Marv: Every year I spend way too much time preparing for my drafts. I love it all, waiting for your target to fall to your pick to the last minute scramble of finding a replacement when the guy picking before you grabs the player you want. I know tons of guys (& some girls) who love the draft as well and also spend way too much time preparing and worse, taking the full 90 seconds for each pick. What baffles me is when a person spends so much time preparing to draft and is so methodical in their draft picks but then never makes any moves throughout the year. Fine, you drafted an amazing team on paper and I’m sure I’ll hear about how great your players are, but if you’re not watching the available wire talent out there, you’re missing out securing your victory. For me, I believe that a fantasy league win is brought to you by 50% initial draft, 50% wire action (trades and pick-ups/drops). I guess I should also add 10% for sheer luck, but don’t trust me I’ve never been great at math. It’s so important to keep watching the wire/available guys but also do not forget to watch players who are getting dropped by your league mates. I can’t tell you how many times I have struck gold picking up a player who was dropped by an impatient owner.

Pesos: Although I agree with what Marv is saying, it still has to be said that we are two weeks into a long, long season. Guys are certainly going to cool down. I’m looking at your Max Domi and Anthony Duclair. The key is being patient and looking at the possible reasons why someone is going on a hot streak to help determine if it’s an unsustainable streak or if the player is starting to get more playing time.

Marv: Hopefully in your case you have a better team than Pesos and you are merely looking to swap out a player or two after a couple weeks (and not your complete roster, eh Pesos!) So please see below for our first Buy & Sell guys, based on players owned in less than 50% of Yahoo leagues.

Are you buyin’?

Max Domi 5GP-3G-3A-6PTS [57% Owned]

Pesos – Towards the end of last season, I heard a lot of “The Leafs need to trade Phil Kessel for Max Domi RIGHT NOW” and I thought it was hot garbage. Yeah, trade a 30 goal scorer for an unproven prospect. Well, in the first 4 games of the season Domi has been a stud. If you grabbed him late in your draft you’re well ahead. If he’s available, I would suggest picking him up as soon as possible.

Marv – I know, looks like were not even following our own rules but yeah, we can do that. To be fair, Max Domi ownership has risen since we first added him to the list and well, Pesos is a little slow.

Nail Yakupov 6GP-2G-2A-4PTS [48% Owned]

Marv – With 4 points so far combined with 16 shots, 4PIM, there is no way that Yakupov should be owned in only 48% of pools. Edmonton started off slow with only 5 goals in their first 4 games but have started to pull things together. With the Yak skating with Benoit Pouliot and that Cannor McDavid kid, the points will only keep coming. I bet he won’t make this list next week, get him while he’s available.

Pesos – Looks like McJesus will be playing more with Nail than he will be with Taylor Hall which would mean Nail should see a nice spike in his production this year. Both McDavid and Hall want the puck so something has to give and separating them is probably the best chance for balanced production.

David Pastrnak 5GP-1G-2A-3PTS [45% Owned]

Marv – Sure 3 points in 5 games is nothing to write home about but with 14 shots, and 8 PIMs to boot, this 19 year old is only starting. Not to mention this Boston team has been a bit flat out the gate, once they pick it up I think we will see his point totals start to climb. The only thing that is holding me back is a -3, but as stated it has only been 5 games. BTW, he is eligible at LW and RW, pretty handy !

Troy Brouwer 6GP-2G-4A-6PTS [44% Owned]

Marv – 6 points in the first 6 games, that’s more like it! Playing on St. Louis definitely has its advantages (going 5-1 in the first 6 games) while playing with David Backes should provide ample points this season. He has been playing on the first line power play and comes with +4 plus/minus and 13 shots with those 6 points.

Ryan Strome 5GP-1G-3A-4PTS [39% Owned]

Marv – A later target in my keeper leagues, Strome is young, has center and right wing eligibility and skates on a line with John Tavares, you would think that would be enough said. He has been skating very well, and seems like he can handle the talent that is with him, already showing off with 2 PPP. I think Kyle Okposo will most likely be staying on the second line, giving Strome ample opportunity to reach to his potential.

Anthony Duclair 5GP-4G-2A-6PTS [48% owned]

Pesos – What a trade that looks to be for the Coyotes. Sure, they gave up Keith Yandle but Duclair is lighting the league on fire early in the season. Rarely does anyone put two Coyote players on a pick up list but Duclair and Domi have been that good.

Jason Pominville 5GP-0G-4A-4PTS [38% Owned]

Marv – Not the typical guy I would be looking to acquire but playing alongside Zach Parise and Mikael Granlund, the Name and 4 assists are a little hard to ignore. Coming off career-worst shooting percentage last season, I am hoping Jason can shake off the cobwebs and get back to his typical seasons of 20+ goals. Realistically, I am watching him and if he starts to find the back of the net, maybe worth a fill in spot until he can prove that he can in fact still score.

Aleksander Barkov 5GP-3G-3A-6PTS [34% Owned]

Marv- Oooohhh sexy sexy sexy. Sorry, I’m back, I have composed myself. Love, Looooove watching this line. I will get to Barkov but how about Jaromir Jagr (pre-season comment) and the girl who was trying to extort money, and Jagr was like, whatever, I don’t care, Im Jagr. Just awesome. Where was I? Oh right. Playing with this confident Jagr guy and Jonathan Huberdeau, Barkov has really found a connections posting 3 goals and 3 assists in 5 games (yeah, 5 games). With 2 points on the power play and 17 shots, this is only the beginning for this future NHL star in the making, pick him up now!

Nikolaj Ehlers 6GP-1G-3A-4PTS [25% Owned]

Marv- I’m sorry if this is not a shock that another young gun is on this list and at 19 years old, there is plenty of upside here. In 6 games so far, the kid has 4 points (scored his first NHL goal the other night) with a total of 20 shots on net, 2 points on the power play and to top it all off, a nice 4PIMs. I should also point out the kid is right wing and left wing eligible.

Brandon Pirri 5GP-1G-3A-4PTS [17% Owned]

Marv- Out of the gate, producing 4 points in 5 games, 13 shots and 2 points coming off the power play, here is yet another young kid trying to make it in the big rink. I don’t expect too much from Florida, but I will stay tuned to see what Pirri makes of this season. If he doesn’t produce, at least you’ll also get to see what’s left in Jagr’s tank (as Jagr, Huberdeau and Barkov are quite the line so far) Oh I almost forgot the best part, he’s C, RW and dare I say LW eligible. He’s a Swiss army knife.

Michal Neuvirth 3GP-2-1-0 0.964 SV%, 2SO [35% Owned]

Marv – If you’re looking for a starter or a third goalie, you’re probably already out of luck and will most likely need to send out some trade offers. Although Neuvirth has been playing amazingly with 2 shut outs in 2 games that saw him face 61 shots total, I do not see him dethroning Steve Mason just yet. Either way, someone to keep an eye on and if your leagues are as goalie scarce as mine are, any potential future starter, or even great spots starts are worth noticing.

Marv – Now before Pesos puts you to sleep with some players to sell, keep in mind that although I have listed a lot of young players, it’s early in a long season (at least not baseball long). The only problem is rookies and unproven players tend to have these hot streaks that seem to fizzle out after week three. Some may stay hot and others will get hot and cold, but it’s up to you to pay attention to your daily stats and weekly totals to make sure your rostering the best team out there.

Thinking about letting go, Yeah I’m Selling

Pesos – Any Blue Jackets player?

Segei Bobrovsky 5GP-0-5-0 0.835 SV% [85% Owned]

Pesos – Boy, does this look bad. Most were expecting big things going into this season from the Columbus Blue Jackets but they’ve fallen flat on their face. An 0.835 SV% and 5.07 G.A.A. isn’t very good, like at all. You’re probably going to get better value from an above average back-up at this point than you will from Officer Bobrovsky.

Marv – Still early Pesos. I typically would not drop or consider dropping a starter right out of the gate. I would hold off maybe on starting the guy until he starts to right the ship. The whole Columbus team in general seems to be completely falling apart but now is not the time to panic, keep an eye on things and if things don’t get better (week three or four) then start entertaining options.

Cody Franson 5GP-0G-0A-0PTS [14% Owned]

I had Cody as a player to target going into this season but boy has he been disappointing. No goals, no assists and a -4 through 5 games while averaging nearly 20 mins a game in ice time. He does have 11 shots, which leads one to think that something will start to go his way soon but in fantasy, no one has time to wait for that.



Pesos – Remember folks, players take hot and cold steaks all season. Your best chance for sustained success is to do your research and determine who you think has the best chance of maintaining their streaks over the long haul.

Marv – True words Pesos, too bad your fantasy teams don’t reflect your vast wisdom of sustaining success. Oh well, every league needs a guy on the bottom.