Hello Razzballers, Reid here. While Viz is off doing things in Vegas that will inherently stay in Vegas, I'm going to bring you the daily writeup from the Monday and Tuesday games (doing a separate post for just one game on Monday makes absolutely no sense). Nikita Kucherov is against hot hot hot as he has a goal in each of the first 6 games for Tampa Bay. I'm only going to highlight the notables from these games that you should be focusing on.
Eichel v Matthews. Matthews v Eichel. You're probably asking yourself, "Why the hell is this even an article? And is this going to be a Zack Snyder movie coming to theaters in 2017?" The answer is pretty simple. I'm a sucker for blistering hot takes. The bravado that goes into them just revs my engines. And no, this won't be a movie coming out next year. So what hot take am I referring to? Well it came from an anonymous Canadian team scout in a National Post article earlier this year:
Hello fellow Fantasy Hockey players! My name is Reid and I'll be posting some fantasy hockey insight on Razzball throughout the season. Almost every year now the hype comes along for the top 1 or 2 picks in any given draft as being "generational" or "elite" or "a franchise cornerstone." That's great and everything, but what does it mean for fantasy purposes? The last player to come out of the draft with the "generational" tag is Connor McDavid aka McJesus. In Viz's 'Top 50' rankings, he has McJesus at 5th overall, behind Alex Ovechkin, Jamie Benn, Sidney Crosby, and Tyler Seguin. I believe the best way to project the 2nd year production of a "generational" talent is to identify other players of the same claim coming out of the draft and see how they did in their 2nd seasons.
Hello everyone, I'm Reid and I'll be writing for Razzball this season. Fantasy hockey drafts are coming up soon and one thing nobody wants to do is botch their early picks. The purpose of this is to make sure that you don't take somebody early in your draft who is a great hockey player for their franchise, but just an average player for your fantasy hockey team, since we all know fantasy hockey is about your lineup and only your lineup.