So it’s been a while since I’ve updated the status of Sidney Crosby..  He’s been skating with the team recently, but there is still no timetable for his return.  In fact at practices he has to wear a white no-contact helmet.  (Which coincidentally is the same name I gave my junk 6 months into marriage).   In all seriousness though, it’s getting harder and harder to justify taking Sid in the 1st round.  My latest advice for where to draft him is just ask yourself this question: In what round do you think you can afford to get zero production?  As for myself, if it was my turn in the 3rd round and Crosby was still available, I’d have a hard time passing him up.  The upside is just too insanely good.  Now lets take a look at some recent NHL headlines and good performances:

Scott Clemmensen – G (Fla): I identified ol’ Scotty Clemm as one of my top backup Goalies heading into the season, but alas a recent knee surgery has him out for most of the first month.  Bummer.  Good news is that this is probably someone you’re not drafting in a 10 or 12 team league, but it does give Jose Theodore a slight bump (very slight) in value.  Hose-b makes a fine #3/bench Goalie but if you draft him as your primary #2 you better have one hell of an offense.

Chris Neil – RW (Ott):  Put up 2 Assists tonight against Toronto which is 20% of his entire offensive production from last season.  So why am I telling you about him?  Cuz he had 210PIM’s last year and I see no reason why he can’t do it again this year… FAGNOF baby, FAGNOF!

Tomas Fleischmann – LW (Fla):  Had a Goal and a (Power Play) Assist in tonights game vs Dallas.  I already identified the man with 2 n’s as a potential sleeper for the upcoming season.  I figured someone on Florida would have to put up points so why not Fleischmann?  He’s got more talent than just about any forward on that team – and judging by the preseason it looks as though he’ll be a main piece of the (not so) Potent Panther Power Play…

Michael Ryder – RW (Dal):  Mi-Ryde is what scouts would call a classic overachiever.  He was the 216th pick of the 1998 draft and has played consistent hockey (analyst term) in the NHL for the last 7 years.  He doesn’t do anything great, but he is good enough that if you put him with the right players, he’ll produce.  He was buried the last 2 years in Boston but now he has a clear path to a Top 6 forward spot in Dallas.  Meaning he’ll be playing with either Mike Ribiero (which he did tonight – mostly) or Jamie Benn.   That makes me wanna pull down my pants and Ryder…

Jarret Stoll – C (LA):  Had a Goal and an Assist in tonight’s game.  Good for him but it means nothing to me.  I’m a seller on Stoll this year.  His only value has always been his ability to produce on the Power Play, but last year his role got reduced big time and it’s only going to get worse with the addition of Mike Richards… Plu I just don’t like guys named Jarret.

…And 9 hours later and here I am.  The little Miss is sick and did you know that babies don’t know how to breath through their mouths?  When you combine that with an extremely stuffed up nose you can imagine what happens next.  Yeah I just discovered that little fact.  What a long night it ’twas..  And remember don’t forget to get into one of our RCL Leagues (Commishes let us know in the comments how many open spots you got – Thanks!)  Now Seacrest OUT!!!


  1. The Den says:

    Hey DC, this is my first year doing fantasy hockey. I have the 5th pick so it’s looking like I’m going H. Sedin. In drafts do you go play the best player available method? Are their instances where you would draft a #2 C before a #1 RW or LW?

  2. DC

    DC says:

    @The Den: A good winger is harder to find than a good Center. And if you’re taking H Sedin (a Center) in the 1st Round I would generally angle towards Winger-Winger with your next 2 picks.

  3. farcus says:

    hope your kid’s ok dude.

    just found out i have first pick in my 14 tm h2h keeper league, my keepers are:

    Rinne rd. 7
    Hall rd. 8
    Kessel rd. 11
    Ennis rd. 15
    Grabovski rd. 18

    The top guys left around (after everyone else’s keepers) are gonna be

    St. Louis

    also, Lundkvist and Vokoun are around. Who would you go with?

  4. DC

    DC says:

    @farcus: she’s fine. Kids are resilient little buggers.. Thats a good list but I gotta lean St. Louis. My order would be St. Louis, Iginla, Getzlaf, Datsyuk, Zetterberg

  5. farcus says:

    @DC: my inclination too. . . thanks.

  6. Crosby didn’t go until round 6 in my league. I am in a very shallow league, though (8 teams), so I won’t kick myself, but it was tough to keep passing him up. Our draft was 2 (!) weeks ago, though, and there was too much uncertainty regarding whether he would be back in December or, say, March.

    I imagine it ends up like that year Albert Pujols started out injured for whoever was fearless enough to grab him,

    • DC

      DC says:

      Yeah 2 weeks ago it was a tough call.. Now I’d take him probably end of the 1st, 2nd for sure…

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