Remember like 18 hours ago when the Toronto Maple Leaf fans were annointing the team Eastern Conference Champs?  And Phil Kessel was going to win the MVP?  Yeah well the Bruins showed them just how far they still have to go…  “Yes but it’s early! The Leaf’s will learn the warrior mindset along their journey through the regular season.. Only to emerge stronger on the other side!”   Damn Vic the Brick quit interrupting.  You obviously need the Lakers back before you have an aneurysm… Anyway my current heart-throb Tyler Seguin added another great game to his resume:  1G/2A/1PPP/+3/4SOG.  He’s now up to 2 Goals and 6 Assists in 7 games.  The only problem is that he’s getting 2nd line PP minutes, but as long as he’s producing who cares?  It’s gonna be a good year for the former #2 overall pick…

Andrew Ference – D (Bos):  3 Assists will get my attention every time but what won’t get my attention?  Andrew Ference.  Nothing to see here folks…

Milan Lucic – LW (Bos):  It’s about time.  After just 1 Assist through the first 5 games some people may have been jumping ship.  But he restored some confidence last night with a Goal and 2 Assists.  I don’t think he’ll top last year’s point totals (30G/32A) but he’ll get close and the PIM’s will be plentiful.

Alex Ovechkin – RW (Wsh):  I’ve been trashing Ovie lately (well advising you to sell him) because I think his name value is alot higher than his actual value right now.  And despite the 2 Goals last night I’m not backing off.  Just remember its Alex Ovechkin so aim HIGH…

Nicklas Backstrom – C (Wsh):  I predicted Backstrom would finish somewhere between what he’s done the last 2 seasons.  Well he’s right on track for that.  After 2 Assists last night he’s right in line with the 85 Points I predicted for this season.

Yannick Weber – D (Mon):  I’ve already picked this guy up in a league and as long as the King of Brittle Andrei Markov is out Weber will have value.  He’s basically a forward posing as a Defenseman, but he’s getting time on the Power Play and that’s all that matters.

Deryk Engelland – D (Pit):  Channeled his inner Henrik Sedin and Assisted on 2 Goals.  Unfortnunately points aren’t one of Engelland’s strong suits.  But he does like to beat people up… FAGNOF!

Jason Spezza – C (Ott):  Partied like it was 2007 with a Goal and 2 Assists.  The +/- will be ugly but I think if Spazz can play a full season (which has been a problem the last 2 years) he’ll top 70 Points.

Milan Michalek – LW/RW (Ott):  Is the beneficiary of Spezza’s great play early this year.  After last night Mi-Mi now has 5 Goals and 3 Assists.  He’s never produced like this over a full season though and he’s in his 7th year in the NHL.  Enjoy the ride while it lasts but don’t hesitate to drop when he turns back into Milan Michalek..

Vincent Lecavalier – C (TB):  Okay so my preseason theory was that teams will be focusing all their energy on stopping Stamkos and St. Louis, meaning Vinny would have much more quality opportunities.  Not sure if that’s happening but either way I like Vinny to put up solid #2Center stats all year long.

Marc-Andre Bergeron – D (TB):  Another Marc-Andre in the NHL?  What the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on here?  I literally hate this guy but if you’re desperate for some points at D, then go ppppppp……..   pppiiiiccckkkk hiiiimmmm……………ppppp………. Okay I can’t recommend anyone pick him up.

Jason Pominville – RW (Buf):  Keeps producing and as long as he stays healthy and stays on the same line as Vanek he could be a stud.  He’s only 28 and if you combine the best season stats of his career you get: 34G/53A/27PPP/+25/252SOG.. Obviously he won’t get to those levels, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he did 80% of that.

Ryan Miller – G (Buf):  Uh yeah, he’s good.  When I mentioned how Tomas Vokoun is not an “elite” Goalie, Miller is the kind of guy I had in mind.

Jonathan Toews – C (Chi):  Nothing to see here folks.  He was off to a slow start but he’s a legit #1 fantasy Center for sure.

Brad Richards – C (NY):  Has a 5 game point streak but he and Gaborik are still unproven.  The chance that they both stay healthy is a whole ‘nother concern.  He’s one of those guys that I wouldn’t trade for, but if I owned him I wouldn’t want to trade him… NAW’ MEAN??

Dany Heatley – RW (Min):  So this is my first apology of the season.  I was pretty bullish on Heatley but so far he’s disappointed.  Even the Goal last night was more lucky than good.  Plus he and Koivu haven’t clicked.  I haven’t pushed the panic button yet, but my finger is on the button…

Vancouver Canucks –  Kesler scored his 1st Goal of the season and the regular season Twins did their thing.  As long as those 3 are healthy guys like Edler, Bieksa and Burrows will have alot of value (a healthy Samuelsson too)…

Jonathan Quick – G (LA):  Alright I know it was Phoenix, but a Shutout is a Shutout.  And it’s about damm time J-Quick gets his due…  The last 2 years he’s averaged 37/2.36/.914/5.  That’s borderline elite.

By the way have any of you seen this piece-of-azz Kathryn Tappen on the NHL Network?  And yes I’m going to make the obvious joke:  I wish I was Tappen that!!

  1. theevilempire says:

    Seguin was I think my last draft choice. Really liking that pickup. Pretty much all of my forwards are producing…well, except Getzlaf, Clowe, and the Fuckin’ All-Star.

    My defense is killing me though. Kaberle and Timonen mainly. Need some help. Any thoughts on dropping someone for Quincey, Carle, Wilson, McDonagh, or Seidenberg? I think my droppable guys are Timonen, PM Bouchard, and Nabakov.

    Also on the wire are Spezza, Versteeg, Lupul, Gagne.

  2. Theinfamous1 says:

    Parenteau or Pacioretty?

  3. MrHappyTime says:

    Who do you feel are some of the best players in the NHL that get tons of Penalty minutes. Looking for some help in that category and don’t want to give up on skill just to get it. Thanks as always!

  4. ringo says:

    @MrHappyTime: Brenden Morrow is the definitive player you are looking for.

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @MrHappyTime: Clowe, Hartnell, Lucic, Steve Downie.. Although most of those guys are probably on someone’s team.. A potential FA pickup would be Chris Neil for Ottawa. Maaaybe Adam Burish if you’re really desperate for PIM’s. He can give you a Goal every other week or so…

  6. barker says:

    8 team league trade fairly deep for 8 teams 3 c 2 lw 2 rw w f d d d d 3 util
    league only counts g a p ppg ppa ppp sog

    i was offered backes keith and niemi for howard and selanne

    my best d men are goligoski souray streit wisnieski
    my other goalies henrik semyon backstrom
    other rw kane eriksson doan semin
    other c backstrom thornton getzlaf nugent crosby

  7. Howard says:

    DC, What do you think of the Booth trade? He will be playing with Kesler. Have you heard the expression: ‘foxy by proxy’?

  8. CrackerJack says:

    First year playing fantasy hockey, love the additional insight aside from the stuff on ESPN…

    Thinking of grabbing Brian Elliott to replace Mike Smith as my 3rd goalie (start 2), think he might have more upside going forward…

    Filppula is available, would you drop either E Kane or Bourque for him?

    G 3pts, A 2 pts, PIM .3 pts, PPP 1 pt if this makes a difference.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. HldOnMgnolia says:


    I was lacking in PIM and had 6 LWs to 3 RW so I picked up Chris Neil last week. Then, Cammalleri dropped, so I lost Neil for him. Now I’m where I started.

    What should I do here, drop MaxPac? Don’t really want to…

    C Tavares
    C Koivu
    C/LW Benn
    LW Ovechkin
    LW Hall
    LW Cammalleri
    LW Pacioretty
    LW/RW Kovalchuk
    LW/RW Clowe
    RW Marian Gaborik
    D Myers
    D Seabrook
    D Campbell
    D Bergeron

    G Miller
    G Ward
    G Schneider

  10. DC

    DC says:

    @barker: no you’re good.

    @Howard: I love the move for Booth.

    @CrackerJack: Keep Mike Smith and drop Kane for Filppula

    @HldOnMgnolia: Just sacrifice PIM’s for now. Plenty of season left I guarantee at some point you’ll have plenty of room on your roster to add a FAGNOF…

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