The playoffs are in full gear and we have a ton of goalies playing incredible hockey.  Reid and I start by running down most of the playoff series with Nashville’s 3-0 lead and Jake Allen‘s heroics leading the conversation.  From there, we review our best bets for over-unders and what teams we differed on from the preseason.  What we can learn from what we picked wrong is the biggest takeaway here.  We also discuss the appeal of signing restricted free agents to offer sheets, what teams could develop a bunch of fantasy assets next season and Tuesday’s games with The Three Point Challenge.  Be sure to make your picks in the comments section below.  All of that and more in the latest edition of the Razzball Hockey Podcast brought to you by Seatgeek and Draft!

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  1. Just read your Way Too Early 2017-18 Fantasy Hockey Top 50 Viz. 10 teamer w/2 keepers: Looking at your list, I have Tier 3: 7) Brad Marchand & 9) Tyler Seguin, followed by Tier 4: 13) Erik Karlsson, then Tier 5a/5b: 14) Jack Eichel & 22) David Pastrnak. So Marchand & Seguin? Previously you stated you might take Eichel over over Kaelsson, but I did fail to mention I had Marchand. I know the situation is fluid, but what’s your early take? Thanks for the great advice all season.

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @madden_curser: Man, that’s tough. You can keep forever right? Assuming that’s the case, I’d have to keep Eichel because he’s still only 20 years old. He might be slightly behind next year but he should pass them by 18/19 and be ahead from there on out. Marchand and Seguin are absurdly close, again for age I’d probably lean Seguin but you can honestly go either way. If you want to get all of the categories, Marchand is fine. Thanks man, I appreciate it, glad to help with any questions.

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