any other metric used) to the super star given away. a salary cap floor and ceiling removes that gibberish, you can’t be like 1/10 of the budget of the rich teams, but the rich teams can’t just show up and pay more than what most others can and still field the rest of their rosters.

  2. JP says:

    Hi Viz!

    I’m in a 6 teams points only leauge:
    Goals (G) 6
    Assists (A) 4
    Plus/Minus (+/-) 2
    Powerplay Points (PPP) 2
    Shots on Goal (SOG) 0.9
    Blocks (BLK) 1

    Thinkin about adding Tarasenko and stash him on IR, but when he’s ready to play i’ll have to drop rust or fiala. What do you think?

    • The Harrow says:

      if this was maybe his 1st shoulder surgery he was coming off of i might do this, but this is his 3rd, and after coming back from neither of the last 2 had he proved he was back to previous levels AND able to keep playing. having said that, his upside is high IF somehow the 3rd surgery might do what the first 2 couldn’t, and in a league this shallow i’m completely out of my element as i’ve barely even heard of them existing, much less how to evaluate them (i’d have a brain failure likely if i saw your FA list there). it’s entirely possible somebody just like fiala is in FA already, if that’s the case sure, why not. but you risk holding him too long before you find out he’s either going to take a long time to get back to what he was years ago or doesn’t, esp in a short season like we have this year. it’s entirely possible he DOES get back to what he had been but say it takes a month+ of playing, meanwhile fiala and others are in FA doing better (or on somebody else’s roster).

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      I mean, it can’t hurt to stash him and see what happens. Someone else on your team could end up getting hurt and then Tarasenko can take their spot. Without seeing him play, I prefer Rust and Fiala to him, but Tarasenko can easily be the best of the trio if he’s anywhere close to his former level.

  3. fleeced says:

    I’d like to activate Karlsson off the IR to add to my D core of Barrie, Werenski and Fox. Should I drop either of them for Toews, Dahlin, or Ristolainen? Or hold?

    Who do I drop to activate him? Either Hughes, Kyrou, Reinhart, Kaprisov, or Fiala.

    (G), (A), (+/-), (PIM), (PPP), (SOG)

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