Josh Harding is hurt. Again. Wow. What a shocker. Some sources say he has a broken ankle, others say it's a foot, either way a goalie with a bad wheel and MS isn't exactly a guy you can lean on. Harding didn't even break the foot at camp, because camp hasn't started yet. He didn't break it during conditioning for the coming season, either. He broke it during an "altercation with another teammate," Uh. Yikes. If by "altercation with another teammate" they mean he kicked the wall afterwards and broke his foot, then yeah, I suppose that counts. TSN's Bob McKenzie tweeted that Harding's injury is "significant" that he's likely out for "months, not weeks" and is currently rocking "a boot and crutches." Even for Harding, a guy with a long history of injuries I didn't really expect to make more than 40 starts this season, this is really a boneheaded move. How many games Harding gets into this season is so up in the air I'm not even going to try and project it, suffice it to say he's not worth drafting right now. If you already drafted and had the bad luck of picking Harding go ahead and stash him on IR, but do so expecting that he won't do much for you this season. At any rate, all this begs the question, who tends net for the Wild in 2015?