Hey guys. Thanks for all the well wishes; I’m starting to get over this sickness. For those of you who are still battling for the last four days of the regular season, I’m going to do a preview of tonight along with some streamers.  It’s a massive 13 game slate so you might not have the need to stream unless you own a bunch of Sabres, Blue Jackets, Wild or Oilers but with some injury piling up around the league, it’s good to have some options.  I’m going to give you my top 5 options for tonight next, then add in a quick preview of all of the games since you’ll more than likely have to bench some of your players.  Here we go!

Jonathan Drouin (17.2%) – With all of the injuries, Drouin has been recalled by the Lightning.  His situation this year was a mess but now it’s a thing of the past.  He belongs in your lineup in a game that Tampa should control against the Devils.

Bo Horvat (13.6%) – Bo has points in four straight, the minutes are huge and the matchup with the Flames is great.

J.T. Miller (19.8%) – Going back to the well here.  Big game for playoff positioning and Miller is still in a nice position to succeed.

Elias Lindholm (16.5%) – He’s been struggling but the Canadiens are giving Charlie Lindgren his first career NHL start tonight.  Getting some exposure against a kid fresh out of college is a solid move.

Riley Sheahan (2.1%) – He’s hot right now and in a crucial battle for one of the last two playoff spots in the East, I expect the Wings to come out on top.

Quick preview of tonight’s games:

The game with the most on the line tonight is certainly the Red Wings at the Bruins.  The Red Wings can extend their playoff streak with any win.  I expect this to be a tighter game so I like Jimmy Howard to stay hot in this one. If you have some fringe guys in this game, it would be reasonable to sit them.

Tampa is playing for home ice in the first round so expect them to come out firing against the Devils. Ben Bishop is probably the best goalie option on the slate tonight.  The majority of the studs for Tampa are injured but expect the guys they have playing e.g. Nikita Kucherov to force their will on the game.

As far as playoff seeding goes, the Rangers Islanders game tonight will have a big impact; one team is going to play the Penguins while the other is going to cross over and play the Panthers in the first round.  I like both Thomas Greiss and Henrik Lundqvist in this one and give the slight edge to the Isles with Ryan McDonagh injured.

Get all of your Flyers in tonight against the Leafs.  While the Leafs are playing better, one loss in their last two clinches 30th place to give them the best lottery odds while the Flyers need every point they can get to get one of the wild card spots.  Steve Mason could also be considered the best goaltending play of the night.

The Pens vs Caps game means nothing for the Caps outside of Alex Ovechkin pushing for 50 goals while the Penguins can clinch home ice in the first round with a win.  I expect the Pens to stay hot and win this one on the road.

As mentioned above, Montreal is giving Charlie Lindgren his first career start tonight.  I’d look to play the guys you own in this game; I could see this being one of the highest scoring games of the night.

Florida and Ottawa both have nothing to play for in this one.  Get your skaters in your lineup in this one as those games usually tend to be higher scoring.  Unless the Devils are involved, of course.

The Predators are locked into the first wild card spot while the Coyotes aren’t playing for anything.  Another game ripe for a lot of goals, especially since both teams are inconsistent in net.

The Blackhawks will almost certainly be the third place team in the division unless Chicago wins both and the Blues or Stars lose both in regulation.  To be honest, I don’t think Chicago cares one bit about home ice while it would mean a lot for the Blues to be the #1 seed.  I expect this game to be tight but I’d still play my studs on the Blues and Hawks.

Dallas is playing for home ice as well and Colorado is now eliminated.  I could see this being the highest scoring game of the night or Dallas just steamrolling the Avs.  Get all of your Stars into your lineup.

Joni Ortio and Ryan Miller are both nice options tonight as both are playing well and the teams lack consistent firepower.  I would still play the studs on both teams (there aren’t many) but stay away from most of the fringe.

The Ducks and Kings tonight could very well decide first place in the Pacific, especially if the Ducks can get the road win.  I expect a very tight game making whoever starts in net (both are unconfirmed right now but I assume John Gibson and Jonathan Quick) elite options.

The Sharks have a slim chance at catching either of their California foes but with that possibility alive, expect them to come out and steam roll the Jets.  Definitely play the Sharks that you own and I like Martin Jones since he is likely to get a win.  I’d still play the Jets on the first line plus Dustin Byfuglien.

That’s all for now guys.  There’s only one game tomorrow night so what I plan on doing is writing a preview like this for the entire weekend.  This way, I should be able to give you guys who are still playing a nice guideline with how to proceed the rest of the way. As always, feel free to ask any questions and leave any comments below.  Take care everyone!

  1. Scott says:

    Hi Viz! Today is the day.

    I need 3 Defensemen to start:
    Radko Gudas
    Mattias Ekholm
    Cody Ceci
    Kris Russell
    Keven Klein
    Cam Fowler
    Justin Schultz

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Scott: Sorry I’m cutting it close. Give me Gudas, Russell and Ekholm.

      • Scott says:

        @Viz: Cool, got Gudas in!

  2. Mal says:

    Feel better Viz!

    Thanks for all your work this year. You, Matt, Marv, and Pesos have all done a great job. I look forward to what you come up with in the offseason and next year!

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Mal: Thanks! I’m getting there. I appreciate it, I have some ideas for different things and will try to get my rankings (the most important thing) out ahead of everywhere else, probably beginning of August? That’s something I’ll have to talk to the bosses about.

  3. What's a Drexl? says:

    if in a 10 team dynasty we are going to 2 max active goalies for next year lower than the 3 we have now, who do i drop out of lehner/dubnyk/talbot (assuming c.johnson is already dropped, who i have now). i dropped pavelec for talbot recently. he seems to have better future. i don’t have to make this decision now and it’s very likely i’ll be able to stream (somewhat, limited moves) next year the 2nd slot if i want.

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @What’s a Drexl?: That’s tough, I think Dubnyk will be a tier above the other two because he’s more proven but the Sabres and Oilers are both on the rise. It depends on what moves the teams make in the offseason but I’d lean towards keeping Lehner and dumping Talbot. The Sabres are playing at a 95 point pace for the second half of the season; they’re getting really good and are going to stay really good.

      • What's a Drexl? says:

        @Viz: hmmm, didn’t even notice that, i did know their D men’s future isn’t even close when compared to EDM’s. but that being said talbot has been damn good (probably best we’ve seen an EDM goalie in i don’t even know how many years). in reality, that spot is likely flipped many times next year (G #2), as only 20 will be owned at any time (50 games till guy has to be brought up, so some more)

  4. What's a Drexl? says:

    with the lee injury my 10 teamer now has all of these, and we are roster expanding so basically having an extra IR guy right now is the same thing as the #1 waiver for next year. i’m getting 7th or 6th (mostly from lack of goalie starts). stats are goals, assists, shots, hits, blocks, faceoffs (but next year you’ll ONLY get faceoffs from guys slotted into center, to combat guys getting lucky on position eligibility, it’ll still be an advantage, but not as much), PIMs will be added (but like real life you DON’T want them, unlike silly standard leagues), and other changes
    -moving to exactly same starting rosters as real life (we’ll be adding 4 total roster spots to help in this, we already had quite large benches.
    – it’ll be run like regular roto (82 games played per starting slot, so 4 center slots = 328 etc)
    – no max moves (since max games, streaming doesn’t gain you anything, except maybe running out of games to play earlier)
    – nobody can win league if they DON’T max out starts at all positions (also comish has doubled league prize)
    -nobody can tank and 1st pick if they DON’T max out starts at all positions
    – even teams 2-9 lose by not maxing out positions, anybody not maxing out moves to back of rookie draft (2 rounds)
    – minor slots upped from 10 to 12
    – true shooting % added as category (goals divided by shots on goal + missed shots + blocked shots, man fantrax rules)
    – faceoff % added as category (always the way to go when having faceoff totals)
    – 3 roster spots added (subtract 1 goalie spot add 4 skaters)
    – infinite IR slots, but we still can’t add FA who’s on IR (no hoarding injured guys, but no reason to ever drop them either, it’s just like real life)
    current team (we’re drafting another 4 rounds, but i’m assuming we can keep players rather than draft some)
    new rosters make us optimally have 6 of each forward, 8 D, 2 goalies
    C – horvat, bozak, kadri, brassard, hanzal, backlund
    LW- steen, pacioretty, hartnell, d.sedin, marleau, komarov, lee
    RW – wheeler, perry, brouwer, doan, forsberg, okposo
    D – hedman, e.johnson, josi, weber, c.murphy, niskanen
    G dubnyk and 1 of talbot/lehner (82 total games so 2nd guy likely just best streams there are, even benching dub for those sometimes, LOTS of value here for somebody who knows what he’s doing)

    minors: kempe LW LA
    barzal C NYI
    c.white C OTT (hockey news LOVES this guy, next bergeron, SHOT up the ranks, while being unowned)
    zacha C NJ
    barbashev C/LW STL
    drouin LW TB (some twit dropped him midseason, he’s still slotable, for alittle while)
    fabbri LW STL (i’ll have to drop somebody to activate him soon OR IR him now and add another prospect now yep)
    tuch RW MIN
    morrissey D WIN
    demko G VAN

    • What's a Drexl? says:

      @What’s a Drexl?: no goalie wins either, just saves ratios and shutouts.

      • What's a Drexl? says:

        @What’s a Drexl?: plus/minus was cut after last year too, but i’m betting we’ll be first year corsi or fenwick users.

        • What's a Drexl? says:

          @What’s a Drexl?: added bogosian for tomorrow and maybe keep over drafting more people. IF only he hit anybody anymore i’d just str up love him.

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