Jake Guentzel started awfully slow this season after an outstanding playoff run for the Penguins last season.  He’s started to pick things up and had his best game to date on Monday, scoring two goals and an assist with six shots in the 5-4 OT win over the Flyers.  That gives Guentzel six goals in his last six games, more than he had in his first 20 games combined.  He’s actually benefited quite a bit from Evgeni Malkin‘s injury as Guentzel took his spot on the first power play unit.  That said, I’m hoping Malkin slides between Guentzel and Kessel on the second line when he returns which should really help Guentzel at even strength.  Obviously he’s a must own but here’s to hoping Guentzel keeps building on this and pushes towards being the top 50-75 player that was expected from him after leading the Stanley Cup Playoffs in goals.  Let’s take a look at what else happened on Monday night:

Evgenii Dadonov – Out 4-6 weeks with a shoulder injury.  Hopefully you have an IR spot to stash Dadonov since he’s been very good in the opening two months.  Doesn’t look like there will be a clear replacement for him on the top line.

Mike Matheson – Two assists with a shot.  I like him a decent amount in real life but there’s no fantasy value here at this point in his career.

Vincent Trocheck – Goal on seven shots and two PIM.  Trocheck is playing the best hockey of his career despite wingers shuffling on his sides.  He’s at a point per game with three shots per game.

Sidney Crosby – Goal and two assists with five shots playing over 25 minutes.  With Malkin out, look for Crosby to play an absurd amount of minutes.  Take advantage of a slightly discounted price for Crosby in DFS.

Justin Schultz – Two assists with three shots.  That’s five assists in the past three games as Schultz finally starts to put together a decent stretch.

Claude Giroux – Two assists with two shots.  He’s really turned things around after three straight years of being on the decline.  The move to wing has paid off in dividends.

Michael Raffl – Goal and an assist with three shots.  Those two points are more than Raffl had in 23 games going into Monday night.  Once upon a time, he was a solid streamer.  That was 4 seasons ago.

Josh Anderson – Assist with two shots.  Side note, I have a friend named Josh Anderson!  To why you’re reading this post, Anderson has a point in three straight.  He’s must own in hits leagues and right on the fringe in standard 12’ers.

Pierre-Luc Dubois – Goal on three shots.  I still love Dubois’ long term upside but he’s an okay streamer right now.  The scorekeeper was going nuts recording hits in Montreal on Monday.  Dubois was credited with 9 hits after having 10 total in the previous 9 games.  Then Boone Jenner recorded 11 hits, slightly more believable but still crazy.  I’d like to see his definition of a hit.

Brendan Gallagher – Goal on six shots with two PIM.  Gallagher has long been a favorite in these parts.  I’d lean towards holding him, but at the least he’s an elite streamer.

Carey Price – 37 saves on 38 shots in the 3-1 win over Columbus.  Boy, he’s rolling since he returned from injury.  Look out, NHL and fantasy leagues.

Alex Stalock – 21 saves on 28 shots in the 7-2 loss against the Jets.  Yeah, Stalock is pretty not good.  Come on Boudreau, just keep rolling Dubnyk and stop the shenanigans.

Charlie Coyle – Assist.  Right on the fringe although I see Coyle becoming a hold in the coming weeks.

Blake Wheeler – Goal and two assists, as did his linemates Mark Scheifele and Kyle Connor.  Yeah, these guys are still rolling.  Connor is still widely available and I’d be sure to own him.

Joel Armia – Goal and an assist with two PIM.  Armia is starting to come into his own with 7 points in the last 8 games.  He’s a bottom end streamer in 12’ers but it could potentially get better if his role increases.

Patrik Laine – No stats in almost 15 minutes.  I’m getting a bit concerned with Laine.  He can get on a massive heater at any time but the minutes are done (this 15 is high relative to his last handful of games) and the shot rate is plummeting.  I wouldn’t be looking to sell low on him or anything but it is a bit concerning.

Chris Wagner – Two goals on three shots.  He’s centering a top six line right now because, well, there is nobody else.  He’s a dirt cheap DFS option and solid streamer in deep leagues but Wagner isn’t 12’er relevant yet.

Jakob Silfverberg – Goal and an assist.  Look for Silfverberg to get massive minutes in the short term and to potentially get hot given that Anaheim is extremely dependent on him for production right now.

Alex DeBrincat – Hat trick and an assist with five shots.  He’s a guy I like plenty long term but have a tough time gauging right now.  The shot rate is poor and the penalty minutes are non-existent (literally) so I lean towards solid streamer.  DeBrincat isn’t consistent enough right now to hold but perhaps that changes if he moves to a better line or gets more minutes.

Patrick Kane – Three assists with three shots and two PIM.  Kane has been his usual excellent self to this point.

Nick Schmaltz – Goal and two assists with three shots for some massive streamer success!  Keep using him as long as he’s with Kane.

Patrick Sharp – Goal and an assist with three shots.  Sharp doesn’t play the minutes to be fantasy relevant any more.

Ryan Hartman – Two assists with a shot and two PIM.  Hartman was pointless in the previous nine games so leave him on the waiver wire for now.

Tuesday Streamers:

Michael Cammalleri (4.5%) – I don’t know why, but Cammy is now on the top line with McJesus and the corpse of Lucic.  They’re going against Arizona so maybe he can take advantage.  I like the spot more than the specific player.

Kevin Fiala (6.5%) – Fiala has been strong since Turris was acquired, the Preds get Chicago when they’re on a back to back, and Fiala has a good history against the Blackhawks.

Nick Schmaltz (10.7%) – Going back to the well here hoping he can build off last night’s game.

That’s all for now guys.  I’ll be back on Wednesday recapping all of tonight’s action.  There will not be a podcast today as Reid and I are recording for Thursday since Wednesday has a small slate.  We will do The Three Point Challenge for Thursday’s games if you’re planning ahead.  As always, feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments below.  Thanks for reading, take care!

  1. DumpsterFire says:

    Thanks for the great write-ups Viz, been my go-to source again this year. I need to drop either Perry or Kreider to open a D spot for Risto coming off IR or I may pick up Ghost since someone just dropped him. Cats are G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, GWG, and SOG for skaters, 12 team league. I’m overloaded on the wings and only have 3 of 4 D men spots filled right now. I’m thinking Kreider is more dropable since I’m really looking for PIM with some PP points sprinkled in from these two. I’m hoping to see more from Perry when Getzlaf and/or Kesler come back. That being said, Abdelkader is on the wire too, would you see him as a better option ROS than Perry? I’m in a good spot in the standings, so I don’t have to do anything crazy short term. Thanks!

    • Lackeydrinksonme

      lackeydrinksonme says:


      Ghost’s peripherals are great this year. I’m working on an article going into some hockey analytics, and he’s a productive guy you can just put out there all the time. He’ll pick up assists swinging the puck up to PHI’s terrific offense and his expected goals are right on the line, whereas Risto- I love the guy- just doesn’t have the team around him, although he will probably score a few more down the road.

      That being said, Perry is seeing better productivity than Kreider and his expected goals are there, both likely to improve as his line does. Dropping Kreider for Ghost seems like a good move. Abdelkader is middle of the road, I like Perry long-term but maybe not for PIM.

      Hope this helps.

      • Viz

        Viz says:

        @lackeydrinksonme: Ghost definitely looks great.

        Man, Perry’s possession stats are dreadful though, they are getting killed with him on the ice.

        • Lackeydrinksonme

          lackeydrinksonme says:


          Yeah, Perry’s CA60 is terrible, and his CF60 isn’t great either. That being said, I would keep him as an asset until another duck returns.

      • DumpsterFire says:

        @lackeydrinksonme: agreed, I watch a lot of philly games, and Ghost is always in the play at both ends of the ice. I put the waiver claim in, thanks!

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @DumpsterFire: Thanks, I appreciate it! I will start by saying that I don’t see Abdelkader as a better option ROS than Perry, I’d much rather have Perry. I would definitely be grabbing Ghost for the big assists and more importantly for you, massive PPP. What other D are on your roster? Is is definitely not worth having 5?

      It’s tough to wait for Perry in the meantime since neither center is particularly close and their team is a mess at the moment. Kreider actually has more PPP than Perry so I would lean towards dropping him but it’s close enough that it’s negligible between the two.

      • DumpsterFire says:

        @Viz: it’s not really worth keeping 5 as I would have to drop some pretty productive forwards. Behind Kreider and Perry, my next expendable forwards are guys like Couture and Couturier. I don’t usually have to sit anyone either the way my positions fill out.
        Other D men are Yandle, Subban, and Proverov. I like Risto a lot too, but I think both Flyers D men are more productive overall.
        I’ll agree Perry has looked awful, but he’s always relied heavily on Getz to draw pressure and get him the puck. I think I’m holding him for now since can afford to wait and it feels like a toss up.

  2. There are some players in our 10 teamer I keep thinking have to rebound soon, but keep pushing along looking like a bust. What do you make of slow starters like Cam Atkinson, William Nylander, Mitch Marner & Zach Werenski? I can guess that Werenski may be slightly affected by the presence of Seth Jones. I see Nylander sometimes stuffed down on a line with Matt Martin & Dominic Moore while Brown & Hyman play with Auston Matthews, so that doesn’t help him much. Any of these guys you see snapping out of it soon? I streamed Atkinson last night, his ± was -2, 2 shots on goal. He had 2 goals the previous game… So I dropped him today and picked up Nylander, who is one guy I can’t believe isn’t playing better than he is. Marner too. Babcock affect?! Thanks Viz.

    • Lackeydrinksonme

      lackeydrinksonme says:


      Nylander is a straight hold, his expected goals will catch up because they have to. Marner is kind of in the same boat, but doesn’t have as much of a huge difference between what the outcome has been versus the kind of player he’s been for 60 minutes. Atkinson is right where he’s expected to be, Werenski could see some improvement… both you could probably trade for face value and nothing would be lost.

      That being said, I’m only piping in because of a ton of work I put in over the break to be more of an asset to the Razzball community… Viz has a better eye than me, but I’m telling people everywhere to hold Nylander (and I’m trying to grab him in my league).

      • @lackeydrinksonme: I like your optimism on Nylander. I picked him up and held him for almost 2 weeks, then got frustrated and dropped him. Now that I picked him up again, I’ll try to hold on for a break out. It has been a long dry spell for him though, with only one goal since their Oct. 21 game. ESPN still ranks him as 41st in the top 250 today. Obviously there are reasons for hope…

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @madden_curser: I’m still bullish on most of these guys. For at least the last three, I feel like this is natural growing pains. We kind of take for granted that these guys are super young and have ups and downs because of how good they started their careers. I agree with Werenski although he’s one good game away from being right on last season’s pace. I don’t think he really has to snap out of it given how close to last year’s numbers he is.

      Atkinson has 0 PPP after having 21 last season. His turnaround comes down to the CBJ power play fixing itself. I have to think that happens (it can’t finish worse than it is now).

      As for the Toronto guys, it’s obviously super frustrating that they keep moving up and down the lineup. I’d say I have more faith in Nylander getting back up to the top line and turning things around but I do think Marner gets things going too.

      They all have a great chance of snapping out of it, they’re too talented not to. Picking one of them would be guesswork but I’d lean towards Nylander having the best chance once he has an okay game or two and gets back to Matthews’ wing.

  3. S says:

    Would you trade stone for backstrom?

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @S: I think I would hold actually. Hits being included is a big boost to Stone and he’s marginally better in blocks too. You’ll get more A and STP from Backstrom but my money would be on Stone being better in the other 4 categories with points being a tossup.

  4. fleeced says:

    Im thinking of picking up Giordano.

    My current D are Butcher, Klefbom, Faulk and Yandle.

    My team currently lacks in the shot and assists department and I’m torn as to who to drop or to stay put? Standard scoring.

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @fleeced: Man, Butcher absolutely kills you in shots but he’s been great in assists so hard to drop him. Faulk and Klefbom are that way with shots and Yandle is the better of both worlds. Giordano hasn’t been great either but I do think he gets better. I would lean towards dropping Klefbom actually just because he’s ice cold and the minutes are going in the wrong direction. That said, he does have a ton of upside so I don’t make it make it seem like there’s no chance of it backfiring.

  5. Sinkhole Demayo says:

    12 team with hits/blocks/PPP/faceoffs/goals against as a negative/points as separate category from goals and assists.
    2 of each forward, 2 W slots, 2 forward slots, 5 D, 2 goalie. keep 7 per year, no escalating costs.

    C: r-joey, horvat, monahan, brassard, mackinnon
    LW: tkachuk, kane (BUF), foligno (C/RW), connor
    RW: nino, duchesne, perry, coyle (C)
    D: girard, skjei, petry, manson, nurse, ghost, krug, gudas (can’t stash in yahoo)
    IR+ vrbata
    IR palmieri
    G: price, lehner, subban

    drop gudas or somebody else to nab jarry, while there’s still time. 4 goalies isn’t smart really, but if say fleury comes back i’d be insured for a bit.

    • Sinkhole Demayo says:

      @Sinkhole Demayo: 2. drop any of the other D men for any of schultz/santini/del zotto? i need points, assists and shots the most. blocks 4th most.

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Sinkhole Demayo: Yeah drop Gudas, not worth holding him while he is suspended. Just plan on grabbing him a game or two before Gudas returns unless you still need to hold what you have.

      If you need those categories, I’d grab Schultz for Manson.

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