Sorry that this wasn’t out earlier.  The post was scheduled to go online at 12:05 am Tuesday, but for some reason, it failed to launch.  I haven’t been home so I didn’t notice until late Tuesday.  

These tend to be longer posts, so I’m going to get it moving right away.  If you didn’t see Part One focusing on light days for the rest of the season, you can do that here.  The numbers in parentheses next to each team show how many guys they have this week, then next, to the last week of the season.  Let’s get to it!

Boston Bruins (3,3,3,2,2)

Not an ideal schedule for their top end players or streaming.  They also have only one game on a light day, and even that is a night with four games, not one or two.  The only plus is they have a back to back to close their season in the last week.  That said, I would hold the obvious guys, but other than that, I’m pretty disinterested in the Bruins anymore.

Buffalo Sabres (4,3,3,3,1)

The Sabres schedule is elite for streaming over the next two weeks.  They had yesterday’s game on a two game slate, but next week is even better.  They play on both a two game day while also playing in the only game that takes place on March 29th against the Devils.  They also end their season as early as anyone else so you can cut bait with their guys before the last three days.  In the third week, all three games are against middling teams as well, giving them ample opportunity to be a factor.  They should be a factor in your streaming plan.

Carolina Hurricanes (4,3,3,3,1)

Pretty good schedule overall.  They play on three light days, they have two back to backs, and they play a lot of bad teams.  Same situation as the Sabres, it’s just slightly worse for streaming because Buffalo’s light days are closer together, allowing you to hold their guys for a few days before cutting bait.

Columbus Blue Jackets (3,4,3,3,1)

Thankfully I don’t have much interest in Columbus right now because this schedule is worse than it looks.  Their one light game comes against the Avalanche this week.  No thanks.  Their two back to backs are against Colorado and Vegas on the road, then Philly and at Carolina.  When they play Arizona and Pittsburgh twice in week three, all three days have 12+ games.  I’m completely out.

Detroit Red Wings (3,3,3,3,2)

This schedule sets up nicely for the Red Wings in real life, but is awful for streaming outside of one thing.  They finish the season with a back to back against Montreal.  Other than that, it’s as bad as it gets.  They have no other back to backs, and they don’t have any games on light days.  I would only hold their clear top end guys, and wouldn’t use anyone else besides on that season ending back to back.

Florida Panthers (3,4,3,3,1)

Another schedule, like Columbus’, that isn’t as good as at first glance.  They have zero games on light days and only two back to backs.  They do close this week with three games in four nights which does help them quite a bit this week.  They also open week three with three games in four nights, so there are at least a few spots to target.  I would lean towards holding the guys towards the fringe like Tarasenko and Bennett for now.

Montreal Canadiens (3,3,4,3,2)

Fifteen games is more than all of the previous teams, although there are a few later with one more.  However, Montreal is a much better schedule for their holds than for streaming.  They play on zero light days and they have two back to backs.  The first one is against the Maple Leafs and Rangers so there’s no interest there.  The second one is the Detroit back to back to close the season which could have some appeal depending on if Detroit is still in it at that point.

New Jersey Devils (4,2,4,3,1)

Incredibly good streaming schedule.  While they have only two light days, one of them is a night where there’s only one game.  They have three back to backs, including two in the same week, week three.  Their lines are changing regularly so it’s hard to say who to target, but we definitely need to monitor them.

New York Islanders (4,2,4,3,2)

Very good schedule overall.  The fifteen games is obvious, but while there’s only one light game, there are two back to backs.  Specifically, the third week is incredible, with the Isles playing three games in four nights to start the week, facing the Flyers, Blackhawks, and Blue Jackets.  The Isles will be pushing hard to get into the playoffs so see how Roy is setting up the top six and attack accordingly.

New York Rangers (3,3,4,3,1)

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  The Rangers have no back to backs and only one light day when there’s five games.  It can’t get any worse for streaming, so hold their studs and look elsewhere for the bottom of your roster.

Ottawa Senators (4,3,4,3,2)

Ottawa has one of the best schedules around, although it’s not quite in the top tier, as those are coming in the west.  Sixteen games is excellent, surpassed by only one team.  There are a whopping four back to backs here, and while the one to close to the season against the Rangers and Bruins doesn’t look appealing now, who knows if either team will be playing for anything.  Hold the obvious for the rest of the way, and also look to stream their guys in the top six.

Philadelphia Flyers (4,3,3,3,1)

The Flyers are doing their best to hold onto a playoff spot, but I don’t like their setup at all.  The back to back this week is against the Bruins and Panthers.  They have zero light games.  The only appealing part at all is a back to back against the Sabres and Blue Jackets in week three.  Otherwise, their games are spread out so I would keep it to holding their studs.

Pittsburgh Penguins (3,3,4,3,2)

The one bright spot is that the Pens play on three light days.  The downside is that they’re against the Stars, Maple Leafs, and the Isles in the last game of the season where they could be playing for the playoffs.  The one back to back is against the Rangers and Devils.  I would still hold the normal guys for now because they have two games against Columbus coming up, but otherwise, I don’t really want much to do with them outside of Crosby and I guess the defensemen plus Rust.

Tampa Bay Lightning (4,2,4,3,2)

Amazing end to this week with the Bolts having three games in four nights against the California teams.  One of their two games in week two is on a two game slate.  There’s also a back to back in week three, and overall, they play a lot of bad teams down the stretch.  Great schedule for their studs and streaming.

Toronto Maple Leafs (4,3,3,4,2)

Amazing schedule here.  The Leafs have two back to backs this week.  They play on a light day every week except the second one.  They have their fair share of games against lower end teams with some top teams mixed in.  Given their sixteen games, Toronto is a prime target.  They give you a little bit of everything.

Washington Capitals (4,3,4,3,2)

There is a very straightforward plan for the Capitals.  They have three games on light days the rest of the way, all of which come this week.  After this week, it will depend how the Caps are playing as to whether or not they have viable streaming targets.  They have two back to backs, but the first one includes Carolina and the second includes Boston.  That said, anyone finishing on a back to back is worth considering, especially if the Capitals-Flyers game will decide a playoff berth.

That’s all for now guys.  I’ll be back tomorrow wrapping things up with Part Three.  As always, feel free to ask any questions, leave any comments, or give any suggestions below.  Thanks for reading, take care!