If you haven’t heard, the Canadians and Flames paired up for a trade.  It was essentially Michael Cammalleri for Rene Bourque (there were draft picks & inconsequential players involved also).  In the short term it looks like a win for Calgary.  Camm-Camm should fit in nicely with the Flames, and as long as he’s healthy I think this trade will help him.  Cammalleri was in Calgary just 3 years ago and he had his best season of his career (81 Points on the season).  It’ll be interesting to see if he is paired with Iginla, because they were (for the most part) kept seperated back in 2008.  But that team was deeper than this current Flames team, so I could see Camm getting paired with Iginla right away.  In theory it should work, but theories are called theories for a reason… As for Bourque, nothing has changed.  He’s still nothing more than Waiver Wire Fodder…

Miikka Kiprusoff – G (Cgy):  Man that name is hard to spell.  Miikka is one of the few names that I still do not have memorized.  I blame it on 2 things;  1) The 2nd K in his first name, and 2) The pronunciation of his last name.  It’s pronounced Kipper-soff and yet it’s spelled Kiprusoff.  It reminds me of the no sense spelling of the word Wednesday.  Can’t we just spell it like we say it???

Tim Thomas – G (Bos):  Seriously you know you will get hurt at some point before the playoffs.  It’s inevitable.  So why couldn’t you make it this week when I’m playing my brother in our H2H league??

Dallas vs Los Angeles – This game is one of the more entertaining games I’ve watched in a while. Currently there are 3 minutes left in the 3rd and the game is tied at 4.  It was 3-1 Dallas about half-way through the 2nd Period, then the Kings scored the next 3 Goals to go up 4-3 and Dallas just tied it with 5:25 left in the 3rd.  Anze Kopitar was hurt in this game too (it’s being called an Upper Body Injury)… Call me lazy but I like high-scoring, momentum swinging, hard hitting professional hockey and this game has all that… More to come when it’s over… And we’re in OOOOOOOvertime.  Back and forth action, what a game!!!   Holy jeez, Kari Lehtonen is down with just 20 seconds left in Overtime (Sigh)…..  Wait he’s okay….  Shootout Win for Dallas!!  Man what a sweet game….  Oh and I will update Kopitar’s status when I hear something…

Jaromir Jagr – RW (Phi):  If you’ve been with me since August, you know that I was not high on Jagr heading into this season.  It’s not that I thought his skills had diminished to the point that he wouldn’t be effective, I just thought there was no chance he’d stay healthy.  And while he’s had a couple Lower Body Injuries he’s still on pace to play in over 70 games.  And if he does that it will not only prove me wrong, it’ll make Jagr one of the best value picks of the 2011-2012 fantasy hockey season.

Kyle Okposo – RW (NYI):  Stays red-hot with another Goal last night meaning I’m confident he will go ice cold very very soon…

Erik Karlsson – D (Ott):  All you Karlsson owners can breath a huge sigh of relief.  EK was back in the lineup yesterday (with 2 Assists) after missing Tuesday’s game with a mysterious UBI.  I speculated it might be a concussion and I blame the NHL for that.  And since Gary Bettman runs the NHL I blame Gary Bettman… Yeah that feels right…

Craig Anderson – G (Ott):  This is probably the 1st time I’ve mentioned this dude since October, but his current hot streak (7-0-1 with a 1.68GAA & .948SV%) has forced me to talk about him.  So there I just did…

Tuomo Ruutu – C/LW (Car):  He must have scored 3 Points (+4) because he was upset that he wasn’t involved in a trade tonight.  If you need a C/LW utility type guy and Ruutu is available in your league I’d pick him up now.  A trade to a new team will do nothing but increase his value…

Jiri Tlusty – C/LW (Car):  It’s like SpiderMan says, everybody gets ONE…

Pavel Datsyuk – C/LW (Det):  Wow it’s a C/LW party isn’t it?  Datsyuk was back after missing just 1 game and he rung the scoring bell with an Assist.  I really have nothing more to add.  Datsyuk is what he is – a great player…

Alex Burrows – LW/RW (Van):  And the Goals keep coming… In fact Burrows is on pace for 30+ Goals, 200+ Shots and 90 Penalty Minutes. That my friends would be his 2nd best season ever in the NHL.

Antti Niemi – G (SJ):  Niemi had another great game last night (SHUTOUT!) and he’s slowly creeping his way into “elite” status.  At this point I’d take Niemi over Backstrom, Kiprusoff, Miller, Price, and maybe even Howard & Luongo..

Jimmy Hayes – RW (Chi):  2 Points last night gives him 4 in his first 7 career NHL games.  Not bad.  Unfortunately, for this season, he’s just not getting enough PT to be worth yours or mines time…

David Legwand – C (Nsh):  2 Goals as Legwand reclaims his Waiver Wire All Star starting spot.  It just sucks he’s only eligible at Center.  They are a dime-a-dozen… 


  1. Z says:

    How about this? I have Ryan Miller, Nicklas Backstrom, Mike Smith, and Craig Anderson. My league counts SAVES as a goaltending category.
    So having four goalies who play a lot has helped me, but Im thinking I can move one of these four and still hold the SAVES advantage using the waiver wire.

    Who should I move, and what kind of value should I be looking for in return? Miller for Lidstrom? Backstrom for Hartnell?

  2. Z says:

    @ DC I am a longtime razzball reader. Grey and I often have the same views. This is one of the smartest fantasy sites. I like hockey better than baseball so I was excited when the site added hockey. You have done a great job, I enjoy your posts and value your opinion.

    However, pimping Crosby this season was a very bold move. I respected it at the time because I am Penguins fan but…still. Kind of an unrazzball (new term?) move. I just cant imagine Grey drumming up any support for an injured player who had no improvement in the offseason. I am a Crosby fan for sure, but I didnt dare draft him. There is a dark cloud hanging over the Penguins right now…

  3. bauerspeed17 says:

    LOUI ERICKSSON!!! 2 goals for him and the Kings/Stars game. Huge man crush on him and not embarrassed to say that.

    Does he have a shot at breaking the 80 point mark this season?

    BTW, look forward to your blog everyday. Makes the work day so much more bearable.

  4. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Only with Jagr that worries me is his stamina over the course of a full season. They play a lot more games in the NHL than KHL.

    Anyways, I’ve been offered Edler for my Pavelski and Gonchar

    16 team H2H league, categories are: G, A, +/-, PPP, SOG, HIT, BLK

    I have a few players coming back from injures soon: Zajac, LaRose and Booth

    If you want more information I can give more as well (such as my team details)

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @Z: It depends on what you need, but if you need a Defenseman Miller for Lidstrom is a fair offer… And Crosby is just soooooo much better than the 2nd best fantasy player in the NHL I judged that the Reward > Risk.. And don’t give up yet! He skated on actual ice yesterday!

    @bauerspeed17: Thanks for the kind words.. And yes Loui-Loui has a shot at 80 Points but I think he falls a little short.

  6. DC

    DC says:

    @Cheese: The hits and Blocked Shots always screw me up.. I assume Edler is very good in those categories so if he is it’s not a terrible trade. Taking Hits/BS out of it though I don’t like the trade.

  7. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @DC: Yeah with my league break down, the trade makes a bit more sense. I’ll give you the numbers:
    Edler – 7G, 25A, +2, 17PPP, 122SOG, 88HIT, 66BLK
    Pavelski – 16G, 14A, +13, 7PPP, 123SOG, 18HIT, 37BLK
    Gonchar – 2G, 21A, +1, 10PPP, 75SOG, 25HIT, 43BLK

    I could replace Gonchar with Bergeron (4G, 20A, +8, 9PPP, 78SOG, 37HIT, 43BLK) – not much difference in all honesty

  8. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @Cheese: When I say replace, I mean replace in the trade offer (Bergeron is already on my team, not on FA)

  9. DC

    DC says:

    @Cheese: Yeah it looks like it’ll really help those 2 categories so go ahead & make the deal.

  10. Fedor's Thugs says:

    Can you please give me some advice on this trade. In a 15 team, super deep rostered league, that values penalty minutes, hits, shots on goal, game winning goals, plus/minus/, assists, and goals…would you trade PK Subban and Jeff Carter for Shea Weber and a 15th round draft pick.

    We can only keep three forwards and three Dmen…so I won’t be keeping carter for next year anyway. I’m thinking that long term Weber will be better for the team than Subban.

    Appreciate the advice.


  11. bmj says:

    in a one year, points only (G, A, +/-, PIM, SOG, PPP, SHP) who do you like for the rest of the year Clarkson, Whitney, Ryder, Ladd, Cammalleri, Peverley, Little, Hudler, Hemsky?

  12. barker says:

    have an open spot would prefer a RW but a LW is not a problem
    counts hits and blks
    read grabner okposo perron chris stewart

  13. DC

    DC says:

    @Fedor’s Thugs: Not a bad trade Weber is STUDLY…

    @bmj: Camm…Hudler.Hemsky.Ladd.Whitney.Ryder.Peverly…Clarkson.Little

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