I’ve already preached about the current run Tim Thomas is on, but it’s worth preaching again.  Since the start of the 2007-2008 season Timmay has 130 Wins to just 64 Losses.  And his ratios are ridonkulous:  .931SV%/2.35GAA/25SO…  We are talking about 4+ seasons here and it really is remarkable considering he didn’t make his NHL debut until he was 28 years old.  Hmmmmm..  Ah nevermind, no point in bringing it up without any proof…  Bottom line is Tim-Tom is the best Goalie in the NHL right now and it isn’t even close.

Patrice Bergeron – C (Bos):  Is actually having one of the best season’s of his career which surprises me.  I guess it’s just because I don’t own him on any of my teams, but right now he’s well on his way to topping last year’s 57 Points.  If you need someone to prop up your +/- without killing other stats, Patrick with an E is a solid option.

Daniel Alfredsson – RW (Ott):  2 Points last night and Alf is bouncing back nicely this year despite his missed time because of a concussion.  If Teemu Selanne has proved anything, it’s that old people, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose!

Mike Smith – G (Phx):  Smith for the Vezina….aaaaaa…..aaaaa….. nevermind!  I had a couple people who insisted (starting about a month ago) that Smith was a perfect sell-high candidate.  Looks like you were right and I was wrong.  In fact, I am dumb and you are smart.  You are incredibly handsome, and I am not attractive.  Anyway from a fantasy perspective I don’t think Smith is in danger of losing his job, but if you own the dude it’s time to start considering benching him against certain teams.

Jonas Hiller – G (Ana):  Could be putting it together as he’s got 2 Wins and just 6 Goals allowed in 3 starts.  And if you’ve owned Hiller all year you realize that is arguably his best 3 game stretch of the season…

Lubomir Visnovsky – D (Ana):  If you listened to me and got him off your IR you were rewarded with 1 Assist, +2 and 7 Shots.  Get on board now cuz if LUBO is healthy he’s a Top 5 Defenseman going forward.

Marian Hossa – RW (Chi):  I put guys like Hossa in the same group as someone like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.  Sure they are a decade and a half apart in age, but in fantasy terms they are in the same group:  They win fantasy championships.  Hossa probably went somewhere in Rounds 5-8 in your draft and as of tonight he’s producing like a 2nd rounder.  If he can somehow manage to play 70 Games (which I doubt) he could top 70 Points.

Kyle Brodziak – C (Min):  It’s getting darn near impossible to ignore this guy.  He’s not a must add (yet), but 9 Goals in 18 games grabs my attention.  He’s seeing alot of time on the Power Play too and there is some reason to believe he can keep this up….. But I’m not buying it, I have a feeling when Minny starts to fall back to the pack this guys lack of production will be a big reason why.

Cody Concussion –  There was a great column by Wyshynzkzkzizkzi yesterday (8 hours after my Concussion column was posted… but that’s neither here nor there) where he constructed the All Concussion Team.  Just go read it, but if you are lazy like I am here are some of the current players who would make the team:  Sidney Crosby, Claude Giroux, Milan Michalek, Chris Pronger, Jeff Skinner, Mike Richards, Kris Letang, Andy McDonald, Brayden Schenn.  That’s just current concussion victims.  If you throw in guys who have had one in the last year the list gets even more ridiculous… I’m starting to think it’s time to add a ‘Concussion’ category to fantasy stats..


  1. Grizzly says:

    Start Pavelec against Washington?

  2. Giacomo says:

    Keeper auction league – Keepers value goes up by $5 a year and you can only keep 4 players, should I trade my Carey Price for his Tim Thomas both with current salaries of $15? It is auction league where your 4 keepers count against the $200 you have to purchase your starting players. Starters include 2 Centers, 4 Wingers, 4 defensemen and 2 goalies so there are 12 starters drafted for each of the 10 teams in the league. $15 is not a bad price for a goalie, but given the long term prospects of Price vs Thomas, it might even out the current value. What do you think?

  3. Jethro says:

    Is it too early to say Emery is the #1 i Chi-Town???

  4. DC

    DC says:

    @Grizzly: Mr. Roller Coaster is due to start sucking again soon.. Just don’t come blaming me if he gives up 1 Goal and gets a W.

    @Giacomo: If it’s keeper I’d have to keep Price.

    @Jethro: I’d be surprised if he stays healthy all year, but yes right now he’s the #1 in Chi-town

  5. Mal says:

    I hate defensemen in fantasy hockey.

    Is it time to just give up on Pietrangelo (and maybe Fowler)? Currently my 4 d-men are: Pietrangelo, Fowler, Larsson, and McDonagh. (Pronger on IR, but not looking like I’ll hang onto him.)

    Pietr has been terrible. Fowler…spotty. McDonagh…seems more consistent that those guys and I guess gets me hits? (Scoring is G, A, PPP, ATOI, Shots, Hits.) Larsson I guess I’m hanging onto since he has the upside?

    Worth it to take a flier on some waiver wire peeps: Nikitin, Potter (who apparently comes back today) or maybe Spurgeon? He seems to have quietly made his way up to the top of the Wild’s PP unit and put up some nice WW #’s to boot. Potter started off pretty hot but has been out with injury, NiNi seems to be clicking in Columbus, and I probably have a homer love for Spurgeon. Thoughts?

  6. DC

    DC says:

    @Mal: I’ve got no problem with you dropping Pietrangelo or Fowler (especially with LUBO back now).

  7. Navi says:

    @DC just flipped S. Weiss for N. Horton and LUBO. i really like Weiss but me and this guy are neck and neck for best teams on paper. felt it was an oppurtunity to deal him a stealthy blow by taking those 2 off his hands. thoughts? my other C are N. Backstrom, Backes and Duchene. i feel Lubo (as all of ANH) had a rough start and this guy is totally overlooking his immense upside. (oh, he also helped me win the championship last year. so i do have a soft spot for him, lol).

  8. DC

    DC says:

    @Navi: Nice trade LUBO is definately undervalued right now.. And hey I’ve got a new column up, go read it and comment there!

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