The hockey season has finally started! With four games in the books, I'll wait until tomorrow night to recap them all instead of doing a very short post today that would mainly consist of gushing over Auston Matthews' debut. Instead, there is a podcast that will be posted in the afternoon (I'm editing it this morning) and then this post, something I've been excited to do for a while. I've mentioned repeatedly how poor the rankings are for the "big" websites so I'm going to review ESPN's final staff rankings. You can find them here to follow along. Yes, their rankings include time on ice but there is still a pile of things that are unexplainable. At the end of this post, I'll list the players who I am much higher or lower than consensus on plus some streamers for Thursday. Let's get to it!

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Here are all my rankings in one big list with some updates. I still haven't moved around any of the players who are still without a contract (we're looking at 5-10 guys) but if at the end of the week they're still unsigned, then I'll have to drop them accordingly. We are nine days away from the season starting so now is the time to sign up for an RCL. You can do so here. So you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom, ECR is the expert consensus rank for the player, vs. ECR is how the difference between my rank and the consensus. I may have to move some guys around later once I take a closer look at who I'm high on and who I'm not. Please leave any questions or comments that you have in the comment section below. Without further adieu, here is my list:
It's the final countdown! We've finally made it to the end of the top 250. We are to the point where you are taking guys with your last few picks so I'm going to limit the details here. Target categories that you need some reassurance in but be prepared to cut these guys if necessary. If you want to handcuff your goalie, this is also the time to do it. Let's finish this bad boy up!
We are through 149 players in my rankings; I can't believe there's still 101 players to go! Thanks to a commenter, I realized that I had Tyler Toffoli ranked twice. I'm only human! Anyways, things are already getting thin at this point in drafts. There will be some guys who are here for their safety but I'm deferring to players with upside at this point in the draft. Locking in 45-50 points is fine and dandy but I'd rather shoot the moon and work the waiver wire during the season. Let's take a look at the best players who make up the second half of standard drafts:
We are through the first week of football which means it's time for hockey to take the forefront. The season starts a month from today so it's time to pick up the pace on everything, including my rankings. Today I'll be getting through the top 150, the players that make up the middle rounds of standard drafts. After this group, we're looking at very few players who are must-draft in 12'ers. Here are the links to the top 50, 75 and 100. Remember, this is the point in the draft where you start drafting for need instead of best player available. If you're short on shots, get one of the guys who takes a ton. If you need penalty minutes, get someone who spends his time in the sin bin, etc. Let's get to it!
Hello fellow Fantasy Hockey players! My name is Reid and I'll be posting some fantasy hockey insight on Razzball throughout the season. Almost every year now the hype comes along for the top 1 or 2 picks in any given draft as being "generational" or "elite" or "a franchise cornerstone." That's great and everything, but what does it mean for fantasy purposes? The last player to come out of the draft with the "generational" tag is Connor McDavid aka McJesus. In Viz's 'Top 50' rankings, he has McJesus at 5th overall, behind Alex Ovechkin, Jamie Benn, Sidney Crosby, and Tyler Seguin. I believe the best way to project the 2nd year production of a "generational" talent is to identify other players of the same claim coming out of the draft and see how they did in their 2nd seasons.
Insert 100 emoji! We're finally getting through the top 100 for the upcoming season which brings us to an interesting group of players. This tier is full of guys who are either high floor, low ceiling or high ceiling, low floor (low is relative to where they are being drafted). There are a few guys from this group that could reach the top 75 but for the most part, these guys are in a tier behind the players in front of them. Let's get right to it!
Hello everyone, I'm Reid and I'll be writing for Razzball this season. Fantasy hockey drafts are coming up soon and one thing nobody wants to do is botch their early picks. The purpose of this is to make sure that you don't take somebody early in your draft who is a great hockey player for their franchise, but just an average player for your fantasy hockey team, since we all know fantasy hockey is about your lineup and only your lineup.
It's finally that time! The season starts in just under 2 months so it's time to get the first set of rankings out. Today, I'll be posting my top 50 overall for the upcoming year. To save repeating myself, I'm going to limit what I write about guys who I had in my Way Too Early Top 20 to things that have changed for them, if any, and give more details on the other 30 players. You can find my original top 10 post here and top 20 here. Also, check out each team's previews for additional in-depth analysis. Let's get to it!