So we have this special channel called “toddler tunes” which plays nothing but songs geared to the 2 & under crowd.  It’s around 5% goofy sounding songs, 5% slowed down instrumental pop music, and 90% songs about eating and/or sleeping.  (I think thats what industry experts call “catering to your audience.”) Anyway we put the channel on all the time cuz the little one likes it but the songs get stuck in my head like you can’t believe.  For the better part of 3 weeks now I’ve had a chorus of “…and now it’s time to sleep”  beating my brain into submission.  The rest of the song I couldn’t tell you, but those 6 words of the chorus will not leave me alone… Why am I telling you this?  “Because you feel the music flowing through you!”  No VTB thats not it.  It’s because whenever I think of that chorus my next immediate thought is potential sleepers in hockey.  So let’s preview summa dem:

Anthony Stewart – LW (Car):  Stewart decided to stay in the South while all his teammates from last year went up to Winnipeg.  He must not have wanted to be the only black man in Manitoba.  HI-OOOOOO!  A-Stew is the older brother of the more talented Chris Stewart, and he’s already 27 but was a first rounder back in the day just like his brother.  His minor league career was average at best, but he finally got a chance to play full time for the Thrashers last year – and he put up 39 points (10 of them on the Power Play) in 80 Games.  He’s now with Carolina and the only thing keeping him off the same line as Eric Staal is Tuomo Ruutu, who is somewhat injury proned.  Besides it’s Carolina, more than likely they ain’t going anywhere this year they’ll be shuffling lines all season.  Best case scenario, Stewart catches a break and ends up clicking with Staal on the top line/power play.  But don’t go crazy, thats a serious long-shot…  50 points and 15PPP’s is the upside so don’t think he’s anything more than a serviceable bench guy in a 12 team league.

Michael Frolik C/RW (Chi):  This M.F. was drafted (2006 1st round) and developed by the Florida Panthers, which doesn’t exactly guarantee success. (The other guy we just talked about is also a former 1st round pick of the Panthers.  Makes one wonder why they haven’t made the playoffs in 11 years?) But now Mi-Fro is free from the oppression of the Panthers and ready to break out.  He played quite a bit with Patrick Kane towards the end of last season and I think that will continue.  I could even imagine the #2 line in Chicago being Kane-Frolik-Sharp (top line= Hossa-Toews-Brunette).  Even if it’s not those exact combinations, Frolik should be somewhere in the top 6 in Chicago.  The down side? No clear path to Power Play minutes… Let’s go nuts and say 25G/30A/220SOG/10PPP’s.

T.J. Galiardi – LW (Col):  Is it just me or does his name sound like a custom drink at a bar in Tijuana?  “Tonight’s special is the TJ Galiardi, it comes with a lime and salt!”  He’s a Calgary native though so I’m sure he’s strictly a beer drinker… It’s his 3rd full season and he’s still just 23, but he only played in 35 Games last year due to a wrist injury.  In 2009-2010 he put up 15 Goals on 120 Shots — he’ll do better this year.  At some point in the season somebody not named Matt Duchene is going to have to score for Colorado, so why not TJ?  If I had to guess, I’d say something like 18G/30A/150SOG.  That probably relegates him to WWF (no not that, i mean Waiver Wire Fodder) but if you’re in a deep league he could work as a #3 LW…

Tomas Fleischmann – LW (Fla):  Much like Galiardi on Colorado someone is going to have to score Goals on the Panthers.  Enter Fleisch-mann.  He was red hot for Colorado last year after they traded for him (21 Points in 22 Games) but its tough to believe in it since prior to that he had 138 points in 283 career games.  But we’re talking sleepers here, so don’t draft him expecting a stud.  I’d expect 18G/25A/12PPP’s and hope for more.  So if that can help your team then he’s worth drafting.

I’ll probably have a couple more sleeper posts so stay tuned… On an administrative note, I’m doing the RCL Leagues.  If you are interested in becomming a commisioner let me know in the comments, I’ll email you with instructions.  I’m hoping to have 4-5 commissioners by Monday and all next week we’ll have people join those 4-5 leagues.  Chorus – And now it’s time to sleep.


  1. Howard says:

    @DC You can put me down for a commissioner. I’ve been doing RCL football for the last two years but hockey is my passion. Let me know, howtathor at gmail dot com.

  2. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    I’ll be a commissioner. Of course, once people see how I let teams pound on me in my football league, they’ll all want to be in my league.

  3. mindicohn says:

    Evander Kane us black so Anthony Stewart wouldn’t have had to worry. Same with Big Buff and Oduya.

    Also, Frolik will be playing w Bolland and Bickell. That lone clicked in playoffs and word is they’ll keep that lone together. He’s still a worthwhile sleeper.

  4. DC

    DC says:

    @Howard: You’re in.. I will email you later tonight with details.

    @mindicohn: Interesting…

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @VinWins: Cool I will email you tonight with details.

  6. mindicohn says:

    Stupid autocorrect on droid.

    Btw–DC chalk me up as another guy glad you’re doing Razzball Hockey.

  7. HldOnMgnolia says:

    me too!

  8. DC

    DC says:

    @mindicohn: Thanks!

    @HldOnMgnolia: Thanks! And hey do you want to keep the league you posted on the Forum or start a new one?

  9. HldOnMgnolia says:

    I’ll just keep the one I have up, if possible. I can taylor the stat categories to however people want ’em. We’ll just vote or something.

    Thanks, Dan!

    You gonna join?

  10. HldOnMgnolia says:

    I’m gonna change the league name to “Razzball Commenter League 1”.

    Draft tentatively scheduled for Sun, Oct 2 @ 7:30 PM.

  11. T-Bone says:

    After some douchebag threw a banana at Wayne Simmonds last nite in my hometown, I’d just like to clarify that we do have black people here in Canada and the vast majority of us are not bigots. On a lighter note, I would love to commish an RCL, send me some deets. [email protected]

  12. Lines says:

    Hey DC,

    Quick question re: keepers. Our 12-team H2H league is drafting this weekend. We’re keeping 3 from last year, with the caveat that we can only keep 1 goalie. I’ve got Luongo and Price, and I’m keeping Luongo. The big question is about which skaters to keep. The ones worth considering are: Kesler, Toews, Briere, Selanne, Krecji, Dustin Brown, Lidstrom and Brendan Morrow. I was planning to keep Toews and Kesler, but I’m wondering if Kesler’s hip injury means he’s not worth holding. Word is he might be out for the first month of the season.

    Are Toews and Kesler still the way to go? I don’t have any offensive superstars to speak of (traded Kane and Stamkos to get my goalies), so those two seem like the obvious choice. Thoughts?

    Thanks for making Razzball hockey a reality. It makes the prospect of life without baseball a little easier to stomach.

  13. DC

    DC says:

    @HldOnMgnolia: Perfect, Thanks! Oh and I’d like to get 12 team leagues did you set the league for 12 teams?

    @T-Bone: I’ll email you tonight with details.

    Okay I’ve got 4 Commissioners, I think thats enough for right now.. That’d mean we’d need to get 44 people to fill out the 4 leagues, sounds about right (hopefully – unless there really is nobody reading this).

  14. DC

    DC says:

    @Lines: Thanks for the kind words! Wow that sucks you can only keep 1 Goalie. Despite Kesler’s injury concerns, I’d still keep him and Toews.. And the more I think about it, and this may seem a little batty, I’d probably keep Price over Luongo. Stats were very similar last year and Price started 72 Games to Luongo’s 60 – it’ll be the same difference (or more) this year. Schneider ain’t going anywhere and the Canucks are more dedicated than ever to keeping Luongo “fresh” for the playoffs.

  15. Jethro says:

    Broeur for Brad Richards??…..keeper league…….3700 for richards, brodeur 4380??

  16. Disco says:

    @DC: I can totally relate to the mind-numbing catchiness of toddler programming. Are you familiar at all with Yo Gabba Gabba. Anyway, I’ve been strongarmed by a fantasy baseball and football buddy into playing hockey for the first time this year as well. I’m one of those people who were fairly big hockey fans before the lockout but never could really catch back on with it since. (Perhaps the fact my St. Louis Blues never really recovered either has something to do with it.) Anyway, any generic suggestions for a 10-team, h2h points style league and draft? We start 2 of each forward position, 4 D and a goalie. Thanks!

  17. HldOnMgnolia says:

    Ya, it’s a 12 teamer.

  18. Lines says:

    Hey DC,

    Thanks for the quick response. I had considered keeping Price over Luongo already, and your comment prompted me to research the idea further. I compared predictions from across the fantasy hockey pundit universe, and… I still have no idea who I’d rather have. Most people seem to think Luongo is the no. 1 goalie out there, but I’m not convinced. He’s been hurt, he’s older than Price, and I think to some extent, he gets ranked higher because he’s a known commodity. Price was great last year, but he’s only been great for a full season once, and the defense in front of him isn’t nearly as good as Vancouver’s.

    What’s my point? Don’t have one. I guess I just wish I could keep both. Probably not worth losing sleep over, because A) it’s fantasy hockey and B) they’re both pretty goddamned good.

    Lemme know if you have any thoughts on my dilemma. Cheers!

  19. barker says:

    my draft in a 20 team league ( hits blks as cats ) goalies went early and often — i missed the montoya zajac and dekanich picks but am not overly pissed i think they all can be helpful — i made the ott pick between those though which i am happy about — so what do you think?? also will savard try to play at all this year i figured he was worth a shot that late

    1. (2) Alex Ovechkin F
    2. (39) Niklas Backstrom G
    3. (42) Dwayne Roloson G
    4. (79) Patrick Sharp F
    5. (82) Dany Heatley F
    6. (119) Drew Stafford F
    7. (122) Mikhail Grabovski F
    8. (159) Al Montoya G
    9. (162) Steve Ott F
    10. (199) Mark Dekanich G
    11. (202) Travis Zajac F
    12. (239) Brooks Laich F
    13. (242) Bryan McCabe D
    14. (279) Sergei Kostitsyn F
    15. (282) Carlo Colaiacovo D
    16. (319) Lee Stempniak F
    17. (322) Johnny Boychuk D
    18. (359) Cody Franson D
    19. (362) Tom Gilbert D
    20. (399) Andrew Cogliano F
    21. (402) Cory Stillman F
    22. (439) Jonathan Ericsson D
    23. (442) Jason Blake F
    24. (479) Michael Del Zotto D
    25. (482) Marc Savard F

  20. DC

    DC says:

    @Lines: You really can’t go wrong. Your gut said to keep Luongo, so keep Luongo.

  21. DC

    DC says:

    @barker: Hey sorry man I responded to your post the other day when the site was undergoing some maintenance and sure enough my response was deleted.. Anyway I like your draft and yes Savard was worth drafting that late, but no I don’t think he’ll play this year. You did the right thing as far as Goalies, if they’re flying off the board like that you have to take ’em when you can.. Ovechkin, Sharp, Heatley is a great core too…

  22. Drew Crew says:

    Will you be posting like a top 200 overall soon?

  23. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    @DC: If you emailed me, I did not receive it.

  24. T-Bone says:

    Hey DC I’m not sure if you are receiving my emails, respond to this comment if you are having any problems.

  25. John says:

    Its great to finally have a place to discuss some hockey. A few things i wanted to ask..

    Whats your thoughts on prospal as a deep sleeper? He’s leading candidate to be on the line with nash and carter and has great play making ability.

    Also why is bryan mccabe on your cheat sheet when he isnt currently on a team?

  26. DC

    DC says:

    @John: Good call I had just assumed McCabe would be back with the Rangers…

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