Hey guys!  With the regular season over, we can crown the champion of the 2015-16 Razzball Commenter Leagues.  As I mentioned in the March RCL update here , Lord of the Rinks has been in the front of the pack for quite some time now.  He ended up running away with RCL 2, accruing an incredible 100 of a possible 108 points to become this year’s RCL Champ!  Congrats to him for a great season.  Here’s a look at the top finishers in each of the leagues:

RCL 1:

Ice Road Puckers had the lead at our last update and he expanded it a bit to finish with 91.5 points, good for third place overall in the RCL’s.  He put up great totals across the board outside of save percentage where he had only 4 of a possible 12 points.  Still, it was certainly a job well done.  Flying Frenchmen didn’t get close to IRP but he finished firmly in second place with 81 points.  Fire Sather made a nice push late to get into third place with 71.5 points.

RCL 2:

After Lord of the Rinks, Team Codo was next with 76.5 points.  He actually wasn’t that far behind offensively but his goaltending let him down getting only 14 out of 36 points from goaltending.  Team Conklin was the opposite, recording as many points in goaltending (33) as he did in the six offensive categories.  66 points was good enough for third in RCL 2.

RCL 3:

This was the most competitive league from top to bottom with an incredibly close battle at the top.  Team Teller ended up finishing with 80 points which was good enough for the title.  Considering every other winner was in the 90’s, it shows how much balance there was in this one.  Team Fulmer just missed out on first finishing with 79 points.  Sk EpicTravels finished in third with 76.5 points, not too far behind the winner.  He’ll be upset finishing last in plus-minus and with only 3 of 12 points in penalty minutes.

RCL 4:

Team Bruins took the title in this one and finished second overall posting 92.5 points.  He was strong across the board with 10+ points in 6 categories and nothing worse than a 7. Team Nope grabbed second with 79 points while the Sober Stolls got 75 points, good for third place.  Euro Aliens was the highest placing fourth place finisher with 73 points from since his offense was good for 58 points.

I look forward to battling with the commenters again next year.  This year was a bit rushed as I didn’t take over as hockey editor until September and had to get out rankings as quickly as possible.  I’ll be sure to get the leagues set up as soon as possible next year so we can have a much bigger number of leagues.  If anybody has suggestions for the leagues next season, feel free to leave them in the comments section.  As always, leave any questions there as well.  I’m going to write a first round playoff preview tomorrow so look for that in the afternoon as well.  Take care!

  1. Scott says:

    Hi Viz! Great season. Thanks for all your hard work.

    I have a comment not for the RCLs but lessons learned for myself and others who migrated from the baseball side. Keep in mind that Forwards and Defensemen have game played limits so you can’t stream at the same rate as you can with baseball hitters.

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Scott: No problem Scott, I’m glad you posted frequently and gave me some questions to answer. That is very true. Some people overcompensated and didn’t make all of their starts because of it. To be honest, I wish the baseball RCL’s had hitter limits.

    • Flowers misses his old glasses... he's ok tho says:

      @Scott: i was about to say, don’t RCL’s have hitting limits till i realized they don’t. that isn’t a standard thing for roto leagues, max games is standard.

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