Hey guys!  For those of you who have been reading the site for some time, you know that the fantasy sports here on Razzball have Razzball Commenter Leagues.  They are a way for everyone in the Razzball community to show their skills against each other, talk the sport they’re playing and even talk some smack.  Last season we had only 5 leagues, mostly because I took over hockey last minute and we had barely over one week for leagues to be set up and drafted.  Now, with almost a month until the season starts, I’d love to crack double digit leagues, if not more!  Hopefully this will keep building the hockey community and maybe you’ll win the grand prize.  Here are the details:

  • The goal is to have multiple 12 team leagues with everyone not only competing in their own league but for the best record overall in all RCL’s
  • In an attempt to keep things more active, each league will be a head to head league with the following 9 categories: Goals, assists, plus-minus, penalty minutes, special teams points, shots on goal, wins, goals against average, and save percentage.
  • The champion of the RCL’s will be the team that wins their individual league that had the best regular season record.  This person will win a $100 gift card to Best Buy!
  • In the event of a tie,  the stats for the teams over the 2 week championship will be compared head to head; whoever won more categories wins!  If there’s still a tie, the stats will be for over the entire playoffs, then entire season.


  • Go to this link
  • Click “Create ESPN Custom”
  • Enter a league name.  Set the number of teams to 12, Restriction Type: None and “Public Access”
  • Select “Head to Head Each Category” as scoring.
  • Set the Draft Type as “Snake”
  • Choose your draft date and time, then click Create League
  • Leave basic settings, rosters and no maximums the same
  • Click edit scoring: Remove Average Time on Ice and Power Play Points as categories; Add Special Teams Points
  • Leave the rest of the settings the same; click “Create Your League!”

Once you have finished this, there is one more step.  Go to your league’s home page and copy the link to the league.  Copy and paste that link into the Google Sheet here and fill out your league information.


Simply examine the Google Sheet below, find a league and draft time that works for you, and click the “LINK” button in “League Link” column to be taken to the leagues home page. If the league is invite only, please email the contact.

That’s it!  I have set up the first league and I encourage the commenters to set up many more!  I switched the format to head to head since most people prefer it and it also keeps people much more active than simply setting a rotoserrie roster and letting your team stay the same for weeks on end.  If you have any problems, please ask me in the comment section below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Good luck everyone!


Fantasy Hockey Razzball Commenter Leagues, 2016:

  1. howtathor says:

    Wanted to join the Viz2 league but have a conflict in draft times. Hope there will be another league created. Will. check back.

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @howtathor: Just create your own league at a time you can draft! I guarantee that it will fill and it takes 5 minutes at most to set up, probably 3 minutes.

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