Hey guys!  Sadly, the regular season is over now meaning your fantasy hockey leagues that you’ve been battling in for the past 6 months have come to an end.  Hopefully you guys came out on top!  Since there are no playoff games until Wednesday, I’m going to have a bigger writeup for tomorrow plus an RCL recap and a playoff preview all over the next two days.  For the playoff preview, I’m going to focus on some guys that I expect to be big difference makers throughout the playoffs along with the under the radar guys who can step up in a big way.  Today is just about setting up something to keep people talking throughout the playoffs with a little friendly competition.

I’ve set up a group on NHL dot com where we can all compete against each other in our playoff predictions.  The link for this is here . It is a progressive system meaning each correct winner is worth more as you get deeper in the playoffs.  Predicting the first round winner is worth 10 points, second round 25, conference final 50 and Stanley Cup champion is worth 100.  You also get bonus points for picking the correct number of games the first round series goes with the tiebreaker being the total amount of goals in the Stanley Cup finals, no matter how many games it goes.

The group is free for anyone to join and I hope that all of you guys do.  It’ll take you two minutes to fill it out and if you don’t have an account for the website, that also is very simple.  The first set of games is Wednesday night so you have until then to fill out a bracket.  Like the RCL’s, I’ll write a brief update recapping everything after each round of the playoffs.  Hopefully I do better in this than the RCL’s!  Damn injuries…

I wanted to get this out there as soon as possible since the bracket is locked in so that’s all for now guys.  As always, feel free to leave any questions or comments below.  I was going to write something up on playoff pools but two pools are rarely the same so I’d rather defer those answers to the comments section.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of this fantasy season and the final RCL update.  Take care!