Okay I’m gonna keep this quick cuz this is the only post ya’ll will need for your upcoming drafts..  I’ve made the executive decision to keep it to positions, but if you need the Top 30 overall then go here, here, and here.  And don’t forget pre-season games start today and also don’t forget that Sidney Crosby is a giant freaking gamble – he’s gonna make or break (mostly break) alot of teams this year, so just stay away if you’re risk averse like I am.  Okay sorry I’m rambling, your cheat sheet:  

HA!  Fooled you again!  I really struggled trying to get this formatted so that it’s just like 1 or 2 pages max, but alas my WordPress skills are rudimentary (word of the day!) at best.  So that said I just went ahead and formatted it in Word.  If you don’t have Word, well then let me know I can convert it to a PDF but if you have a MAC it could pose a problem since I’ve never owned an Apple and have no idea what format(s) they use.  Anyway here you go and don’t forget, live preseason action tonight! 

2011-2012 Fantasy Hockey Preseason Rankings

2011-2012 Fantasy Hockey Rankings (PDF Version)

  1. TheLoadedOne says:

    Can I get a PDF for this HRF (Hockey Rankings for Fantasy)?

  2. DC

    DC says:

    @TheLoadedOne: Okay I just posted the PDF version… Good luck in your league!

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