I apologize in advance for the lame title, but damn it’s hard coming up with something witty every night.  Especially when there were only 2 NHL games on the docket.  The big news (other than the never ending Crosby story) was Dany Heatley’s return to the City formerly known as Bytown.  That’s not something I’d go telling other Canadian’s if I live in Ottawa.  Back to Heatley, he ended up with an assist despite the constant rain of BOOOO’s every time he touched the puck.  And seriously isn’t that one of the dumbest things in sports?  The only reason Sen’s fans booed is because their current team stinks.  If Ottawa was coming off a Stanley Cup Championship Heatley would have got a standing ovation.  Fans are so fickle…

Evgeni Malkin – C (Pit):  In addition to Crosby the Pen’s also have to worry about Geno.  They’re being mum on the whole thing right now but I’m starting to get worried.  If you can get 90 cents on the Dollar in trade I’d do it.

Nick Foligno – LW (Ott):  Finally got on the score sheet with a Goal against Minnesota.  This is not an endorsement but it’s like I’ve said about decent players on bad teams – somebody has to score…

Chris Neil – RW (Ott):  Had a Goal and an Assist and actually made an appearance on the Power Play.  That’s more of an indictment of the Senator’s roster than it is Neil’s hockey ability, but Neil is a classic FAGNOF so use him accordingly and consider any points a bonus…

Devin Setoguchi – RW (Min):  The man who used to be a badass in San Jose (well for 1 year when he lucked his way onto the Thornton-Marleau line) is now in Minny trying to re-establish himself as a Top 6 forward.  I’m not buying it despite the Goal last night.  If you own him in anything less than a 14 team league, drop him.

Corey Crawford – G (Chi):  Has missed the last 2 practices due to a groin injury he sustained in the preseason.  I wouldn’t worry (yet) but keep an eye on the situation because if CC has to miss time Emery is a must add (well must add is a little strong, but if you’re struggling in the Goalie department you could do worse.)

Kris Letang – D (Pit):  Was a +3 and had an Assist.  He’s off to a strong start but I worry the heavy minutes (25+ a game) will catch up to him eventually.  Still I think if you own him you have to just cross your fingers and hope he keeps this up all year.  Pooty-Tang is more than capable of finishing the season as the #1 Defenseman.

James Neal – LW (Pit):  Scored a Goal last night and now has 3 Points in 4 games.  I like Neal for the next couple weeks but eventually Malkin and Crosby will be back and Neal will again be relegated to the 2nd Power Play unit.  Enjoy the points right now if you own him but he’s not a guy I would trade for.

Tomas Fleischmann – LW (Fla):  Earlier (about 4 inches up) I talked about Nick Foligno and how somebody has to score on crap teams. Yeah same thing applies here except the ‘Mann actually has some talent.

Kris Versteeg – RW (Fla):  I’m not a fan but he is getting top Power Play minutes (6:06 last night) so as long as that continues and you can absorb the plus/minus hit Versteeg is worthy of a bench spot.

Nikita Filatov – LW (Ott):  I had him as a sleeper and after 1 game I looked like a genius!  Then he played another game and did nothing and last night he was a healthy scratch.  I think I just realized I hate this guy…

Rich Peverley – C (Bos):  Man that E between the L and Y really throws me off.  Very trickEy PeverlEy.  What’s also tricky is how he fandangled almost $10MM from the Bruins.  Word is he play’s something called “defense”?  Have any of you heard of this?


  1. Carl Weathers says:

    Umm, Ottawa fans would not have cheered Heatley if he donated a million dolalrs to the local sick kids hospital before the game. He demanded a trade out of Ottawa because he was upset about getting PP2 minutes and asked to slightly change the game plan – or so he says. He actually is a douche and lost the respect of his teammates and needed out, and then used his no trade clause to turn down a deal to EDM where Ottawa would actually get a decent return for him. He said San Jose sounds nice and so OTT took Michalek and Cheechoo for him because it was that or have him sulk and not play. He is a pathetic excuse for a person and he will last slightly more than a year in MIN before they trade him.

  2. knighttown says:

    Any thoughts on Luke Adam’s start in Buffalo? Will he stay with Vanek and Pominville? If so, do you like him better than David Booth? What about carrying a guy like Frans Nielson in my league simply because short handed points is a category. Is that overkill?

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @knighttown: Not believing 100% in Luke Adams start. Still though I think I would probably drop Booth for him yes.. Ugh god I hate Shorthanded points as a category. They’re so random so no don’t pick up guys based on their time spent on the penalty kill.

  4. knighttown says:

    Thanks DC. Definitely an odd wrinkle that’s for sure. Maybe I’ll drop Nielson for Adam and keep Booth for a bit.

    Got a trade request tonight too:

    My Crosby/Hamrlik for his Getzlaf/Eberle and Smyth

    9 team, daily 9 category league…no PPP and with SHP as mentioned…also PIMs and +/- which is why Hamrlik has some value.

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @knighttown: Tough call there but I’m hanging onto Crosby if I’m you. Getzlaf is injury proned too…

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