It’s seemed inevitable for the past few days, but on Thursday, it officially happened.  The NHL has suspended play indefinitely due to COVID-19.  It absolutely had to be done in order to try and limit exposure to players, staff, fans, etc.  So where does that leave the league, my writing here, and people around the world?  I’m going to hit on a few things below.

Quite frankly, we don’t know what the league is going to do going forward.  Let’s say the best case happens and the league resumes in 4-6 weeks.  Perhaps it’s in empty arenas to start.  Perhaps they jump right into the playoffs seeding teams based on points percentage and don’t play the rest of the regular season.  Either way, let’s just hope that our government does what is right and does whatever it can to keep the number of cases down so we can get back to normalcy as soon as possible.

As for my writing, this will be my last post until we know what the NHL is doing.  You can always hit me up in the comments section here if you want to talk fantasy (or anything else really), or you can tweet me @RazzballViz.  Let me know what you guys are doing in your fantasy leagues in terms of the money.  Are you splitting money between the teams that made the playoffs if there is no more regular season?  Are you refunding everybody?  Lot of different ways you can go about it, and curious what your league decides is best.

What can we do to improve the situation?  Social distancing is a must.  I am fortunate enough to have a job that doesn’t require me to leave my home, so I will doing everything that I can to limit my contact with the outside world.  The worry isn’t that I get coronavirus myself, hell I could already have it and not know it yet, but not giving it to anyone else, especially older people, is my goal.  I believe that it is our civic duty to do this and make this horrible situation come to an end as soon as possible.  I know that most aren’t as fortunate as me and everyone still has to work interacting with plenty of people every day, but please, do as much as you reasonably can to create social distance between yourself and others.

So that’s all for now guys.  Hopefully the season starts up again so I can write again in this space sooner than later.  Regardless, I want to thank all of you loyal Razzballers for reading my posts for the fifth straight year.  Whether you ask questions regularly, occasionally, or lurk and post the rare comment, I greatly appreciate all of you guys.  The readers are what make this worth my while.  Best of luck to everyone and their families in staying healthy, take care!