Hey guys! Sven back with the Buy, Sell, Hold segment for the second year. It’s pretty straight forward, players who are buys: you should pick up. Players who are sells, you should think about dropping. Players who are holds, you may be thinking about dropping but don’t just yet! Just for clarification, the % I am going to put next to the players’ stat line is their %own on ESPN. For Buys, I usually focus on guys with a %own less than 50%. Let’s get started! This is a quick one today as I have been very busy, but I will try to start pumping these out every week again.

BUYNate Schmidt (11GP 2-6-8, 25%own)

I am shocked that Schmidt’s %own is this low. After missing a good chunk off the start of his season with a knee injury, he is back and buzzing. Over 20 minutes a night and a great shot rate, it’s just a matter of time before Schmidt pops off. Not just saying this because he’s my display picture either!

Phillip Danault (22GP 6-11-17, 24.8%own)

I do hate how spread out Montreal’s scoring is, but I think Danault’s production is here to stay. With an average TOI of just over 18 minutes and over 20 minutes played in four of his last five, it’s safe to say he will keep getting good looks. If you’re jones-ing for some assists, Phil’s your guy. Chalk Pavel Buchnevich up for apple support as well.

SELLPK Subban (20GP 2-3-5, 88.1%own)

I had similar frustrations owning Subban last season, and here’s what I would suggest. His name still holds plenty of weight among most fantasy hockey players, so despite him not being a sell-high, he kind of is. His TOI screams hold to me, but Vatanen/Butcher assuming PP1 responsibilities is enough for me to sell, especially for the return you’d get.

HOLDTyson Barrie (23GP 0-7-7, 79.8%own)

Barrie never really got a fair shake with coach Babs. He’s still a river boat gambler at heart, and isn’t a guy that can be molded into anything else at this point in his career. Small sample size (of one game), but coach Keefe appears to be using Barrie far more than Babs ever would have. He also tucked his first of the year! I would consider buying low on him right now.

  1. DTW313 says:

    Dropped Schmidt for Barrie. Felt like I couldn’t pass up the upside Barrie might unlock with Babock gone.

    • Sven

      Sven says:

      Wow, great fortunes on that pickup! That’s a no brainer. It looks like Keefe is letting the horses run, but we’ll see how things pan out a couple more games down the road.

  2. dontbichetteme says:

    Hey Sven,
    Happy thanksgiving.
    I asked Viz this question as well. Wondering what you think.
    Some manager in my league just dropped OEL. I want to pick him up but dont know who the drop is? Skinner and Larkin have been living on my bench lately so they are the most obvious drops but both are quality players and could get hot again anytime. I have Dumba and DeAngelo as my 3 and 4 dmen. Dumba is still getting the shots/hits but isnt scoring. DeAngelo has been great so far but will it last? Seems like Fox has been getting more minutes lately as well.
    Klingberg was on waivers earlier in the year and I kick myself for not grabbing him when I could. Dont want to do that with OEL as well.

    • Sven

      Sven says:

      OEL is a must own just purely based on his TOI. You know exactly what you’re getting every night.

      I would definitely shed DeAngelo if you can nab a guy like OEL

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