Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Reid and I back with a Black Friday podcast (recorded on Wednesday).  Hopefully everyone has the day off to enjoy some hockey!  We each talk about three different things that have happened so far this NHL season that have an impact going forward, notably Auston Matthews and Patrice Bergeron slumping, before we talk about the Vegas Golden Knights.  Their team name, the dreadful press conference, the logo, everything.  As always, we finish things up with The Three Point Challenge for Friday’s games.  You have the entire day to make your submission as long as it’s before that player’s game started.  All of that and more on the newest edition of the Razzball Hockey Podcast!

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  1. Man Of Steel says:

    Great podcast, really liked the discussion about the player rater and guys being rewarded for staying on top of the waiver wire. You mentioned buying low on Bergeron. An owner in our league has Bergeron and Byfuglien. Would that be a good “buy low” package to target?

    Hayes for the three point challenge!

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Man Of Steel: thanks! Any other suggestions let me know. Send me your roster again if you can and I can try to work out something, it’s hard to say otherwise. Those are two of my favorite targets though

    • Quick Sycamore says:

      @Man Of Steel: I recently traded for byfuglien. Even if he doesn’t turn it around offensively, he gets a lot of hits and pim. My teams are usually week in that area so I’m happy with my trade.

  2. Fungazi says:

    Going with the hot hand for 3 pnt – Draisaitl

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