Hey everybody!  Reid joins me once again to do a thorough breakdown of the games Monday and Tuesday.  Thankfully there was only one injury those two days.  Highlights include Cory Schneider‘s big back to back games, Shea Weber and Alexander Radulov returning to Smashville, the wide open games in Washington and Tampa Bay plus some young talent producing in Vancouver.  Yes, Vancouver!  After that, we do a breakdown of the Thursday games before we make our picks for The Three Point Challenge.  All of that and more in the latest edition of the Razzball Hockey Podcast, brought to you by SeatGeek, No Halftime and fanpicks.com!

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Thursday Streamers – Not too much happened on Wednesday night so I’m going to hold off on daily notes until Friday combining Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Here are my top three streamers for the seven game Thursday slate:

Tanner Pearson (16.0%) – Going back to the well here.  Red Wings on the second game of a back to back is a great spot for the Kings, including Pearson.

Sebastian Aho (10.0%) – Another frequent streamer, Aho is riding a nice point streak at the moment and the minutes are up.  It’s not a great matchup with the Blues but their goaltending has been up and down.

Ryan Spooner (19.6%) – The opportunity is there for Spooner being in the top six and the first power play unit.  The Bruins laid an egg the other day against the Devils so I like their spot to bounce back.

Please leave any questions or comments in the section below.  Take care!

  1. Scott says:

    Do you like Patrick Maroon or Anders Lee?

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Scott: I’d go with Lee right now although I think it’s a situation that could flip flop a few times the rest of the season.

  2. Big W says:

    Hey Viz,

    I don’t often comment, but read everything. Just want to start by saying thank you to you and the hockey team at Razzball!

    Just have a request. When you offer streamer advice, is there any way you can offer it a day in advance?

    For example, today you say Pearson, Aho and Spooner would make good stream options… The problem is that it’s too late to do anything with that info for me and I assume most who use Yahoo. If I add those guys today, they will not appear on my roster until tomorrow. I’ve never played anything other than yahoo for fantasy. Football H2H they give you the player that same day, but not hockey or baseball…

    Anyway, if it’s not a big deal for you, please give one day’s notice for the streamers.

    Whether you can do it or not, thank you either way.


    Big W from the Big Smoke

    • Quick Sycamore says:

      @Big W: Hey Big W! That’s not entirely true about yahoo. I’ve only ever used yahoo for fantasy and you can have your league set so roster changes go through day of. That’s how my league always has been. Your commissioner might have the league set that way to limit streaming. Some people don’t like it.

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Big W: Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it! I’ve been asked by one or two other people as well, the problem with that is twofold. I don’t know if teams are switching up their lines a full day in advance which makes a world of difference for streamers. I also don’t know if backup goalies are playing or if injuries occurred that also juggle the lines. How far do you have to submit moves in advance? Before the 7 PM games start the day before, midnight, etc.? Honestly, I won’t mind if you ask me in the comments section what I’m leaning towards for the next day, I’ll answer you very time.

      The other thing here is that this is a league settings issue and not a Yahoo issue. As Quick Sycamore commented, there are plenty of Yahoo leagues who allow you to do moves day of, including all sports. Your commissioner must have set your league that way so if you want it changed in the future, you don’t have to switch from Yahoo, you just have to have the commissioner change the settings.

      Hope this somewhat helps. Again, just feel free to ask me every day and I’ll tell you where I’m leaning. I won’t mind at all, if I end up using one or more of those guys for my streamers the next day, I can copy and paste it right into the post so you’re not wasting any time for me at all.

      Best, Viz

      • Big W says:

        @Viz: Thank you Viz… I’ve used all my moves for this week, but maybe I’ll take you up on that offer next week.

        Much appreciated!

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