So the old man had 2 Goals and an Assist last night after a Goal and an Assist in the Flyer’s 1st preseason game.  What does this mean you ask?  I have no idea, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s just preseason noise.  (And BTW I watched that game between New York and Philly tonight – can you guys please tone it down in the preseason? I’m all about fighting but when you combine for 77 Penalty Minutes and have borderline brawls 8 minutes into the game it’s time to grow up… Okay I’ve stepped off my soap-box)…  Back to Jar-o-mir, I didn’t even rank him in my Top 30 Right Wingers, and it was for one reason and one reason only:  He won’t play in more than 60 games this year.  He just won’t.  The last 3 years he’s been playing for the infamous Avangard Omsk of the KHL.  The level of competition is not close to what Jagr will encounter in the NHL plus KHL seasons are only 56 games long.  I don’t care how much harder he (supposedly) trained this offseason, there will still be a bunch of LBI’s, UBI’s, strains, tweaks and pulls.  HOWEVA (as evidenced by tonights game) he still has lightning quick hands and great puck awareness.  So when he does play he’ll be effective.  Not Teemu from last year effective, but if he plays 60 games I’d give him a line of 20G/30A/20PPP’s/180SOG – which is definately useful.  Just not as useful as his pre-draft rankings would indicate on certain other sites… {cough}  ESPN  {cough}.  And that reminds me, programming note: I’ll be going over the ESPN pre-draft rankings later in the week.  I will skewer most of them but as a hat tip to fairness I promise to agree with at least 1.  Now lets look at a few players who I think will be busts in 2011-2012:

James Wisniewski – D (CBJ):  So I have to admit I was a little peeved when I found out Wisniewski was suspended for the first 8 games of the regular season.  I had him lined up as my top bust for this year a while ago.  Now he’s going to get knocked down everyone’s draft board and I won’t look as smart when he underperforms this year.  Jerk.  I hope someone takes a wiz on your new skis…

Dan Boyle – D (SJ):  Here is one of the guys I guarantee won’t be on my team this year.  He’s 35 and only scored 9 Goals last season.  The Shots (199), Assists (41) and PPP’s (27) were still there so there is some hope he can at least repeat that, but I doubt it.  Personally I’d rather wait 4 or 5 rounds and take his new teammate Brent Burns who will be stealing alot of Boyle’s Power Play minutes.

Jeff Skinner – C/RW (Car):  Now don’t get me wrong, I like Skinner long term and I love the dual eligibility (at least on Yahoo) for this year.  But I have zero faith in his teammates (not named Eric Staal).  The good news is he’ll get Power Play minutes with Staal, but bottom line don’t look for anything more than what he gave you last year: 31G/32A/18PPP’s/215SOG/+3..  And that’s only if he plays in all 82 games again this season.

Roberto Luongo – G (Van):  You all know I hate Goalies to begin with, but Luongo is going either 1 or 2 (amongst Goalies) in just about every league.  That’s too high and the reason is a little known stat called Games Played.  Yeah that’s kinda important for a Goalie.  And Luongo played in less games than he ever has last season and with the best backup in hockey (Schneider) still on the team the ‘nucks have no reason to not play him even less this year.

Mike Richards – C (LA):  As my preview to the ESPN Preseason rankings post, I give you Mike Richards, who is currently #21 OVERALL in their rankings..  21.  Twenty-One.  Veintiuno.  He’s ranked ahead of Iginla, Kesler, Backstrom, Nash and Eric Staal (just to name a few).  Richards had 66 Points (only 21 on the Power Play) in 81 Games last year playing for the same team he’s played his entire career with… So why would he do any better on a completely new team with (at best) the same talent level as he had in Philly?   “Because he is coming to the land of Kobe where he will adopt the warrior mindset!”  Okay VTB you’re right that’s probably ESPN’s reasoning for that horrible ranking.

Okay that’s it and remember, don’t forget to get your spot in one of our Razzball Commenter Leagues!  Seacrest OUT!


  1. anon says:

    Any way we can get all the ranks in one post? A master list of sorts?


  2. barker says:

    this is my money league counts hits blks standard lineup plus 2 util
    please don’t pull any punches i can take it
    howard went right before hiller who do you like better ?? league counts losses really didnt want to take a D man before the 10th but lidstrom was sitting there

    any thoughts or opinions are greatly appreciated thank you

    1. (9) Nicklas Backstrom C
    2. (16) Pavel Datsyuk C,LW
    3. (33) Henrik Zetterberg C,LW
    4. (40) Alexander Semin LW,RW
    5. (57) Jonas Hiller G
    6. (64) Nicklas Lidstrom D
    7. (81) Jaroslav Halak G
    8. (88) Marian Hossa RW
    9. (105) Tobias Enstrom D
    10. (112) Semyon Varlamov G
    11. (129) Logan Couture C
    12. (136) P.K. Subban D
    13. (153) Alex Tanguay LW
    14. (160) Alexander Edler D
    15. (177) Tuomo Ruutu LW
    16. (184) Mikael Samuelsson RW
    17. (201) Ray Whitney LW
    18. (208) Danny Cleary RW

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @barker: Excellent draft. I hope all my teams look similar to this…And you’re right Lidstrom at 64 is a pick you have to make.

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