Hey everyone!  I’m back and ready to get things rolling.  In this post, I’m simply going to highlight what my tentative plan is for the next two months leading into the season.  The majority of things will be similar to last season but I’m looking to make a few additions in terms of things that I write and that others contribute.  Here are my thoughts:

Team Previews

I did these last season and they helped in a few ways.  One, it forces me to do some extra research on each team.  Two, it lets me give more details on each individual player instead of clogging up my rankings posts.  Three, I can hit on multiple league settings in one piece on a team by team basis.  You can look at an example of last year’s posts here.  In addition, I plan on adding a section on players who get a boost in hits + blocks leagues, dynasty leagues, and to give more information in the prospects section.


As always, I will rank the top 200, possibly 250 players for redrafts.  I will gradually work on them as I post team previews so while it won’t be up in the near term, they will all be posted by Labor Day.   You can check out my Way Too Early Top 50 here.

Review Of Rankings

Grey does this for baseball and I always get a kick out of it.  I did it for the first time last season and enjoy writing it so I will look at ESPN’s rankings among others and, well, bash them for their craziness.

Sleeper / Bust Posts

I have already done a few sleeper posts and while I won’t be doing more, I will have a few different things that come out in September.  Once I see ADP values, there will be posts on underrated players, overrated players, guys I like in deeper leagues and in dynasty formats.


Reid and I will be starting up again shortly.  For now, we plan on doing one podcast per week until we eventually start doing two.  We will start by doing team previews by division before we hit on rankings, sleepers, busts, etc.  If you can subscribe to the podcast and give up 5 stars, I would greatly appreciate it.  It really goes a long way towards getting sponsors to keep it going.


I would really like for new people to start writing for the website.  The best way for the hockey side of things to grow is by more articles being posted.  As much as I’d like to write more, I simply don’t have the time.  Besides, you guys probably get sick of me anyways!  If you’d like to write for the website, please reach out to me at avisbisky @ gmail and I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out.


Speaking of growing Razzball Hockey, I’d like at least 10 RCL’s this year.  I will get these going around the beginning of September so people can transition to hockey drafts once they are done with football.  What better way to play fantasy hockey than an RCL where you can win prizes for free?

That’s all for now guys.  I’d like to thank you for reading and am glad I am back writing for the Razzball Community.  Please leave any thoughts in the comments section.  Things you would like me to write about, things above that you think aren’t worth my time, anything on your mind fantasy hockey related, I want to know!  I’ll be starting things off in the Atlantic Division so look for a team preview to drop on Wednesday morning.  Take care!


  1. Saints says:

    I’m loving it i appreciate that you do the team Previews once again 🙂
    I will read all of the good stuff (maybe sometimes not at the same day) and really enjoy it.
    Keep up the good work 🙂
    The added categories and the prospect lists are going to be amazing 🙂
    The new added categories are amazing 🙂

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