We’re now in the middle of the fantasy hockey playoffs and it’s time to start that final push.  Just like last week’s post, I’m going to break down the schedule for this week and as a compliment to the Playoff Manifesto, help you in terms of streaming.  Let’s get right to it!

Monday 3/18 – ARZ @ TB, VAN @ CHI, WIN @ LA, VGK @ SJ

Tuesday 3/19 – PIT @ CAR, BOS @ NYI, DET @ NYR, MON @ PHI, WAS @ NJ, EDM @ STL, TOR @ NSH, COL @ MIN, FLA @ DAL, CBJ @ CAL

Wednesday 3/20 – TOR @ BUF, TB @ WAS, OTT @ VAN, WIN @ ANA

Thursday 3/21 – TB @ CAR, BOS @ NJ , ARZ @ FLA, NYI @ MON, DET @ STL, PIT @ NSH, PHI @ CHI, COL @ DAL, OTT @ CAL, [email protected], WIN @ VGK, SJ @ LA

Friday 3/22 – MIN @ WAS, SJ @ ANA

Saturday 3/23 – ARZ @ NJ, NYI @ PHI, CHI @ COL, OTT @ EDM, MIN @ CAR, BUF @ MON, NYR @ TOR, BOS @ FLA, NSH @ WIN, PIT @ DAL, TB @ STL, CAL @ VAN, DET @ VGK, ANA @ LA

Sunday 3/24 – PHI @ WAS, ARZ @ NYI , MON @ CAR, COL @ CHI, CBJ @ VAN

Monday 3/25 has a large slate of games, but nobody has a back-to-back with Sunday, so it doesn’t serve us much purpose for this exercise.  More on that next week.  Takeaways:

Tampa Bay and Winnipeg both have amazing schedules to open the week.  They play on both Monday and Wednesday when there are only four games, and then also get a back-to-back including Thursday.  Getting three games in four nights from players on their teams is excellent.  Guys like J.T. MillerAlex Killorn, and Kevin Hayes are great options.

The Capitals schedule might be sneakily better than those two.  They get a back-to-back right away on Tuesday/Wednesday, then don’t play on Thursday which is a super busy day anyways, then play on a two game slate Friday.  Then, they don’t play Saturday but there are 14 games so you don’t need to stream, then they play again Sunday.  Jakub Vrana is easily their best option as he’s playing great hockey right now, but even someone like Brett Connolly is worth considering.

Honestly, I would be ignoring Saturday’s games in regards to streaming.  With 14 games on the slate, all but Columbus, Washington and San Jose play.  You should be able to fill out your starting lineup without ease, so look for guys that play on across the lighter days and don’t worry about Saturday.

The Ducks also play on Wednesday and Friday, two light days.  In a shallow league, someone like Rickard Rakell could be available (he’s sitting on the waiver wire in my 10 team league).  Otherwise, I would be looking at two guys to use: Troy Terry and Nick Ritchie.  Terry was on a massive tear, and although he’s pointless in the last five, the opportunity is still there.  Ritchie is also in a great spot and is a huge PIM / hits boost.

Reminder that the Sabres and Rangers have only two games this week, but then their schedules are amazing over the final two weeks.  However, that won’t matter if you don’t make the finals, so if you are trailing, you need to be aggressive.  If that means cutting someone on these two teams for someone who plays four games, then so be it.  I wouldn’t be cutting Jack Eichel, but I could see dropping a Chris Kreider if necessary because their only two games are on busy days anyways.

Monday Streamers:

Brendan Perlini is on fire right now and gets a great matchup with Vancouver.  Otherwise, it’s the guys I mentioned above on Tampa and Winnipeg.  For a deep option, Kevin Labanc or Marcus Sorensen are reasonable options.

That’s all for now guys.  I’ll be back on Wednesday recapping the action from the next two nights.  As always, feel free to ask any questions, give any comments, or make any suggestions below.  Thanks for reading, take care!

  1. Shitwolf says:

    These have been great buddy! I am in the finals again thanks to your help 🙂 so far I used my last move last week to grab gostibphere because he has been putting up points again and today I dropped kuemper to pick up crawford and I also grabbed Strome for Monday/Sundays games. I was sneaky with my picks last week and grabbed leblanc cuz I needed assists so I already have him streaming monday/friday and grabbed Rakell… You turned me into a Viz jr I’m now ahead of your posts!!!

    one final TOUGH question for ya… so I used 2 of my 4 moves already this week and I have 2 more to make… one i want to use Vrana starting Wednesday, but then I have to make a drop! The issue is my optimal drop is a top player because I don’t have room to use them all Thursday and Saturday… Obviously I’m not dropping Mckinnon Scheifele or Rantanen, but that leaves only 2 spots for two of Larkin, Radulov and Elias Lindholm… spots are C, C, RW, RW and UT ahh who do I drop?? My other option is to drop Nino because I only have room for him Sunday but it seems silly to lose an extra game when I can’t play all of those guys anyway! JEEZE cant one of them play LW!

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      Glad to hear it! Haha well done, very smart to get ahead of the curve. This is obviously a very brutal decision. You are right that I wouldn’t consider dropping Nino. I guess it would be Larkin? He plays on the busiest days and both the Blues and Vegas aren’t exactly appealing matchups (unless Fleury is out, but we won’t know that in time). Lindholm gets the Sens and Canucks which is amazing, and Radulov is a bit safer to me than Larkin, two home games against relatively poor defenses helps too. Sucks that you can’t move guys around as you said, but I guess Larkin is the drop.

  2. LG Hockey says:


    I’m in a weekly lineup league and looking ahead to next week’s final. Hoping you can help with my roster and suggest any add/drops or lineup changes so I can try and lock up a championship!:

    C- Eichel – 5 games (@NJ, @OTT, DET, @NYI, CLS)
    C – Bergeron – 4 games (@TB, NYR, FLA, @DET)
    LW – Hoffman – 4 games (@TOR, @MON, @OTT @BOS)
    LW – Debrincat – 3 games (@ARI, @SJ, @LA)
    RW – Pastrnak – 4 games (@TB, NYR, FLA, @DET)
    RW – Wilson – 3 games (CAR, @CAR, @TB)
    D- Carlson – 3 games (CAR, CAR, @TB)
    D- Josi – 3 games (@MIN, @PIT, CLS)
    D- C. Miller – 4 games (@STL, @COL, MIN, @SJ)
    D – Hedman – 2 games (BOS, WAS)

    Options I currently have on my team to make any changes to the above lineup:
    Forsberg (LW)- 3 games (@MIN, @PIT, CLS)
    Kucherov (RW) – 2 games (BOS, WAS)
    Marchessault (LW) – 4 games (@STL, @COL, MIN, @SJ)
    Reinhart (RW) – 5 games (@NJ, @OTT, DET, @NYI, CLS)

    Also let me know if any of these waiver wire D would be preferred over any of my other D considering Hedman only has 2 games. All of the D I’m listing play 4 games unless otherwise noted:

    Brodie, Lindell, Shattenkirk, Hanafin, Matheson, Poink, Slavin, Bogosian (5 games), DeAngelo, Skjei, Hamonic, Spurgeon (3 games).

    Thanks for all your help this year! Your pre-season rankings were unreal, daily write-ups so helpful and the playoff manifesto was so valuable in making key decisions for the playoffs!


    • Viz

      Viz says:

      Hey LG! Sucks you don’t have Kucherov, but that’s how things go. Your LW decision is super close, I kind of want to say Forsberg over DeBrincat but that’s so close that I don’t mind at all going DeBrincat. I assume Wilson is in solely for the stats he’s good at, but obviously Reinhart and his two extra games are worth considering.

      I think I would take the chance on DeAngelo over Hedman since he only plays 2 games. DeAngelo is a nice PIM boost and has been playing quite a bit over the last month, providing decent points as well.

      I suppose some things could change over the next week, but this is how I’m leaning. I greatly appreciate that LG, and your constant questions and comments. Means a lot for me that you, Saints, Shitwolf, Cersy, etc. ask me a bunch of things and that you’re having success. Keeps me on top of things when I have questions to answer. Best of luck!

      • LG Hockey says:

        Hey Viz,

        Appreciate the quick reply. One thing I should have clarified is that both DeBrincat and Hoffman are LW and RW eligible. I agree with DeAngelo so I could add him and bench Wilson seeing that DeAngelo provides PIMS. That would allow me to add Forsberg or someone else.

        Assuming Pastrnak is a lock, let me know the other three wingers you would play from the following group: Hoffman, Forsberg, DeBrincat, Marchessault, Reinhart and Wilson.


        • Viz

          Viz says:

          No worries at all. Ah okay, that makes sense about the position eligibility. This is so tough, honestly I like DeAngelo the most even for offense, the PIM are just a really nice bonus. Pastrnak is definitely a lock too. I think Hoffman has to be in there as the combination of his great offense and 4 games is too good to pass up.

          Between the other 5, it’s honestly razor thin and depends what you’re looking for. If you want to get a near-lock on PIM and keep Wilson in, I’d understand completely. I also get getting 5 games from Reinhart, while DeBrincat and Forsberg are the best two in a vacuum, they’re just playing less games.

          I don’t think I would play Marchessault despite the recent hot streak. He isn’t getting the big minutes we are used to. Between the 4, it really does come to personal preference and what you’re looking for. I can completely support keeping DeBrincat in if you wish, or debating between whether Wilson is worth playing for those PIM. Perhaps you could see who your opponent is late Sunday and see how many PIM guys he has?

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