Oh baby!  Reid joins me once again for a monster of a podcast.  First off, we open up by tying up some loose ends around the league from a fantasy perspective.  We look at holdouts, recent injuries and then some young players who look to be cracking the NHL roster for the first time.  After that, we take a look at the big picture for this coming season.  We breakdown all 30 teams by predicting whether they go over or under their projected point total from Vegas and to what degree of confidence we have in our pick.  Add in some bets for players to win individual trophies or teams to win the Stanley Cup and you have an excellent breakdown for you gamblers out there, or anyone who simply wants a team by team season preview.  We even mention Obama talking about Phil Kessel and a moment I can’t wait to happen at the White House, I promise you’ll laugh!  All of that and more in this episode of the Razzball Hockey Podcast:

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  1. ashtray says:

    Draft is coming up real soon and I have to pick my keepers.

    12 team H2H (G, A, +-, PIM, PPP, SHP, HIT, W, L, GA, SV, SV%, SHO)

    Giroux (1st round)
    Benn (2nd)
    Backes (3rd)
    Backstrom (4th)
    Wheeler (5th)
    Carlson (7th)
    Klingberg (9th)
    Kuznetsov (10th)
    Kesler (11th)
    Smith (11th)
    Niskanen (12th)
    Abdelkader (12th)
    Elliot (12th)
    Mrazek (16th)
    Jokinen (18th)
    Martinez (18th)
    Michael Stone (18th)

    We can only keep 2. I’m leaning towards Benn and Kuznetsov.


    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @ashtray: definitely Kuznetsov, either wheeler or benn for the other guy but probably Benn since he’s my #2 player, getting him in the second round is great

  2. Ben says:

    G A Shots STP Hit BLK PIM
    Weekly H2H Caregories

    Was offered :

    Larkin and Palat


    RoR and Zibanejad

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Ben: Man, that’s really close. I think Larkin and Palat will get slightly more points but RoR is by far the best on the power play. Hits and blocks are extremely close and PIM marginally goes to the Larkin side. I guess it depends if you want the big STP or the marginal gains elsewhere.

  3. Veritas says:

    Hey Viz, another great podcast. I’ve been traveling abroad and your podcasts have been keeping me sane before the hockey season. Regarding the question you asked back then, I think the chemistry you and Reid have going on is amazing. I also love the Razball intro. When it comes to the content of the podcast, I always loved when in your articles you talk about player potential and when a player is a must add or when someone can be dropped for a particular size league. This has helped me greatly in particular, it was due to your advice that I dropped weak players and ended up with Barkov, Larkin, Scheifele, and Gibson last season, this practically won me my league. I like what you guys are doing with the podcast and that you added it to Itunes for easy access. Thanks for all the hard work

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Veritas: Thanks man, I really appreciate that. Reid and I have known each other for years now so it just feels normal for us to talk on the podcast, I think that’s key. I have to give my brother the credit for the intro since he thought Renegades of Funk was a good choice and I absolutely agreed. Hopefully I’ll be able to help you go back to back by staying on top of things!

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