These tend to be longer posts, so I'm going to get it moving right away.  If you didn't see Part One focusing on light days for the rest of the season, you can do that here.  The numbers in parentheses next to each team show how many guys they have this week, then next, to the last week of the season.  Let's get to it! Boston Bruins (3,3,3,3,2) Not an ideal schedule for their top end players, or streaming for that matter.  They also have only one game on a light day, and even that is a night with four games, not one or two.  I would hold the obvious guys, but other than that, I'm pretty disinterested in the Bruins anymore.
In the past, I have done what I call a "Playoff Manifesto" for those of you that play head to head fantasy hockey.  For the last 4-5 weeks of the regular season, which covers when fantasy playoffs take place, I do a thorough breakdown of the NHL schedule.  As a change from the past, I'm going to do this in three parts.  I used to do one massive post which was a bit of information overload, so I'm going to change it up.  Today, I'm going to cover all of the days that have five or less games taking place; what I like to call a light day.  These days are crucial because this is when you can maximize your starts via streaming.  You won't need to stream when there's 12 games, but you definitely will want to when there's only three.  In part two, I will look at each Eastern Conference team's individual schedule and how good the schedule is for both holding and streaming.  Then, I will wrap it up with the Western Conference.  They will be out on Tuesday and Wednesday.  And without further adieu, let's get to it!
An annual tradition in these parts, it's time for the Playoff Manifesto!  This is targeted towards head to head leagues for your fantasy playoffs, but streaming wise, it still holds value for those in roto leagues.  For each team, I am going to list how many games they have in each of the last five weeks in parentheses.  Obviously if your playoffs don't start until next week, you can ignore the first number, and if your finals cover the last two weeks because the last week is a shorter week, combine the two.  I will list all of their games on light days below this, and then I will have a list of all light games at the bottom.  I will consider any day on the schedule that has four or less games to be a light day.  Those days are the best for streaming so give them extra focus for your planning.  Let's get to it!
I'm going to do the second half of the Playoff Manifesto today.  If you missed Part One, you can check it out here.  Let's get right to it! NASHVILLE PREDATORS (4,4,3,3) This schedule is right up there for best in the league.  Fourteen games is as good as it gets.  They close each week with a back-to-back.  The only nitpick is that there are no games on light days, but few things are perfect.  Josi and Forsberg can both push for best player in the fantasy playoffs if things break right.  Ryan Johansen and Tanner Jeannot are both elite streamers in the stretches where Nashville has three games in four nights.
It's that time of the year again.  For those of you who haven't seen this post in the past, I will break down every team's schedule for fantasy hockey playoffs i.e. starting on this coming Monday, 4/4.  I will note when a team has a back to back or a light day.  A light day is a day where there are four or less games on the schedule, with the exception of Wednesday, 4/27.  I am including that day where there are five games because it's the last day of the season where you'll need streaming, as the last two days both have a lot of games.  I will do the teams in alphabetical order so it's easy to find everyone, and next to each team, there will be (A,B,C,D).  Those numbers will be how many games the team has in each of the four weeks left in the season.  For example, (4,2,3,3) means they have four games from 4/4 - 4/10, two games from 4/11 -4/17, etc.  This post is going to be extremely long, so it will be broken into two parts, with part two coming on Monday.  If you have a specific question about a team next week that will be in part two and you need it answered immediately, please let it be known in the comments section and I'll answer it for you.  And away we go!
We're back for part two of the Playoff Manifesto.  For those that didn't read Part One, you can read that here.  Today, we will cover the Western Conference.  To see the template of which I'm working with, check out the details in the Eastern Conference post.  For this one, let's get right to it! ST. LOUIS BLUES: 4, 3, 3, 3 This is pretty much the worst streaming schedule possible.  There are only three teams that don't have a back-to-back over the last four weeks.  We'll get to them later in this post, but at least their games are more bunched together with a 4,3,4 in the first three weeks for both.  They're every other night the first two weeks, then have two days off in the middle of the third week, before finishing every other day.  Honestly, there's not much to say here.  Thirteen games is average so hold the usuals, and don't stream Blues.
It's that time of the year!  We are rapidly closing in on the fantasy hockey playoffs, and to help everybody out in terms of streaming and bottom end holds, I am back with my playoff manifesto.  For those that are new here, I will break down the schedule of every team in the league over the last four weeks of the NHL Season (that means games starting with this Monday, 3/9) and highlight anything important, both good and bad.  A few things to note before I get going. 
For those of you doing well in your head to head leagues, this is the most important post of the year.  This is my annual playoff manifesto where I break down every team's schedule for the last four weeks of the season.  I tell you who are the best teams and players to stream from, who you should look to trade for or away if your deadline hasn't passed, and it allows you to plan ahead with ease.  For those who haven't read it in the past, the numbers in the parentheses are how many games the team plays in each of those weeks, with the last number being the last week in the season and preceding accordingly.  This is going to be a massive post so let's get right to the 2019 Playoff Manifesto!
This is year 2 of breaking down the playoff schedule for head to head fantasy hockey playoff leagues.  I'm going to follow the same format as last year (you can look at last year's here).  That means I'm going to look at the 4 weeks of RCL playoffs although I will not combine the totals from each individual week of the playoffs.  For example, last season, I posted this for Montreal: Montreal Canadiens (3,3,3,4).  That means they have 3 games the first 3 weeks of the fantasy playoffs and 4 games for the last week of the season.  I also graded each team's schedule for both their holds and for streaming.  I will be doing that again with one additional grade: goaltending grade.  That means how I grade the schedule for this team's #1 goalie.  I will also include the list of light days at the bottom of this post.  A light day is a day where there are 4 or less games on the schedule, making players on those teams preferable streaming options.  This post is going to end up incredibly long so without further adieu, let's get to it!