Hey everyone!  I hope you ended up winning your fantasy championship this year.  With the season over, my posts will be less frequent.  I’ll have some posts throughout this week, mostly recapping the season that was and looking ahead to next season.   For now, I set up the Razzball Bracket Challenge again.  You can join at the link below:


It’s a good way for all of the commenters to keep discussion going in the early part of the offseason and also will give someone bragging rights.  I hope that all of you will join for some friendly competition.  Additionally, I want to thank all of you who read my posts this year and gave comments, suggestions, and asked questions.  You guys make this worthwhile for me, and I look forward to coming back for a fifth year next season.  I’d also like to thank Lackeydrinksonme and Sven for their posts this season; I hope to keep building towards something bigger next year.  You can follow me on Twitter @RazzballViz for general playoff hockey thoughts, links to my posts that I randomly write throughout the summer, and my other musings.    While I won’t be writing multiple times a week until August (besides this week), I won’t be disappearing either.  I’ll have some occasional posts on the draft and free agency before getting back into things in August with sleeper posts and rankings.  But for now, enjoy the Stanley Cup Playoffs, thanks for reading, and take care!

  1. Shitwolf says:

    thanks man

    signed your #1 fan

    haha keep fit and have fun

  2. Gordon Holtby/Venice Canuck says:

    Thanks! Your commentary helped immensely this year in a number of leagues. Enjoy the playoffs and have a great summer!

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