Alright it’s a little riDQlous (unsponsored plug) to title the name of a post after a guy who currently sports a -6 with only 1 Assist on the season.  But just like the winning Chef on Hell’s Kitchen, talent isn’t all that important when you have the best in the world helping you along.  And I think Booth is a slightly above average Winger so put him on a line with Ryan Kesler and watch his numbers improve dramatically.  You can’t get much worse than the Florida Panther roster, anyone with any amount of talent just gets handcuffed by his teammates.  And oh yeah almost forgot, Booth is really the only guy who matters in this trade.  I guess in a deeeeeep league Samuelsson would still be rosterable, but in case you don’t understand what I mean by deeeeeeep it’s code word for drop…  Now let’s figure out what else happened this weekend in the wonderful world of ice hockey:

Pekka Rinne – G (Nsh):  Rebounded nicely (analyst term) by getting the SO after the Canucks did this to him on Thursday.  Rinne will be fine this year although I think he falls a little short of last seasons stats.

Sami Salo – D (Van):  Let’s talk about someone different in Vancouver.  Salo has always been a fringe #4 Defenseman throughout his career, and despite the 6 Points in 8 games I still thank that’s what he is.  Maybe the loss of Ehrhoff is leading to more scoring chances but I just have a hard time believing Sami Salo is suddenly an offensive dynamo.

Ryan Clowe – LW (SJ):  I’m very happy with the 6 Points in 6 Games, but so far not one fight.  I’m worried Clowe is going the way of the fighter deemed “too important to his team” to fight anymore.  I’d be shocked if he got to 100PIM’s again this year.

Tyler Seguin – C (Bos):  Have I mentioned this guy before?  I don’t recall…

Andrei Kostitsyn – LW/RW (Mon):  The aptly nicknamed AK-47 had a Goal and an Assist on Saturday, despite the Mafia’s best efforts.  Andrei (along with his brother-in-crime Sergei) are streaky.  Sneaky?  No streaky!  Not a real big fan of either. They put you through stretches where it feels like your head is being squeezed in a vice until your eyeball pops out.

Travis Moen – LW (Mon):  2 Goals on Saturday but you know how I talk about a terd looking and smelling like a terd?  Apply that here…

Jason Spezza – C (Ott):  A frequent commenter recently commented (isn’t that weird?) that Spezza was on his league’s Waiver Wire.  After another great game Saturday I’m on board with the Spazz.  Go check your Free Agent list in case he’s sitting there.

Rick Nash – LW/RW (CBJ):  Notched another Goal and the effects of Carter being out haven’t been felt yet.  So far so good you Nash-holes!

Danny Briere – C/RW (Phi):  I gotta admit alot of the guys I trashed in the preaseason I avoid talking about when they do something good.  It’s a neat little trick that Grey uses (and which I’ve stolen).  Briere should be fine as long as he avoids injury…..   Muhaaahaaaahaaaaa!

Jordan Staal – C/LW (Pit):  And so we go from Briere to another guy I have poo-pooed on more than one occassion.  But I gotta give Staal his due.  Despite what Letang and James Neal have been doing, Jordan Staal is the best player on that team when Malkin & Crosby are out.

Washington Capitals – Dominated a (previously) undefeated Detroit team to stay undefeated themselves.  Mike Green tripled his season stats from 1G/1A to 3G/3A while the rest of the studs (Ovie, Semin, Backstrom) produced as well.  And of course, we can’t forget Waiver Wire All Star Mike Knuble.  I’ve dropped that guy more times than a crackhead drops her baby.

Eric Staal – C (Car):  Unlike his brother Jordan this Staal can’t get out of 3rd gear.  In fact it looks like he’s sitting in 2nd..  4 Points in 8 games and has been worthless on the even strength so far this season.  1 even strength point in 8 games with a -10?  I apoligize to all who took him in the first 2 rounds.

Mathieu Garon – G (TB):  I actually picked him up for Thursday’s game then dropped him before he got the Shutout on Saturday.  I guess that proves what a genius I am!  Anyway Garon is definately on the “speculative adds” list.  Tampa is desperate for Goaltending so they’ll ride Garon until he (eventually) embarrasses himself.

Gabriel Landeskog – LW (Col):  2 Goals on Saturday gives Gabby 4 in his last 6 games.  But it looks like this could be a feast or famine kind of thing this season.  In 5 of the Avalanche’s (is that the correct plural for Avalanche?)  in 5 of the Avalanche’s 8 games he has zero points.

Henrik Lundqvist – G (NYR):  Mysteriously left the game late in the 3rd Period on Saturday.  Of course he and the team claim it’s nothing, but don’t be shocked if Biron at least starts tonight against Winnipeg.  UPDATE:  Biron will get the start tonight. Of course the Ranger’s are saying it’s just “precautionary” with Lundqvist…

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins – C (Edm):  I am fully on board with RNH.  Well not the last name, but as a fantasy forward.  Why in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks if you had “Nugent” in your last name would you screw it up by adding -Hopkins?

Rob Scuderi – D (LA):  He’s not relevant in fantasy hockey (although he did have an Assist in the Kings 1-0 Win Saturday).  I just wanted to say his name a few times cuz it’s such a perfect hockey name.  Rob Scuderi.

Lauri Korpikoski – LW (Phx):  Here is a name that sits at both ends of the spectrum.  Korpikoski is up there with Scuderi but when you pair that with Lauri?  Sigh…  Can’t we just call him Rorey or Maury or even Torey?  Would make it so much better…. Oh yeah he also had 2 points last night.

Ryan Getzlaf – C (Ana):  Scored his first 2 Goals of the season and needs to keep shooting like he did last night (4SOG).  If you didn’t buy low the window is going to close quick, if it hasn’t already.

Martin Hanzal – C (Phx):  2 Goals for Marty but I don’t think there’s anything here to get excited about.  He’s only 24 though so there could still be some hope (I guess)…

So there you have it…  And on a related note, Monday’s SUCK!


  1. Grizzly says:

    Still laughing at that Knuble comment. I am hurting at G because I (foolishly) drafted Brodeur. Any of these guys worth adding:


    I’m leaning toward Elliot since replacing one old/dinged up G with another seems pointless. What do you think?

  2. DC

    DC says:

    @Grizzly: A couple people now have made their case for Elliot but I don’t know. I wouldn’t trust Patrick Roy in his prime playing for that team.. Just use LeftWingLock to figure out the next day’s starting Goalie and stream backups. The Schneider/Rasks of the world might be rostered already, but go for others like Neuvirth, Dan Ellis, Marty Biron etc…

  3. JagrBomb says:

    Hey DC,

    I’m that guy that is in desperate need of hits/blocks. You mentioned to try and get Bieksa and my first trade attempt didn’t work out. I did pick up Sbisa however but I was wondering if you think I should still try to trade to get him.
    I have Spezza on my team and I feel I am pretty deep at the C position with Tavares, Crosby, Malkin, and Ott. Do you think I should offer Spezza for Bieksa? Maybe there is a better player to target for hits/blocks?

  4. JagrBomb says:

    I forgot to mention i would be losing alot at the FOW category if i gave up Spezza. There are guys like Engelland, Eric Brewer, and Boychuck still available to get over Sbisa?

  5. DC

    DC says:

    @JagrBomb: Spezza’s worth more than just Bieksa. Maybe when Malkin/Crosby are back that trade would be worth it for you but not now.. And those other guys you mentioned are in the same group as Sbisa, so I would stream if you can.

  6. happytime says:

    Enstrom or Karlsson? daily changes, scoring cats are: G,A,+/-,PIM,PPP,SHP,GWG,SOG.

  7. Tony S says:

    How do you feel about Ales Hemsky? I like him if he’s on the top line but I don’t know if he gets that spot back when he returns. Should I drop him for someone like Lupul, Read or Simmonds?

  8. ringo says:

    Any thoughts on Val Filppula? Is he gonna break through? He is centering that second line so he has some scoring potential, but it seems like that is always the case.

  9. DC

    DC says:

    @happytime: I like Karlsson if you can absorb the +/- hit…

    @Tony S: Yes. Lord knows I’ve given Hemsky multiple opportunities and it’s finally time to admit he just can’t be trusted.

    @ringo: It is always the case. Filppula is 27 and in his 6th full season. He is who we think he is.

  10. charlie batch says:

    seguin or RNH?

  11. Lines says:

    Hey DC,

    What do you foresee from Marcus Johansson going forward? I just picked him up off the WW (dropping Tyler Ennis), and I’m wondering what to expect. Seems like he has the potential to produce on that ridiculous Caps team.

    Also wondering what, if any, value Brad Boyes has right now. He’s only playing 7 or 8 minutes a game on Buffalo’s 4th line. I know he has a history of fantasy relevance, but right now he looks like shit. Is he worth keeping over players like Max Pacioretty, Wayne Simmonds, Evander Kane and TJ Oshie?

    Thanks dude. Appreciate the input, as always.

  12. DC

    DC says:

    @charlie batch: That’s a brutal decision if you’re talking keeper league, but if it’s a redraft league take Seguin

    @Lines: Johansson is worth hanging onto for now and yeah Boyes is a worthless P.O.S. Drop him for Pacioretty

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