We’re down to the final two weeks of the season, and I hope that your fantasy seasons are still going.  This week has a very strange schedule, so in this post, I’m going to break it down and show the best way to target streaming.  Every move on the margin helps!  Let’s get to it!

Tonight, there are only three games.  On Wednesday, there are also three games.  There are no games on Friday, and only two games on Easter Sunday.  On Tuesday, there are 11 games, there’s 14 on Thursday, and the entire league plays on Saturday.  It’s extremely rare for every day to be all the way on one side of the spectrum.  Here are the games that take place on the light days:

Monday: ARZ @ SEA, NSH @ DAL, VGK @ MIN

Wednesday: EDM @ ANA, CGY @ WIN, TBL @ NYR

Sunday: COL @ ANA, BOS @ PHI

As you can see, the only team that plays twice on light days is the dreadful Ducks, and they play the Oilers and Avalanche.  Yikes.  If you’re really limited by the amount of moves you can make, then it makes sense to target Ducks.  Otherwise, since you won’t have to make any moves on the other days since you’ll have a full team, you can put all of your moves to different streamers for each day.  If you have an open spot for Tuesday, then pick up somebody from Nashville, Seattle, or Vegas as they play on Monday and Tuesday.  Given the matchups, Seattle players would be my first priority.

With so few back-to-backs, there won’t be many streaming opportunities for goalies.  It will come from the teams that are already out of it, and that’s probably it outside of Boston because they’re locked into the #1 overall seed.  Unless Francouz is back, there’s a very good chance that Jonas Johansson starts against the Ducks on Sunday.  Leagues will be decided by one of the worst goalies of all-time playing against a truly terrible team, how fun!  If you want to get ahead of the curve, you can pick him up on Wednesday or earlier.  If he doesn’t play Sunday, so be it, and if he does, you can either bench him if you’re winning the goalie categories or try to steal them on the last day.

Colorado plays the California teams four times this week.  They have two games with the Sharks, one with the Kings, and the aforementioned Ducks game.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  They have plenty of streaming options right now.

I take it back, it can get better than that.  Seattle plays Arizona twice, Chicago, and Vancouver.  They realistically can’t do better than the first wild card spot, but they’re big favorites to claim that spot now.  Almost every player on their team is a streamer, and they’re all in excellent position for huge weeks.

There are three teams with only two games this week.  Those teams are the Islanders, Capitals, and Jets.  The Jets play on Wednesday, which is reason to hold their guys since there’s only three games that day.  The Islanders and Capitals only play on Thursday and Saturday.  Because there are so many games those days, you can do without players on those teams altogether.  Obviously I’m holding Sorokin, and I wouldn’t drop Ovechkin or Carlson.  Otherwise, in head to head leagues, I’d probably cut everybody else on those two teams, even Horvat and Dobson.  Volume, volume, volume.

The teams with four games this week are Colorado, Nashville, Philly, Seattle, and Vegas. Unlike the two teams covered above, Nashville and Philly have nightmare schedules.  Vegas’ schedule is pretty tough as well.

Three Point Challenge:  We will do Tuesday’s games per usual.  You can’t select McDavid, Draisaitl, Kucherov, Pastrnak, M. Tkachuk, MacKinnon, Robertson, RNH, Pettersson, Marner, or Karlsson.  I’ll go with Nylander against the Blue Jackets.

That’s all for now guys.  Be sure to ask any questions, leave any comments, or give any suggestions below.  I’ll be back on Wednesday recapping the action from the next two nights.  Good luck to everyone, thanks for reading, take care!