Oh baby! Reid joins me once again for a monster of a podcast. First off, we open up by tying up some loose ends around the league from a fantasy perspective. We look at holdouts, recent injuries and then some young players who look to be cracking the NHL roster for the first time. After that, we take a look at the big picture for this coming season. We breakdown all 30 teams by predicting whether they go over or under their projected point total from Vegas and to what degree of confidence we have in our pick. Add in some bets for players to win individual trophies or teams to win the Stanley Cup and you have an excellent breakdown for you gamblers out there, or anyone who simply wants a team by team season preview. We even mention Obama talking about Phil Kessel and a moment I can't wait to happen at the White House, I promise you'll laugh! All of that and more in this episode of the Razzball Hockey Podcast:

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We are less than two weeks away from the season starting! Today, Viz and Reid take a look at the Pacific Division. How does the coaching change affect the Ducks? How thin is the Kings roster? Can the Sharks superstars play at that level again? Is this the year for some breakouts in Arizona or are we still a year away? Can the Flames bounce back from last year's disappointment? How good is McJesus going to be in Year 2? Is it worth spending more than 1 minute on the Canucks? All of that in more in our last division preview:
We've finally made it to team 30. The Anaheim Ducks are the last team to preview for the upcoming season following a Pacific Division title. They ended up losing in game 7 to Nashville in the first round leading them to make a pair of horrible coaching decisions. Firing Bruce Boudreau and hiring Randy Carlyle is an absolute disaster for this team going from one of the best to one of the worst. I suspect that the change alone costs this team at least 10 points. Anyways, there's still plenty of talent here at different age points that are worth looking at so let's get to it!
We're onto the Western Conference in the latest addition of the Razzball Hockey Podcast. Today, Reid and I take a look at the strongest division in hockey, the Central Division. Who do we like on the Stars outside of the obvious guys? The same question is asked around the Blues. Can Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin repeat their success from last season? Am I crazy for liking guys on the Predators as much as I do? Will Bruce Boudreau have a big effect on the Wild's performance? Can Colorado improve with a new coach? Spoiler: yes. And last, Reid and I gush about the potential of the Jets' players to get the team back into the playoffs. All of that and more on today's edition of the podcast.
Man, the Kings could be in trouble very soon. Yes, they still have their superstar players but the roster gets thin very quickly. They were absolutely destroyed by their rival San Jose in the first round last season and it shouldn't come as much surprise. The Sharks neutralized their top 6 and killed the Kings with their depth. While the actual team has question marks because Dean Lombardi can't fill out a roster (just his team USA decisions), there are still plenty of fantasy studs on this team along with a couple interesting players. Let's take a look at what they're working with:
So I’m in this one league that drafts way too early each year. On top of that, it’s an email draft that typically takes up to 3 weeks to complete. And it’s deep. Very deep. Twenty teams, with 20-man rosters. So why do I torture myself year after year, with this slow-as-molasses-and-way-too-soon draft? Because it preps me for all the others I will take part in leading up to the season. They’re still playing World Cup games, for crying out loud. How is anyone supposed to be ready for this?
We should have saw this coming. After years of failing to meet expectations, the public wasn't expecting much from the Sharks in 2015-16 after missing the playoffs in 2014-15 and naturally made the Stanley Cup Finals. They are one of my favorite teams to watch for the absolutely loaded top 6 that they have while Brent Burns is making wild offensive rushes all game. There's a ton of fantasy assets on this roster so let's take a look at what they're working with:
Hey everyone! Today, Reid and I are back to take a deeper look at the Metro Division. You have five playoff teams from a season ago, two improved teams in Carolina and New Jersey and the mess that is Columbus. What do you do with Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang with their injury history? Can the Caps repeat their success from last regular season? Who should you target on the Rangers? Is John Tavares a first round pick? Will the first line and power play unit in Philly repeat its success from the second half of 2015-16? What is Taylor Hall's fantasy value after the trade? What the f*** is Carolina doing in net and who is worth taking in Columbus? All of that in more in this podcast:
After finished second last in the NHL in 2014-15 and getting jumped in the Connor McDavid - Jack Eichel sweepstakes by the Oilers, the Arizona Coyotes surprisingly stayed in the playoff race for the majority of last season. While they ended up dropping off quite a bit at the end of the season, there are plenty of bright spots for the organization going forward. On top of the young talent that was already on the roster, there are some new Desert Dogs ready to make their NHL debut. While I don't see them contending for the playoffs this time around, the future is incredibly bright with plenty of fantasy assets. Let's take a look at what they're working with:
Hey everyone! Reid and I are back with the second part of our Atlantic Division season preview. Will any of the teams break into the playoffs this year? Can Bergeron and Marchand repeat their excellent 2015-16? How good is Erik Karlsson and how poor is the rest of the team around him? Will Carey Price return to form and how big of a downgrade is Shea Weber from P.K. Subban? Can Jack Eichel and the rest of the Sabres finally make a push? Are the Maple Leafs going to be in the basement again? All that and more is covered below:
After a surprising run to the playoffs in 2014-15 that included a playoff series win (thanks to the horrible playoff system the NHL has), the Calgary Flames quickly regressed last season finishing completely out of the playoff picture. So which team are they? While two seasons ago was a clear fluke, I think this team is much closer to that team now, with two years of growth for their young core. They finally have a goaltender that they should be able to count on as well. They don't have a lot of players that should be drafted in 12'ers but they're all studs or carry plenty of upside. Let's take a look!
Yikes. That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of the Vancouver Canucks. After years of making the playoffs and being one game away from a Stanley Cup, the Canucks are starting a rebuild. Granted, they still have a very good first line but otherwise the roster is full of young guys and players who aren't fantasy relevant. My early pick to finish last in the NHL, there are no teams in the league with fewer fantasy assets than the Canucks. That said, there are still some guys worthy of being drafted in standard leagues so let's take a look at what they're working with: