Drew Doughty is out at least a week with the dreaded “Upper Body Injury”.  Which I think is better than a Mid-Body Injury… I’m starting to wonder if Double D is going to be one of those “I got my money now I’ll shut it down” guys.  I mean just look at how svelt (word of the day) he was 3 years ago versus what he looks like now.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’d take Jack Johnson over Drew Doughty (plus another 3 dozen other Defenseman).

Andy McDonald – C (StL):  Was concussed last week and is definatley droppable if you own him.  This guy’s had more concussion’s than Muhammed Ali so there’s no telling how long he’ll be out.  And as far as who this benefits in St. Louis?  Really no one yet, his minutes are being spread between all 47 of their Centers (Sobotka, Steen, Berglund, Arnott, Oshie)..

Ryan Kesler – C (Van):  He’s baaaaaack!  And he got zero points.  In fact the Canucks didn’t score at all.  But Kesler played over 7 minutes on the Power Play and 19 minutes overall, so there’s that.

Jacob Markstrom – G (Fla):  The opportunity to steal the starting job is right in front of him.  Unfortunately there is no Defense in front of him either…

Joni Pitkanen – D (Car):  A Goal and and 2 Assists with over 8 minutes on the Power Play.  I mentioned him the other night reminescing about the days when he was useful in fantasy.  That was just 2 years ago when he put up 46 Points in 71 Games.  His +/- was awful but hey if he can score that much -11 is nothing.  If he’s on your Waiver Wire pick him up. He’s better than your #4 Defenseman.

Alex Semin – LW/RW (Wsh):  Huh huh huh huh, semin…  Sc-sc-sc-scored a Goal and Assisted on a Chimera empty-netter.  Thats now 5 Points in his first 5 games.  I’ve always been a huge fan of a healthy Semin, but see thats the knock.  Knock Knock.. Who’s there?  Healthy Semin……… BULLSH*T!

Henrik Lundqvist – G (NYR):  Was an absolute monster in this game and he is the #1, 2 and 3 reason why the Ranger’s are a playoff team.  He won’t get to 40 Wins, but he’ll get close and his ratios will be preposterous.

Jason Chimera – LW (Wsh):  I mention Chimera only because he is a left winger and he scored his 4th Goal of the season tonight.  Other than that, remember my advice:  If it looks like a terd and plays like a terd, it’s a TERD.

Tomas Vokoun – G (Wsh):  1st Shutout of the year with another 7 to go before he’s done.  I liked Vokoun in the preseason (well not compared to ESPN) and I still do as a Top 10 Goalie.  But unlike ESPN I don’t put him ahead of guys like Carey Price or Tim Thomas.  He’s in that Jonathan Quick/Jonas Hiller tier just below the elites…

Jamie Benn – LW (Dal):  I was high on Benn (Ben Gay??  No I’m only 29, I don’t use Ben Gay) before the season started and he finally had a good game last night.  I personally believe that he will get to 60+ Points this year.

Jeff Carter – C (CBJ):  Is gonna be out a while with a hairline fracture on his foot.  I’ve been told my hairline is receding, I wonder if theres a connection?…  It’s a blow to the Blue Jackets and a blow to your fantasy team if you own him..  I’m interested (aka worried) to see if Nash can keep up his solid production (another Assist tonight).

Kari Lehtonen – G (Dal):  If you took my advice and did the Anchor & Wait on Goalies you might have ended up with this guy as your #2.  That’s a good thing.  He’s not this good (5-0/1.58/.953) but he’ll remain a must start barring injury.

Thomas Vanek – LW (Buf):  Shredding the league right now and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t top last year’s totals (32G/41A/28PPP/238SOG).  One of the most underrated fantasy forwards in hockey…

Matt Read – RW (Phi):  So 4 points in a game gets my attention no matter who it is.  It’s on par with 4 Touchdowns in a single game…  But that still doesn’t mean you should pick this guy up.

Erik Karlsson – D (Ott):  Okay it’s the 12th time I’ve mentioned him, but he finally notched his 1st Goal last night and now has 8 points in just 6 games.  The downside?  He might end the season at a -35..  There should be a name for these type of players – YOUR THOUGHTS?

Simon Gagne – LW (LA):  SEE-MOAN!!!  He’s clicking with Kopitar which means good things for his future..  I doubt they’ll be together all year but for now enjoy the ride.

Dave Bolland – C (Chi):  4 Goals this year after a nice one last night.  Starting to creep his way up the Waiver Wire All Star depth chart…

Duncan Keith – D (Chi):  Hey Keith Duncan nice to see you!  It’s been what, 2 years now?

  1. MrHappyTime says:

    Which Panther do you like better, Versteeg or Fleischman? Also would you trade Malkin, Grabner & Kronwall for Kessel and Loui Eriksson? Thanks

  2. charlie batch says:

    re: eric karlsson type players. Paperbaggers. Taking the player based on his strength (point production; nice body) while doing your best to forget his glaring weakness (+/-; disfigured face).

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @MrHappyTime: Fleischmann… I’d consider that trade definately but you’re really selling low/buying high. Sorry for the non-answer but I’m gonna leave that trade up to you, young padouin.

    @charlie batch: Paperbaggers I like that.. I did think of Butterface (same theme) but I think Paperbaggers tops it.

  4. Nuke LaDouche says:

    What is going on with Halak? Is he droppable for a guy like Smith? Thanks in advance!

  5. Amac says:

    In regards to the guys who score point per game but put up horrific but awe inspiring plus-minus, has “Point per Lamers” been taken?

  6. MrHappyTime says:

    Ok, I passed on that trade. He countered back with St. Louis for Malkin straight up. What ya think about that one??

  7. DC

    DC says:

    @Nuke LaDouche: St Louis is just terrible right now in general but no he’s not droppable for Smith…yet

    @Amac: Point-per-lamers thats a good one. Right now thats right on top of the list with Paperbaggers..

    @MrHappyTime: Yes I make that trade definately.

  8. bombgr says:

    have zidlicky, should i drop him for seidenberg, hamrlik, mcbain, gudbranson, weber, OEL?

  9. happytime says:

    should I jump on the parenteau bandwaggon? currently have stewart, doan, eriksson

  10. timSTi says:

    Got offered MY Duncan & Bourque for his Pavelski & I.White

    I just took a blow at C with Carter & Malkin and my only other C’s are Ott & Read.

    Our league stats are G/A/+-/FOWP/SOG/PIM/PPP

    Duncan is my “stud” D-man. Others are Giordano, Hedman, McQuaid, & Edler.

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