It always fascinates me when a player and a Head Coach get into an altercation (verbal or otherwise).  When I try and parallel the situation with my own job it just doesn’t make any sense.  First off, the Head Coach is the equivalent to my boss in upper management and if I cursed him out in front of all the other employees, I would no longer be employed.  But then I realize that in most cases in the NHL, the player is actually making more money (usually substantially more) than the guy who is his “boss”.  It’s all very confusing and it’s best to just remember professional sports is in no way equivalent to the real world.  Anyway in case you missed it, Ott got into it with Head Coach Peter Laviolette last week but because Dallas won the game, nothing came of it.  Ott was right back out there Friday night.  It might have lit a fire under his hiney too – he finished the game with a +2 and 2 Points…

Mikael Backlund – C (Cgy):  I’ve never been so quick to dismiss a former 1st Round draft pick.  But facts are facts and you ARE the weakest link!

Matt D’Agostini – RW (Stl):  If I owned Matt D’Agostini in a league for some reason I’d be D’Atatching him from my team ASAP.  But for you glass-half-full people he’s still a better option at RW than Chris Stewart…

Alex Steen – C/LW (Stl):  It’s about time Steener gets some recognition, and here it is!  If you can use 50+ Points and 12+ Power Play Points from your LW spot (12+ team leagues for sure), Alex is your man.

Clarke MacArthur – LW (Tor):  So after Friday’s Goal you’ve got 10 in just 28 games played?  “You serious Clarke?”

Matt Duchene – C (Col):  Yeah you scored a Goal on Friday.  Unfortunately the season you’re having is still horrawful.  I’m not dropping Duchene yet though, there is a 0% chance of finding someone with more upside on the Waiver Wire…

Milan Hejduk – RW (Col):  Yeah he had an Assist Friday night but Milan has now gone over 3 weeks without a Goal.  I’ve never been a fan of this guy however so the fact that he is still un-injured is bothering me.  What isn’t bothering me is his last name.  It reminds me of the greatest TV show known to man

Anze Kopitar – C (LA):  Am I the only one who always feels disappointed by Kopitar’s production?  Not that 32 Points in 35 Games is worthless, but the fact that he’s a Center and was (more than likely) drafted in the Top 25 leaves me wanting more.

Logan Couture – C (SJ):  Weapon X is going berzerk.  In the preseason I estimated Logan’s odds for 40 Goals at about 50/50, and 32 games in I’d adjust it slightly to 40%Yes/60%No.  In other words he’s having a pretty good year.

Leland Irving – G (Cgy):  We are currently witnessing the birth of a career backup Goalie.  His name alone disqualifies him for greatness…

Michael Ryder – RW (Dal):  After Friday’s Goal and 2 Assists Ryder is ridin’ high.  I think we’re finding out that he was buried in Boston the last few years and if given more minutes (and better linemates) #2RW status is where he belongs.

Tuuka Rask – G (Bos):  Sonovabench!  I love the website Left Wing Lock, but occassionaly they misfire on that days starting Goalie.  And yeah that was the case on Friday when Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuka Shutout the mighty Florida Panthers…  Yes I’m still sticking needles in my Tim Thomas voodoo doll..

Brad Marchand – C (Bos):  I try not to be too wishy-washy, but guys like Marchand make it extremely difficult.  I loved him early in the season, then I considered him a little flukey when he went ice cold, and now I’m loving him all over again.  Don’t expect a Hat Trick (+2 Assists) every game, but the fact that he did it proves he can do it (if you’re pickin up what I’m puttin down…)

Adam Henrique – C (NJ):  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve gotta say I had no idea who this guy was 3 weeks ago.  But now that he’s playing with a red-hot Zack Parise and putting up (close to) #2 Center numbers  it’s time we all take notice of King Henrique (too soon with that nickname??)

Frans Nielsen – C (NYI):  He and his partner Hans “Are here to PUMP… ‘clap’…. YOU UP!!!

John Tavares – C (NYI):  Remember what I said about Anze Kopitar a couple minute ago?  NO?  Okay since y’all lazy here is the cliff-notes version:  “Am I the only one who always feels disappointed by Kopitar’s production?”   Yeah just susbstitute “Kopitar” with “Tavares” and you get an idea of how I feel about Johnny-boy.

Jordan Staal – C/LW (Pit):  Just like my truck, Jordan is prone to staaling.  Typically it’s when Crosby is playing though so as long as he’s out clearing cobwebs Staal makes a great option as a C/LW bench option…

Cam Ward – G (Car):  Had his first good game since….since….. well a looooooooong time.  He can’t possibly be this bad (3.23GAA, .898SV%) but that doesn’t mean I have alot of faith in him going forward.  In the perfect scenario (you can get him for next to nothing and you’re desperate for Goaltending) I could see trying to acquire C-Dub.  That’s about the only scenario though..

That’s also about all I got on this fine Christmas evening.  In honor of the greatest Christmas movie ever made:  “Merry Christmas!  Shitter was full!”




  1. ben_smith says:

    do you like carle or fowler over my current D of lidstrom/streit/subban/wideman/leddy? my league couts, g,a,+/-,pim,ppp,sog

  2. Johnny says:

    I’ve been trying to trade Bobby Ryan with no success. I’m considering dropping him for Chris Kunitz. Bad idea?

  3. DC

    DC says:

    @ben_smith: Probably go Carle over Wideman or Leddy…

    @Johnny: Do not drop Bobby Ryan

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