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Hey guys! Sven here and we have reached our last team for 31 in 31. Thank you to those of you that were along for the journey! I will be back next week with some buy/sell type articles, but for now enjoy my analysis of the Winnipeg Jets! Over the past month, I have taken a look at each team’s players to watch out for going into the 2018-19 fantasy hockey season: The 31 in 31 daily segment. This analysis features everything from surefire studs, to sleepers, to prospects that may make an appearance at some point this season. Please let me know if you guys enjoy this type of material!  Reminder that the stat totals are from last season.
Happy New Years everyone!  Reid and I are back and after taking a few minutes to talk about our Bills finally making the playoffs, we discuss a lot of things going on in the hockey world.  We start with a massive injury rundown and the fantasy repercussions before discussing the World Juniors, how USA vs Canada would go in the Olympics if NHL'ers were playing, and many other things before making our picks for The Three Point Challenge on Thursday's games.  Be sure to make your picks in the comments section below!
First off, I hope everyone had a Happy New Year's!  As much as I personally don't care for New Year's Eve, this year was different because of the Buffalo Bills making the playoffs.  I wish I had video of me celebrating with my dad or an audio recording of my friend, who is in Paris, who heard us yelling on speaker phone and him celebrating in the Paris streets. Couple that with an amazing USA win in the WJC outdoor game against Canada that I was at and things in the sports world couldn't be better.  Even the Sabres looked competent today despite the loss!  Anyways, let's get to what you're here for... I've talked about Josh Bailey being the waiver wire pickup of the year on multiple occasions over the last couple weeks because, well, the Isles top line is on fire.  That said, William Karlsson is easily #2 in this department.  Wild Bill, a Razzball favorite from the past (aka favorite of mine), scored the first hat trick in Vegas history on Sunday, scoring three goals and an assist in the 6-3 win over the Maple Leafs.  That brings Karlsson's totals to 20+13 in 33 games with a +15 rating.  Sure, it will regress some because he's not going to shoot 26.3% all season, but let's give Karlsson his due.  In the first 183 games of his career, Karlsson scored 18 goals.  He has that beat for the Golden Knights in 37 games.  His emergence is a huge part of Vegas shocking the world as they sit atop the Western Conference.  Karlsson will drop off some in the second half, at least in the goals department, but make no mistake about it, it's not a complete fluke.  Karlsson should be a hold for the rest of the season.  Let's take a look at what else happened over the last three days of the old year:
Hey, everyone. I’m Lackeydrinksonme, a Buffalo sports fan and thus a budding alcoholic. I play fantasy everything, and I’ve been in Viz’s fantasy hockey threads for a while now... I’ve also been handing out intermittent advice based on what I’ve seen and gleaned from the world of hockey. I’ve taken a unique approach to my fantasy hockey this year, and have worked to maximize player starts.
Reid joins me as always to take a look at players who are on the struggle bus. After we run down the injuries, and sadly there are a lot of them (poor Vegas), the focus shifts to players around the league who were high fantasy draft picks that have been underwhelming or flat out disappointing. Five forwards, five defensemen and eight goaltenders are discussed and graded on a 1-10 scale on how worried we are about them going forward. From there, we do The Three Point Challenge for Thursday's games discussing each game since it's the next big slate on the schedule. Be sure to make your pick in the comments section below. All of that and more on the latest edition of the Razzball Hockey Podcast!
The playoffs are in full gear and we have a ton of goalies playing incredible hockey. Reid and I start by running down most of the playoff series with Nashville's 3-0 lead and Jake Allen's heroics leading the conversation. From there, we review our best bets for over-unders and what teams we differed on from the preseason. What we can learn from what we picked wrong is the biggest takeaway here. We also discuss the appeal of signing restricted free agents to offer sheets, what teams could develop a bunch of fantasy assets next season and Tuesday's games with The Three Point Challenge. Be sure to make your picks in the comments section below. All of that and more in the latest edition of the Razzball Hockey Podcast brought to you by Seatgeek and Draft!
After spending Part One highlighting the mistakes I made, it's time to give myself some credit! Today, I'm going to look at the players who I was highest on among experts on Fantasy Pros that outperformed their ranking and then the players I was lowest on that failed to meet expectations. Like Part One, I will break down each of the players discussing why my ranking was successful and what we can learn from it going forward. Let's get to it!
This is going to be a two part series looking back at the recently-concluded NHL regular season. To start, I'm going to look at the biggest mistakes in my rankings. Who did I rank too high compared to consensus? Who did I rank too low? More importantly, what was my thought process and where did it go wrong? Hopefully this review will prevent similar mistakes in the future. Let's get right to it!
There's nothing better than playoff hockey! If yesterday is a sign of things to come, we're in for an amazing two months. Reid joins me as always and we start off by doing a news update. The Stars hire a new coach who is their old coach and Vegas appoints their first coach in franchise history. We talk about the Sabres press conference yesterday along with Vladimir Sobotka returning to St. Louis from the KHL, a move that has already paid dividends. From there, we talk about each of yesterday's games focusing on one or two major takeaways from each. Awards get our focus after that as we pick our finalists and winners for each of the major awards before making up some awards from a fantasy hockey perspective. We wrap things up with Three Point Challenge picks for both tonight and Friday. Make sure to make your picks below! All of that and more on the latest edition of the Razzball Hockey Podcast brought to you by Seatgeek and Draft!