The first 3 guys I wrote about all the way back on Saturday, just before whatever nasty microbial invaded me…..uhhh…. invaded me.  On the bright side though, I’m down about 6lb’s in just 3 days!   I can fit into my old jeans again!  On top of that, I got to enjoy tea for the first time since the last time I was sick.  Tea is good.  I like-a-the tea..  Now enjoy my best effort under these conditions, it may not be much:

I acknowledge that this is well beyond late, but what the hey, better late than never right?  Sam Gagner channeled his inner Gretzky last Thursday night with 4 Goals and 4 Assists.  Yeah 8 freaking points in one game.  The craziest part of it all (other than the fact that it’s Sam Gagner) is that he had no points in the 1st Period.  That’s 8 points in 37 minutes and 38 seconds.  Or in other words, one of the all time flukes in the history of sports.  It’s the equivalent of Juan Pierre hitting 3 Home Runs in a game after striking out in the 1st inning.  If you somehow had Gagner not only on your team, but in your lineup, speak now or forever hold your peace.  A tall tale like that deserves to be told…  And since then Sam I Am has stayed hot with 2G/2A in the last 2 games.  Now watch him go the next 2 weeks without a point…

Jaroslav Halak – G (Stl):  Now this is what I call reaching your potential.  Halak tallied his 5TH(!) Shoutout of the season on Friday and followed it up with 34 Saves on 36 Shots Saturday.  His season line? 15W/1.97GAA/.922SV% – That is E-L-I-T-E.  Now somebody please tell me you took my advice 2 months ago and traded for him – because I sure as hell didn’t!

Mark Eaton – D (NYI):  Congrats on your 1st Goal of the season.  And congrats on your 1st (and only) mention of the season…

Evgeni Nabokov – G (NYI):  Every time, without fail, I put an A in the middle of his last name instead of an O.  Maybe it’s because I’m subconsciously grading his performance.  In fact I just hung last night’s 42 Save Shutout on the fridge!

Tomas Vokoun – G (Wsh):  2 Shutouts in the last 3 games as he keeps turning his season around.  He’s back in the circle of trust for now, start him at will.

Martin Brodeur – G (NJ):  Jeez alot of Shutouts by Goalie oldie’s last night.  Number 3 on the night (or #1, or #2, depending on the order you put them in) was the most improbable.  I wrote Brodeur off months ago and now look. 4 Straight Wins including his 1st Shutout of the season yesterday.   Why can’t you just die???

Radim Vrbata – RW (Phx):  Don’t even ask the question anymore.  If someone scores for Phoenix just assume it’s Vrbata.  “What about me?”  Sorry Doan, you’re out.  Rad-Ass is in!

  1. Alex says:

    Hey DC, I’m in a basic 10 team – keep 7 league and got offered Kopitar + 6th round pick for Couture + 1st round pick.

    To make it easier let me ask you this, is Kopitar going to be ALOT better than Couture year to year?

    • DC

      DC says:

      @Alex, I don’t think ALOT better no. I’d probaby take Couture + 1st rounder

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