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Obviously you guys know that I've gone out of order with my rankings, but I had to get my Top 200 out there for everybody's drafts.  If you've missed it, you can see those rankings here.  Today, I'm going to show you the method behind the madness of my forward rankings.  Part one will be out today, part two will be out tomorrow.  I'm going to try and get a bold predictions post out on Monday as well, and then the season will be underway.  As a heads up, I am going to be in London from Thursday until Tuesday.  I will probably only get to the site once per day, but I will be sure to answer everybody's questions on all posts when I get the chance.  Thanks for your understanding.  And with that, the first half of my forward rankings.
I know I'm going out of order, but I want to get my Top 200 out so people have it for drafts over the next week.  I will circle back to in-depth forward rankings on Wednesday, going through that before having another post or two before the season starts.  This post will simply be a rankings list with no details.  You will see how they're separated into tiers in the upcoming forward posts (you already have the tiers for the other two positions).  Feel free to ask any questions, leave any comments, or give any suggestions below.  And without further adieu...
Note from Viz:  Jules is going to be contributing on the hockey side of things this year, along with myself and JKJ coming back into the fold.  JKJ will be back once the season starts with his weekly Friday/Sunday stream posts that will come out on Thursday mornings.  Jules has put together his entire preseason rankings that are available to everyone below.  They are separated into forwards, defensemen, and goaltenders.  If you have any questions for him about his rankings, don't hesitate to ask them in the comments section below.
We're keeping things moving in the preseason with goaltending rankings coming today.  All that I factor into rankings goaltenders are wins, GAA, and SV%.  A big factor into determining wins is potential workload, so I give more value to workhorses than players in time shares.   As I always preach in these parts, in head to head leagues, volume is king. In you're in a roto league where starts are capped, then you can give more value to the Gustavsson's of the hockey world.  Let's get to it!
It's time!  Today's post will cover my current Top 20 players overall for the upcoming season.  For those that are new to Razzball, my rankings consider goals, assists, special teams points, and shots on goal first and foremost.  I put secondary value into plus-minus and PIM/hits as their values shift depending on league format.  It's easier to stream players in these categories, especially PIM/hits, so I put priority into scorers, and especially shot volume as it is the best predictor for goals.  Let's get to it!