When Brayden Schenn was bumped onto the first line and first power play unit, I said to grab him immediately.  No matter who the player has been this year, their value has skyrocketed.  Schenn has been playing great for a couple weeks now but he had his best game of the season last night.  Jakub Voracek is out for at least two weeks now so Schenn will be locked into this role going forward.  Expect him to be around 15 points for the last 20 games of the season with the upside for more.  For analysis on the trades yesterday, go to my column here.  Here’s what I saw in the games around the league last night:

Cam Atkinson – Goal on five shots playing almost 22 minutes.  Atkinson has taken a nice step this year in terms of shot rate.  With this goal, he reached 20 goals for the third straight year as well.  He’s not flashy but for the bottom of your roster, Atkinson is solid.

Antti Raanta – 26 saves on 27 shots in the 2-1 win over the Blue Jackets.  He’s been solid this year and while he probably won’t get many starts down the stretch, Raanta should be streamed when he plays.

Mats Zuccarello – Goal on three shots.  Zucc just keeps chugging along putting up points.

Derek Stepan – Goal on three shots.  He’s having his worst season since his rookie year but Stepan has had a great start to the second half.  I expect Stepan to continue to play well down the stretch.

Louis Domingue – 27 saves on 33 shots in the 6-0 loss to the Penguins.  It’s not going to be this ugly but it’s going to be pretty ugly for the rest of the season.  The Coyotes are going to be really bad.

Marc-Andre Fleury – 30 save shutout.  The Penguins are starting to play better hockey so I expect the wins to come in at a higher rate for the rest of the season.

Patric Hornqvist – Three goals, an assist and five shots.  I’m horny for Hornqvist!  Not really, but he’s been much better since moving onto the first line.  Hornqvist is also finally starting to see regression with his shooting percentage.  With the way Sidney Crosby is playing, expect Hornqvist to keep it up for the rest of the season.

Sidney Crosby – Three assists and a shot.  He’s almost to a point per game after being way behind pace for most of the year.  My prediction of Crosby getting 50 points in the second half looks to be a bit light.

Chris Kunitz – Goal and an assist with three shots.  It’s pretty mediocre across the board outside of his plus-minus but I’m holding while he’s on the first line.

Kris Letang – Goal and an assist with three shots. His line across the board is outstanding besides plus-minus which is creeping back towards even.  For the rest of the season, I would rank him as the #2 defenseman.

Evgeni Malkin – Assist and three shots in his second game back from injury.  Expect him to play at his normal level.

Dougie Hamilton – Assist with three shots and two PIM.  With Kris Russell shipped to Dallas, Dougie should get some more ice time down the stretch.  This year has been a disappointment on the whole but I expect a bounceback in a big way next year.

Sam Bennett – Same line as Hamilton.  It’s not as good as I expected but he’s made some significant progress the last few months.  My expectations were probably too high going into the season considering Bennett is still 19 but I still have all of the faith in the world that he’ll be a fantasy superstar one day.

Claude Giroux – Four assists with a shot.  The shot rate is a bit down from last year but he’s still been very good across the board.

Wayne Simmonds – Two goals on six shots with two PIM.  Simmonds has been an absolute animal on the first line and it hasn’t mattered who is on the opposite wing; as long as Giroux is his center and he’s on the first power play unit, Simmonds is going to produce.

Mark Streit – Assist with a shot.  He’s been coming on lately being the offensive weapon he was expected to be at the beginning of the season.  Not having the spot on the first power play unit is a pretty big hit though.  He’s on the fringe of 12’ers.

Andrei Vasilevskiy – 31 saves on 32 shots in the 2-1 win over the Maple Leafs.  He should be owned in all dynasties to see what the Lightning do in the offseason with him and Ben Bishop.  Vasilevskiy should be streamed every time he starts but again, start every goalie you can against the Leafs.

Tyler Johnson – Two goals on four shots.  He’s arguably been the biggest bust of the fantasy hockey year to this point.  Johnson has all the talent to salvage his year with a big stretch run, only time will tell.  It’s just a guess but I think his ADP will be too low next season because of all the people he’s burned this year,

Nazem Kadri – Goal on his only shot plus two PIM.  It’s a shame that there is little talent for Kadri to play with.  That said, I could see him being a sleeper next year with some quality prospects coming up and because Kadri doesn’t have the goals to match his shot rate.

Morgan Rielly – Assist and a shot.  Rielly is another guy I’ll be on next season; he doesn’t have the penalty minutes but he’s progressed every season and should start to get a better grip on things with a full offseason of work with Mike Babcock.

Jimmy Howard – 39 saves on 41 shots in the 3-2 overtime win over the Stars.  Petr Mrazek has a minor injury so pick up Howard everywhere until Mrazek is back.  While he’s been poor on the whole this year, Howard has been great in two straight starts.

Andreas Athanasiou – Two goals on four shots.  He has potential to be a top 6 player in the future but Athanasiou doesn’t get the opportunity now to even be a streamer in deep leagues.

Pavel Datsyuk – Game winning goal on his seventh shot.  He’s been close to his typical self this year; unfortunately at this point in his career that includes Datsyuk missing 15 games.

Vernon Fiddler – Goal and an assist with two shots.  He has no fantasy relevance but I just wanted to say that I can see Fiddler scoring a big goal for the Stars in the playoffs.  Fiddler just seems like one of those guys who play on the fourth line and find a way to step up.

Benoit Pouliot – Out indefinitely.  Insert profanity laced rant here.  Horrible luck for Pouliot who was playing excellent hockey.

Mike Condon – 30 saves on 36 shots in the 6-2 loss to the Sharks.  Avoid Canadiens goalies like the plague.  Unless they’re playing the Leafs of course.  Then again, if the Leafs were ever going to light a team up, it would be Montreal.  What a mess.

Joe Thornton – Goal and two assists with two shots.  This puts Jumbo Joe at 60 points on the season and back in the top 10 in scoring.  Unreal.

Brent Burns – Goal and two assists with five shots.  Dude is an absolute animal.  He’s a good bet for 25+40 at this point with the second most shots in the league.

Joe Pavelski – Two goals and an assist with six shots.  He stays one point ahead of his linemate getting to 61 points.  Man, the top of the Sharks roster is amazing.  If the bottom six can break even, they could pull off an upset in the playoffs.  It’s a damn shame they’ll have to play the Kings or Ducks right off the bat though.

Chris Tierney – Two assists with two shots and two PIM.  He has the chance to make a real impact starting next year depending on what the Sharks do in the offseason.

Tuesday Streamers – There are nine games on the slate tonight giving us plenty of options to stream.  Here are my top 3 choices:

Craig Smith (18.8%) – His line, especially Filip Forsberg, is absolutely on fire right now.  Dallas is a complete mess defensively, played an overtime game last night and has to travel to Nashville to play on a back to back.  Expect Nashville, especially this line, to push the tempo early and often.

Charlie Coyle (18.7%) – Going back to the well here.  The Wild are playing much better and should dominate the puck against the Avalanche.  Coyle is getting massive minutes right now and is a decent bet to get his 20th goal of the season.

Zack Kassian (0.7%) – He’s still on the first line and gets a revenge game against the team that drafted him.  It wouldn’t shock me to see Kassian play to his full potential in this one; that means like a true power forward which could mean scoring with a fight.

That’s all for now guys.  I’ll be back on Wednesday recapping all of Tuesday night’s action.  As always, feel free to ask any questions and post any comments below.  Take care everyone!

  1. Crapshoot Kershaw says:

    wow, got 2 actually decent offers right after i post the 4 top trades i’m willing to make.
    1. faulk + 2nd rounder (but we have 10 minor slots so this isn’t worth much as the 23rd pick) for quick and garbage rounder. guy doesn’t seem to want to give up prospects here.

    2. price and 1st overall pick (i’m 2nd or 3rd to last, so this IS a good player) for karlsson and 2nd round pick (19th or so overall). karlsson still might be good enough here. i’d still have lehner/quick/rinne.

    • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

      @Crapshoot Kershaw: sorry, price and 1st ROUND pick (which would be 2nd or 3rd overall) for karlsson and 19th or so overall.

      • Nightpandas says:

        @Crapshoot Kershaw: like the second one, might depend on number of keepers

        • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

          @Nightpandas: full dynasty. so i’m losing one of those 2 euro prospects slotted to go 2/3 overall. funny that if this guy offered this trade a month ago he might be getting only the 4-6th overall player. have no idea why these guys just now came out of the woodwork, my first post over a month ago over there said “looking to trade one of price/quick for D man upgrade and prospects” if somebody was willing to trade me bobby orr part 2 (read some metrics in hockey news saying that’s exactly what he is) for price why didn’t they just say so.

      • Viz

        Viz says:

        @Crapshoot Kershaw: I would do the Karlsson trade, you’re getting a top 10 player back in return and keep an excellent trio of goalies. While losing the pick hurts a bit, it’s not the end of the world.

        • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

          @Viz: wow, that owner also just traded howard + johansson for gibson, so he now has helly/gibson/price/c.anderson, and 2-3rd overall pick and another high up pick, but lost johansson/karlsson too.

          • Viz

            Viz says:

            @Crapshoot Kershaw: it hurts to miss out on the prospect but at the same time, karlsson is so valuable that I still think it’s worth it. That guy now has excellent goalies but his offense is probably pretty thin now that he moved those two.

  2. Nightpandas says:

    Hey Viz,

    I’ve got about a 20pt lead in my 14 team roto keep 13

    Was offered Benn Gibson 12th Rd pick (24 th) for my Price Sharp 1st round (14th)

    Leaning yes as Price isn’t helping me this year and Gibson could be good next thoughts???

    We start two goalies, I also have Rinne, Greiss, Lehtonen, Ortio, Elliot

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Nightpandas: I would do the trade, as far as long term keepers goes Gibson is near the top for goalies, Sharp to Benn is an upgrade in every way imaginable and you aren’t getting anything from Price now; this should sure up your title.

  3. Scott says:

    Hi Viz! Thanks for saving me from Condon yesterday.

    Who should I start tonight?
    Pastrnak vs. Cgy
    Draisatl @ Buf
    Ehlers vs. Fla

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Scott: no problem! That was worse than I even thought it would be. I think I would go with Draisaitl, he’s been better lately and I think that game could have a sneaky amount of goals.

  4. Crapshoot Kershaw says:

    more trade offers in that league.
    1. my sharp/r.ellis/carter/2nd rounder/3rd rounder for shatty/JVR/sheahan/vrbata/3rd rounder/4th rounder. i’m thinking i simply don’t want sheahan and vrbata, right? also would rather hold my 16 or 17 overall pick (do now have the 19th overall) try to work this up some way that i still give sharp and carter right?

    2. my eberle for mccann + petan? this is a clear hold i’m thinking.

    • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

      @Crapshoot Kershaw: nevermind that first deal, he traded JVR and Vrbata for Eriksson about 10 minutes after sending me that idea. that’s terrible trade too, who wouldn’t rather have JVR than Eriksson?!

      • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

        @Crapshoot Kershaw: guy in #1 came back with sharp/ellis/carter/2nd rounder (16 or so overall)/ 3rd rounder (30th or so)
        hanzal/sheahan/shatty/3rd rounder (almost no value 40th)/ 4th rounder (54th).

        what about if i amend this to sharp + 1 of carter/ellis + 18th overall for hanzal/shatty?

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