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If you’re new to this column or have no idea what the Friday/Sunday split is, it’s a simple yet effective way to maximize your weekly output no matter the format of your league. Typically — and it’s not always the case — heavy game loads are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, whereas Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays are lighter. Streaming players on those lighter days is almost a necessity to ensure you’re getting the most of each week, but this column focuses on just Fridays and Sundays. Reason being is that you get more bang for your waiver add buck in picking up a guy who will play those two days and will almost always be able to slot into your starting lineup without having to sacrifice someone else to the bench.

Let’s do it to it.

Note: All Rostered% numbers and position eligibilities via Fantrax. All line deployment projections via Left Wing Lock.

Three teams for this week’s split: Anaheim again, Arizona again, and Minnesota.

Anaheim Ducks

Ryan Strome is still stream-worthy due to sheer volume. Best in a points format, as there are no peripherals coming your way.

Adam Henrique is starting to score more again lately. He’s kinda boring but he’s a really solid streamer in most formats. Has 6 PTS and pretty decent H+BLK+FOW in his last five.

Jackson LaCombe is the new PP1 QB for now, with around 60% of the PPTOI in the past few games. He’s notched 3 A (2 PPA) in the past couple contests.

Arizona Coyotes

Dylan Guenther is scorching hot and has just been added to my home-league team for the playoff push. Has 6 PTS (4 PPP) in his last six, adding solid SOG+H to the mix. Get in on this action!

Matias Maccelli is scorching as well: 7 PTS (3 PPP) and 18 SOG in the last six.

Nick Bjugstad is still filling categories. Plenty of BSH (blocks+shots+hits) and FOW for someone no one’s thinking about.

Jack McBain remains a good source of hits.

Liam O’Brien should be scooped up for extra H+PIM. Bonkers totals of those two cats.

Minnesota Wild

Ryan Hartman‘s apple game is picking up, as are his overall ES and PP minutes. Not a good amount of category coverage, but if you specifically need assists or just general points-league fodder, he’s a good option right now.

Jake Middleton is great for H+BLK and nothing else.

Brandon Duhaime is a winger who can provide really good H+BLK, as well as some PIM. Got more PIM than games played, at least.

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