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Howdy, hockey nerds!

We’re off to the Eastern Conference team previews now, and on tap today we’ve got the Canes, the Jackets, the Devils, and the Isles. The rest of the Metro will come tomorrow, then it’ll be the Atlantic to close out the week and the series.

If you wanna refresh the ol’ noggin on all teams Western Conference, links are right down yonder:

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We wrap up the forward rankings today with the Top 100.  If you’ve missed the early parts, you can start with the Top 60 here and go backwards from there.  In a few days, I’ll have my Top 200 list out and before you know it, the season will be starting.  Let’s get to it!

61) Bryan Rust – The point per game season will probably be an outlier, but Rust has a high floor no matter who his center is.  Like Guentzel, I wouldn’t be surprised if the shot volume goes up a tad while Crosby and Malkin are out because the Penguins will need the puck on their sticks more.

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And now we move to where around half of your starters come from.  The guys who really put up the points, the forwards.  Because I cover so many forwards in the Top 20 overall (18 to be exact), this post will cover the top 40 forwards instead of only the top twenty.  From there on out, each post will be 20 players.  Let’s get right to it!

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Howdy, Razzguys n gals!

I’m stoked to bring you my first-ever piece of fantasy hockey content here at Razzball. If you pay attention to the fantasy baseball side of things, then you’ll know me from there. But believe it or not, I know a thing or two about fantasy hockey and hope to share my unparalleled wisdom with you all. Poor Viz has been doing it all by himself, so I figured I’d lend a hand.

I’ll be doing an eight-part Team Previews series, with each division getting two parts. Today is Pacific Part 1, tomorrow will be Part 2, then Wednesday and Thursday will be the Central. Next week, we’ll do it all again with the Metro and the Atlantic on Monday-Thursday.

Hope you enjoy!

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We’re keeping it moving here at Razzball with the Top 40 defensemen.  If you didn’t see the top 20, you can read that here.  I have some good news as well!  JKJ, who writes on the baseball side of things, is going to be helping me out with hockey this year.  He’s going to have a weekly post during the season to focus on streaming.  As of now, the plan is for that to come out on Thursdays to cover the weekend since streaming is prevalent on Friday and Saturday.  Additionally, he’s going to do quick team previews for the entire league.  Look out for those starting next week!  Now let’s get to the top 40:

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