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Hey everyone!  I hope you ended up winning your fantasy championship this year.  With the season over, my posts will be more sparingly.  The plan is to do a podcast with Reid that will go up Wednesday with our predictions for the first round.  I also will have a Way Too Early Top 50 that comes out in the next week or two.  Additionally, just because I don't post as frequently doesn't mean you can't ask any questions that you have with players for the future, or just thoughts on these playoffs.  I get notified when anyone comments on my posts, so I will try to answer them as quickly as I do during the season.  Anyways, the point of this post was to set up the Razzball Bracket Challenge.  Last year, Quick Sycamore won the title, besting me as Pittsburgh (his Cup Winner) beat Nashville (my predicted winner).  You and anyone else can join at the link below:
The playoffs are almost upon us! Reid joins me to preview all of the first round playoff matchups. Can Connor McDavid carry the Oilers past the Sharks? Can the Predators blue line neutralize the Blackhawks top six? Will the Maple Leafs put up any fight against the Capitals? What will the Blue Jackets do in an attempt to slow down Sidney Crosby? There are so many questions in each series that we look at before we make our selections for each series. We're also going to have a Playoff Three Point Challenge where you can take any player so be sure to make your pick for Wednesday's games below! You can also join the Razzball Bracket Challenge here. All of that and more on the latest edition of the Razzball Hockey Podcast brought to you by Seatgeek and Draft!
Hey everyone! With only a few days left in the season, it's time to set up the Razzball Bracket Challenge! For those who didn't partake last year, you simply fill out the Stanley Cup Playoff Bracket once it's released. You can join the Razzball group by clicking here and creating a free account if you don't already have one. It's a good way to keep the Razzball Hockey community in touch throughout the playoffs.
Hey guys! Sadly, the regular season is over now meaning your fantasy hockey leagues that you've been battling in for the past 6 months have come to an end. Hopefully you guys came out on top! Since there are no playoff games until Wednesday, I'm going to have a bigger writeup for tomorrow plus an RCL recap and a playoff preview. Today is just about setting up something to keep people talking throughout the playoffs with a little friendly competition.