It’s finally here!  The Stanley Cup Playoffs are on the horizon and Reid is with me to break down all eight of the matchups.  We go in order of series that we think are most lopsided to the closest series.  Where do teams have the edge against each other?  How are the coaches going to deploy their personnel?  After looking at all of the angles, Reid and I both make our official picks, including in how many games, for each series.  All of that and more in the latest edition of the Razzball Hockey Podcast!

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  1. Quick Sycamore says:

    I cant seem to figure out how to create my bracket in the razzball group

    • Quick Sycamore says:

      @Quick Sycamore: ……….I wasnt signed in… it now lol

  2. Saints says:

    Hay Viz love to here you talk about Hockey and the playoffs 🙂 Im hyped 🙂
    Some thoughts from me after the first night of the playoffs:
    – The Jets Wild game was pretty close (too close if you ask me) even tough the Jets had a lot more chances but it was at home
    -Laine is just insane. If his ice time increases (and SOG)i have no idea how many goals he could score.
    – Morrow seems to solidify his role on this Jets team. He scored a goal again last night. I think he could be a depth Defenseman (6th or 7th D) in my 14 Team hit/blk dynasty League next year with ok Hits and blocks.
    -The Wild are running Dumba crazy… I think he turned the corner late in the season im interested on your thoughts on him because i have a big offseason decision to make (but more later on)
    -The Beatdown of Philly was crazy. I’m not sure if they come back after this performance
    – As a Guentzel owner Its so sad to see Guentzel back on Crosbys wing in the playoffs lightening it up. I really really hope they stick together next year. What do you think?
    -That Brown miss was pretty ridicoulous. As a Kempe owner i still dont understand why the Kings arent trying him (or another talented guy) on Kopitars wing. All he does is creating Chances when on the ice. Hope the time will be there next year
    – I dont really like the Vegas- Kings matchup

    Im really looking forward to the rest of the playoffs. Will you review the fantasy season/rankings ? I would love to read something about it 🙂
    Also love all the talk you and reid are having about the offseason and possible moves teams can make. If you feel it and want to discuss a teams offseason plans (probably the sabres first) i would love to read/listen to it.

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