We all know the story about Perry’s unbelievable push to steal the Hart Trophy last year, but just in case you forgot the ridiculousness of what he did let me remind you:  From March 9 – April 6, a stretch of 14 games, Luke……errrrr…….. Corey Perry scored 19 GOALS.  Not Points, Goals.  To put that in perspective, that pace over 82 Games would beat Wayne Gretzky’s single season record by 20 Goals.  So the question is, was last night’s Hat Trick a harbinger (word of the day!) of things to come?  Will he score 16 over the next 13 games to tie last year’s streak?  Will lightning ever stike twice in the same spot??  The easy answer is yes, but when you see something like this it doesn’t exactly instill a ton of confidence….

Ryan Callahan – C (NYR):  For a guy in New York, I don’t think you can be more under-the-radar than Ryan Callahan.  He does everything well (judging by a Hat Trick Saturday & a Goal yesterday) but nothing great, and he gets the absolute most he possibly can from his talent.  If the Rangers make it to the Stanley Cup, Callahan will be their 2nd most valuable player in the playoffs (after Lundqvist), because thats the kind of hockey player he is…

Tyson Strachan – D (Fla):  There is no fantasy relevance of note here, but I just have a soft spot in my heart for a 27 year old notching his 1st Career Goal… Wait a minute….  3 Points in 8 games since being called up?  Hmmm……..  Maybe……….   No, forget it.

Alex Goligoski – D (Dal):  Goli is quickly getting my attention as a potential sleeper for next year.  It was an awful first 3 months but since the start of the new year he’s been every bit as good as I envisioned.  4G/12A/+1/6PPP/41SOG in just 19 Games.  I have a feeling I’ll be owning him on more than 1 team next year.

Kris Letang – D (Pit):  I don’t think after last year that Letang will ever be undervalued again, but this year’s concussion problems could knock him down a peg.  Since being back Letang has been hot and cold.  Right now he’s hot (3G/3A/+5 over the weekend).  The ‘tang is good, the ‘tang is bad, we all know how that is…

Alex Pietrangelo –  D (StL):  Okay I swear this is the last potential 2012-2013 Defenseman sleeper I will mention.  And he’s heating up just like the others (4 Point weekend).  Don’t get too hot though!!!

T.J. Oshie – C/RW (StL):  I considered this a make or break year for the former 1st rounder, and so far it’s been boooooooorrrrrring.  The +15 is nice but 36 points from a forward just don’t cut it.  Especially when he’s getting over 20 minutes a night on the top line(s)..

Detroit Red Wings:  I don’t comment on team accomplishments often, but every once in a while a team will win 20 F***ing straight home games.  Way to go Detroit, why do you always have to be so good???

Patric Hornqvist – RW (Nsh):  This guy is notoriously streaky and right now he’s buck naked at mid-field.  I hope he doesn’t get horny-qvist – HA!   5G/5A/+4/4PPP/31SOG in the Pred’s last 9 games.  Oh yeah…  He’s still only 48% owned in Yahoo still so if you need RW help see if he’s sitting out there.

Magnus Paajarvi – LW (Edm):  You showed some promise as a 19 year old rookie last year but it’s been a tough go in 2012.  At some point you could be a decent LW2 but it’s not now, and probably not for another couple-three seasons.

Taylor Hall – LW (Edm):  Now here’s a 20 year old who definately belongs.  If it wasn’t for his minus 1 he’d be ranked alot higher (currently #68 overall in Yahoo rankings).  When a 20 year old is already flirting with a Point-per-game pace you’re seeing the birth of a Top 10 fantasy stud.  Once all those other young & talented Oilers grow up the Kid in the Hall will become a beast.

Claude Giroux – C/RW (Phi):  Speaking of the birth of a fantasy stud…  Claude has probably cracked the 1st round in next year’s draft, but truth be told Gyro has slowed down as of late:  4G/10A/-11 in Philly’s last 18 Games.  Not terrible (other than the -11) but certainly terrible when compared to his first 34 Games.  How hot (or not) he gets from now until April will determine where in the 1st round he goes next year.

Carey Price – G (Mon):  After another Shutout on Saturday there is only 1 thing to say:  You can’t keep a great Goalie down.

Evgeni Malkin – C/RW (Pit):  Look I know I’ve said how great Geno has been 50 times already this year, but how good has Geno been this year???  He’s been so good that the Hart Trophy (and my Heart)  is all but a formality at this point…

Nicklas Backstrom – C (Wsh):  Easily the most underreported Concussion in the NHL is this one.  It doesn’t sound good either, he said last week that “I don’t know when I’ll be able to play again, I just hope it’ll be in time for the playoffs.”  OUCH.  If you own him, you may want to back those fantasy championship hopes up a bit, cuz your best player has been Crosby’d…

  1. Rodney says:

    Dude, that photo of perry is freak’n hilarious… But we all are capable of looking like that without our guard up, so don’t worry to much…. besides, if a guy can look like that but still be the mad puck maestro that is Corey Perry, he is def something special… Perry, Ryan and Malkin are my 3 fav forwards… obvious I AM A DUCKS FAN, Malkin is just plain fun to watch when he wills and creates the puck to the back of the net….

    • DC

      DC says:

      @Rodney, GO DUCKS!!!

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