Reid and I are back to hit on a wide array of topics around the NHL.  Among the notables are the playoff battles, the most disappointing teams, top prospects who have recently made their NHL debut, and injuries around the league.  We wrap things up with The Three Point Challenge for tonight’s games.  Make your pick in the comments section below.  All of that and more on the latest edition of The Razzball Hockey Podcast!

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  1. Crapshoot Kershaw says:

    16 team dynasty. 7 man prospect lists (can stay down till 100 games season for skaters, 50 for goalies). all the added stuff, hits/blocks/faceoff wins and losses/PPP/SHP/shot %. roto.
    parsons G CGY
    tippett RW FLA
    thompson C/RW STL
    white C OTT
    m.jones LW ANA
    kostin RW STL
    barbashev C/LW STL

    team has to have at all times at least 6 TB players on it, currently that’s stamkos/kucherov/serg/hedman/vas/t.johnson/killorn/palat/gourde. start real life rosters, 4 of each forward, 6 D, 1 G.

    cerelli recently dropped from somebody’s prospect list, i hadn’t realized this guy drafted in the 70’s range was this of a prospect for them. drop anybody here for him?

      • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

        @Crapshoot Kershaw: also, what about r.thomas over any of them?

    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Crapshoot Kershaw: Sorry for delay; I could see grabbing him for Barbashev, but that’s the only one really up for debate in my mind (Thompson should get a big boost with the hits, others are clearly better offensive talents than Cirelli). I feel like Barbashev will be better in real life than fantasy; I don’t see much of an upside offensively. I’d put Thomas behind these guys.

      • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

        @Viz: that’s the part i didn’t know about, the cirelli being worse than tippett (lack of hits and defense in general is supposedly very weak, but of course those kessel shot comps go a ways) and jones. but i know jones/kostin are bangers with hits, and thompson too. c.white is like a more elite version of barbashev (bergeron comps). till more recently the other best sources for prospect stuff to my knowledge
        1. dobber hockey rankings (blurbs too about each player, but not fantasy oriented)
        2. hockey news’ most recent prospect guide
        i didn’t think cirelli was even in this convo, that had him as a blue chip guy (the others too)

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