If you didn’t see the first two parts, check out the light days here and the Eastern Conference here.  Let’s keep it moving!

Anaheim Ducks: (3,4,3,3,1)

The Ducks are a disaster right now so I’m not looking to stream them.  Thankfully, their schedule is poor anyways.  The only notable thing is that they play on Sunday in week two in the only game of the day against the Canucks.  In other words, if you need to chase stats at the end of the week, you might be forced to use some Ducks.

Arizona Coyotes (3,3,3,4,1)

The Coyotes schedule is extremely conducive to streaming.  They have five games on light days, including three of them in week four.  The problem is that their schedule is almost exclusively difficult opponents, so I’d only want to use their best streamers like Guenther.

Calgary Flames (3,3,3,4,2)

Just when it looks like the Flames are mailing it in, they have a few good performances.  That’s a good thing because they have some good spots.  They close this week on a back to back and they play on two light days in week four.  Week four is going to be amazing for streaming Western Conference teams.  The Flames play the Sharks, Ducks and Coyotes that week so they will definitely be on our radar.

Chicago Blackhawks (3,3,3,3,2)

It’s a horrible schedule for holding, but at least the only guy that covers is Bedard.  All three of their games in week four are on light days, so a Foligno or Kurashev should be in play then.  That said, none of those matchups are appealing.

Colorado Avalanche (3,3,4,3,1)

Poor schedule overall.  Only fourteen games for all of their stars, and their light days aren’t great.  They do have two back to backs so it’s something, and they’re going to push for the division making Mittelstadt, Drouin etc. viable targets.  That said, there are better options elsewhere.

Dallas Stars (3,3,3,3,1)

Thirteen games is as low as it gets and there’s only one back to back.  On the bright side, there are four light games.  If you’re limited in the moves you can make, I’d look elsewhere, but there will be some good spots for Stankoven, Marchment etc.

Edmonton Oilers (4,3,4,3,3)

Oh baby.  The Oilers have the most games left in the league.  Needless to say, that’s amazing for their superstars.  They have four back to backs, and they’re the only team that has three games in the last four nights of the season.  With four light days, it really doesn’t get any better than this.  It’s enough reason to be stubborn with Kane and pushes some lower guys up into play like Henrique and Ekholm.

Los Angeles Kings (3,3,4,3,2)

While the total volume is just average, there are plenty of good spots here.  The Kings play a lot of terrible teams, they have one of the best schedules in week three, and they have three light games.  Arvidsson was buzzing on Wednesday which puts him on the streaming radar along with the usual candidates.

Minnesota Wild (3,2,4,3,2)

The Wild are an extremely top heavy team right now so there’s not much streaming to be done.  However, Rossi and Hartman are in play while JEEK is out.  The one notable spot is in week three where they close the week with a back to back, with Chicago on Sunday when we’re chasing stats.

Nashville Predators (3,3,4,3,1)

The volume is lacking and there is only one light game.  However, their two sets of back to backs are both great.  They close week three with one against the Isles and Devils, and in week four, they have their one light day against the Blackhawks before playing Columbus the next night.  Keep their guys in mind for later on.

San Jose Sharks (3,3,4,3,2)

While there’s fifteen games, there’s no light games, so with how bad the Sharks are, I can’t imagine using anyone on their team.

Seattle Kraken (4,3,3,4,2)

It’s not in the top tier of schedules, but there are good spots to pick with the Kraken.  Sixteen games is obviously good and there are four light games.  They have two back to backs, and they play a lot of games against the bottom end of the Pacific.

St. Louis Blues (3,3,4,3,1)

Horrible for their holds, amazing for their streams.  The problem is that they don’t have many streamers.  There’s one back to back, but it’s a glorious one against the Ducks and Sharks in week three to close the week.  They have a whopping five light games, including three in week four.  Neighbours would be my main target at the moment but we’ll see if that changes.

Vancouver Canucks (3,3,3,3,2)

Fourteen games is poor, and there’s only one back to back.  However, they have five games, with two separate sets in two different weeks which is fantastic.  There are a few options for streaming which could change drastically over the next couple weeks.  All of Suter, Garland and Hoglander are in play.

Vegas Golden Knights (3,4,2,4,2)

This is easily the most bizarre schedule I’ve seen.  It’s great for their holds and it’s even better for streaming.  They start week two with a back to back.  After that, at first glance, it looks poor.  However, they have games on five light days, including every light day in week four.  That’s four games!  You can’t come up with a better setup than that for streaming.  Barbashev is the top option for now, but it puts him, Mantha and Stephenson all in play to be held.

Winnipeg Jets (4,3,3,3,2)

This schedule is as bad as it gets for streaming.  There’s only one back to back and they play on zero light days.  Sounds like a lot of Hellebuyck down the stretch.