On November 15th Roberto Luongo had one of those phantom UBI’s pop up and the next night Cory Schneider got lit up by the Blackhawks.  It was a bad start to say the least, but since then he’s given up 4 Goals in 5 games (incl 2 Shutouts).  Last night he saved 47 of 48.  It automatically raises the question: Can the Canucks get value by trading Luongo?  I say no.  But that’s for a different site to discuss.  We are about the glorious fake game of fantasy hockey.  Meaning the real question is what becomes of Luongo?  Schneider can’t Win every game so I’d guess after his next loss Luongo is back in there.  But the unmistakable truth is that even if Luongo comes back and is effective, it’s going to be a 60/40 split going forward.  If you can do with fewer starts then by all means keep him. But if you are always hurting in that area you may want to trade him for a Jimmy Howard type who gets more starts.

Mike Smith – G (Phx):  Continued his quest for the Vezina with a lone Goal allowed vs the ‘hawks.  And it was a garbage nothing Goal with just 43 seconds left in the game.  Damn you Patty Sharp!

Shane Doan – RW (Phx):  It’s been a while since I mentioned Doan so since he had a nice night (1G/1A/+1/2SOG) I’ll do it now..  He’s been forgettable this season and it’s because he’s basically doing exactly what I thought he would.  Old & reliable should be this guys middle name.

Ray Whitney – LW (Phx):  Speaking of old, this senior citizen could be Shane Doan’s father.  He’s so old his birth ceftificate has expired.  He’s so old that when he was in high school there was no history class… Okay okay tough to make fun of a guy who has 8 Goals and 13 Assists in 23 games.  And so long as he doesn’t fall in the shower and break his hip I think he’ll continue being excellent.

Zack Smith – C (Ott):  After 2 last night that’s now 3 Goals in his last 2 games.  He’s only 23 years old, but I see nothing in his history to suggest some kind of breakout or something.  Moving on…

Evander Kane – LW (Wpg):  2 more Goals last night and I guess I have to keep writing about this guy until he is universally owned.  64% ownership level on Yahoo is ridiculous (even if I acknowledge that 20% of all leagues are abandoned).

Eric Fehr – RW (Wpg):  Yes he scored 21 Goals just 2 years ago, but that was with the Capitals when they were an offensive juggernaut.  I think the Cap’s got 10 Goals from their backup Goalie that year… In other words, I fehr this might be the last time I mention his name this season.

Milan Michalek – LW/RW (Ott):  After a mini 3 game scoreless drought Milan returned yesterday with his 13th and 14th Goals of the season.  Between this clown and Joffrey Lupul I don’t know who’s making me look worse.

Miikka Kiprusoff – G (Cgy):  Finally gets his 1st Shutout of the season.  It bumped his season line up to 10-9/.920/2.32.  If he does that all year and you own him, name your 1st child Miikka.

Al Montoya – G (NYI):  I’ve been dismissive about AlMo all year, but there comes a time when you just have to look at a player’s stats and acknowledge what he’s doing.  There is always the Rick DiPietro factor to worry about, but if he keeps playing well it won’t matter.

Nicklas Backstrom – C (Wsh):  The only offensive player on the Cap’s not having a crap season was the only Cap to score against the vaunted Blues.  Way to show up for your new coach Swede, now wake up the rest of your team!

Alex Steen – C/LW (StL):  Speaking of a vaunted Blue lets talk about Ales Xteen.  In the last 9 games he’s got 2 Goals and 6 Assists.  Coincidentally the Blues are 7-2 over those 9 games.  Hmmm, coincidence?  Steen sees alot of time on the top Power Play unit as well. And the cherry on top?  C/LW eligibility on Yahoo.  And the 2nd cherry on top?  He might be sitting out there for free (only 61% owned).

Jose Theodore – G (Fla):  Much like Al Montoya, Theodore falls into the “look at the stats” category.  10-4/2.29/.924.  Thats worth your and my time for sure.  Just remember Jose comes with a disclaimer. Actually a code: 43-33-53-57-47-32.  Those are his # of starts the last 6 seasons.

Brad Richards – C (NYR):  Looked awesome yesterday in what was an awesome game.  He’s starting to turn it around and it starts with getting that comfort level with Gaborik.  If they keep getting better they could both be in line for a huge 2nd half.

  1. Neely'sKnee says:

    Thoughts on Eberle? He’s on waivers, I’m considering putting in a claim, and I’m wondering what can be expected from him this year? 60 points? 70 points?

  2. Mal says:

    Ales Xteen sounds like an awesome garage band name… On drums: Grant Clitsome.

    Here’s a question I think I know your feelings on. I’ve had Jordan Staal all year, knowing he’d get top 2 line minutes with Malkin being off and on injured and Crosby out until last week. Plus we count ATOI and hits, so he wasn’t a bad pick (and he’s actually been filling in for the injured 2 quite nicely). Is it time to straight up cut him, or try for a trade?

    I’m in vague need of a defenseman (Pronger out and often dead, Pietrangelo out with the flu or whatever), but not sure who I could get in a trade for him. Del Zotto is on waivers and it looks like he gets PP time. Otherwise, what are your thoughts on Erik Johnson or Stefan Elliott (both also on waivers)? One is just coming back from injury and the other is a question mark AHL’er who seems to be fitting in. Maybe wait on those 2 and see who keeps getting the PP time?

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @Neely’sKnee: Yes claim him. I think he can get to 70 Points barring injury.

    @Mal: Try to trade Staal for a mid-tier Defenseman like a Timonen or Suter. And of the waiver Defensman I’d probably try and take a chance on Erik Johnson. Maybe Hitchcock will spark something like he’s done with alot of other Blues.

  4. Howard says:

    @DC The good news is that Markov is probably starting tonight! There is a Santa Claus Virginia!

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @Howard: Yes I saw that.. It’s a miracle!!!

    @TheLoadedOne: Ha! Good stuff!

  6. montoya, raycroft, bob rovsky…all available. im a lehtonen owner and am in trouble in net. should i drop him outright?

    any suggestions? anyone? dc?

    thanks, always appreciated


  7. Charles says:

    Goalies have crushed my team so far – Hiller and Miller. Should I go for Anderson, Pavelec, Varlamov, Sanford, Montoya, Roloson, or Halak? Please pick 2 with W, SO, SV%, GAA as the cats. Max of 6 starts per week, FYI.

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