Congratulations to all Claude Giroux owners out there (and I’m not talking about his 4 points yesterday).  I’m talking about the fact that he returned from a concussion after missing just 10 days.  Now maybe it’s because he’s never been concussed before (which I find hard to believe), but more than likely he’s just one of those players who doesn’t have long lasting side effects after being concussed.  (Well either that or they’re able to lie convincingly to team trainers).  Regardless of how they are able to do it, certain players can brush concussions off like they’re nothing more than a bad flu.  And the early returns say Jean-Claude is that type of player – and it makes me love him that much more…

Alexander Semin – LW/RW (Wsh):  My love for this guy is hanging on by a thread, and I’m not even sure why there is still a thread to be honest.  But after Tuesday’s Goal he’s got one in 2 straight and has looked alot better.  That Goal against Nashville was an absolute lazer from the boards (just inside the faceoff circle) that went high glove side and was essentially unblockable.  Only a handful of players in the NHL can make that shot.

Evgeni Malkin – C/RW (Pit):  Odds are that if you own Geno, you’ve won most offensive categories in your H2H leagues the last couple weeks.  That’s how good he’s been.  Well, actually, this is how good he’s been:  6G/9A/5PPP/+2/30SOG and a partridge in a pear tree.  All that in just 6 games since December 8.  Not that he was bad before then, but right now Malkin is on one of those runs that he used to have back in 20 ot 7 and 8 when he was arguably the best player in the league.

Martin St. Louis – RW (TB):  Another guy returning from injury but rather than a return from brain damage, it was a return from face damage.  Apparantly St. Louis was ready last week, but it took this long for the swelling in his eye to subside enough to play..  Sounds pleasant no?  Anyway get him back in your lineup if you were caught sleeping yesterday.

Joe Thornton – C (SJ):  Make no mistake, Jumbo Joe’s days of 85+ Assists are over.  He’s just not the passing machine he used to be and has probably slipped to #2 Center status (which is what I said in the preseason).  If I owned this dude anywhere I would be trying to find another owner who still thinks Thornton’s a #1 Center and fleece him.

Logan Couture – C/LW (SJ):  I own Weapon X in my Yahoo experts league and, pun intended, the sharks are smelling blood in the water.  I’d say in the last 3-4 weeks I’ve had about a half-dozen offers to take Couture off my hands.  And despite the fact that its all “experts” in this league I’m learning it’s not alot different than any other league.  Owners try to trade for your underperforming stud by piling their junk as high as they can.  Like I’m sitting their saying: “Hmmmm, I wasn’t going to take Josh Harding and Dan Hamhuis for Logan Couture, but now that you’ve thrown in Vinny Prospal I’m forced to accept the deal!”

Lauri Korpikoski – LW (Phx):  Continues to tease by putting together decent stretches (4 Goals in last 6 games).  Despite these small bursts the man with the best (Korpikoski) and worst (Lauri) name in hockey is still nothing more than Waiver Wire Fodder.

Eric Staal – C (Car):  Uggghhhh..  I thought that maybe a new Coach would spark something in E Staal, but alas he continues to be (arguably) the most disappointing player in fantasy hockey this year.  Sadly there is not alot you can do if you own him.  Nobody wants to trade for him and you’d have to have some grapefruit sized balls to drop him (because as soon as you do he’ll get hotter than a ghost chile wrapped around a habanero pepper.)

Bryan Bickell – LW (Chi):  A Goal and an Assist and I’m feeling generous tonight so I’ll mention Bryan Bickell for the first (and last) time this year.  Consider it a Christmas gift Bryan!

P.K. Subban – D (Mon):  Okay PKay, you’ve officially hit rock bottom.  Last night was brutal and you’re now -4 in the last 2 games with no points.  Granted its not all your fault.  The group of Defenseman in Montreal is absolutely atrocious.  But still lack of production is lack of production and my “buy low” recommendation from a few weeks ago is off the table.

Corey Crawford – G (Chi):  Got a big Win yesterday in his 1st start in over 2 weeks.  I still think Emery is going to get the majority of starts going forward though (he didn’t look bad against Pittsburgh on Tuesday).  But this does give Crawford owners a glimmer of hope.  And it’s not like Emery is a bastion of health anyway…

Erik Karlsson – D (Ott):  Why do I feel like I’ve been here before?  Every year a young Defenseman (although talented) plays at a level above his head.  Will Karlsson be overvalued heading into next year’s draft?  I can almost guarantee it.  But for THIS season Karlsson is giving his owners more value than anyone else they drafted…

J.S. Giguere – G (Col):  Didn’t someone write a song about this guy?  No?  Well with the way he’s playing right now someone should…

Brian Elliott – G (Stl):  Got the loss yesterday by giving up 3 Goals on just 22 Shots.  I’m waiting for the other skate to drop on this guy so maybe this is the beginning.  It’s not hard to envision a scenario where Halak wins back the #1 spot.

Alex Burrows – LW (Van):  Is going on one of his usual scoring binges (4G/2A/+3/6PIM’s in 4 games).  I’m considering changing the term “streaking” to “burrowing”, anyone with me?



  1. Navi says:

    i really feel for Staal. he has been a stud for so long. it appears that him putting his bro on the sidelines with a concussion has taken his spirit. i also feel he will not produce until he sees his bro coming out of his injury.

    semin reminds me of yashin. when he wants to, he can dominate……that is WHEN he wants. for the balance of the time he is useless.

    im curious of your thoughts on C. Stewart. i still really like him but he seems to be cut from the same cloth as heater. they are studs as soon as they get traded but after a bit, they fall off the map.

  2. DC

    DC says:

    @Navi: Right on with Semin.. I like Stewart too. It’s gotta be a mental thing with him.

  3. barker says:

    in rcl league

    drop goligoski or enstrom

    other d corvo souray timmonen

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