Those of you living North of the border no doubt know about Tim Horton’s.  They are the largest quick service (fast food) restaurant chain in Canada.  I’ve never been to one but from what I gather they are alot like Dunkin’ Donuts.  And they’re spreading…  I wouldn’t worry about them taking over yet, but I fear this could be another example of foreigners taking American jobs..  Damn you Canada!!!  Okay okay, so what does Tim Horton have to do with fantasy hockey you ask?  Well apparantly his brother Nathan plays for the Boston Bruins and he had a helluva game last night.  I identified Horton as a sleeper in the preseason so this game should make me happy.  Only it doesn’t.  This game merely highlighted how poor the rest of his season has been.  I’m beginning to think he’s one of those players who you keep all year because every time you’re about to drop him, he does what he did yesterday.  Those players are the ones who lose leagues…

Michael Grabner – RW (NYI):  Speaking of players who lose leagues…  Naw thats a little harsh.  But I do think Grabner got a little lucky last year when he scored 34 Goals.  And when you consider he only had 18 Assists (and just 1 so far this year) a drop from 34 Goals to 26 or 27 is the difference between a RW3 and WWF.

David Krejci – C (Bos):  I told you yesterday to go get this guy but after another 3 point game his cover is probably blown.  The cat’s out of the bag.  The horse is out of the barn.  The girl is going to the Cops… Wait, who said that??  For some reason Krejci’s only owned in 65% of Yahoo leagues so make sure he’s not sitting there, whithering away on your Waiver Wire.

Dan Boyle – D (SJ):  Goal #1 in Game #13.  This is what I feared in the preseason.  It’s too early to panic yet, but here are Boyle’s Goal totals last 5 years:  20,4,16,15,9. Thats what you call a downward trend.

Logan Couture – C (SJ):  Weapon X is on fire (2G/2A/9SOG last 2 Games; 6G last 8 Games).  I’m not entirely convinced he can keep it up but its a good sign nonetheless.

Anze Kopitar – C (LA):  Gotta give it up to anyone producing like this guy (8 Goals, 10 Assists).  It will be interesting to see if Anze can take that next step and become an 85-95 Point player… I have my doubts.

Sidney Crosby – C (Pit):  He might start against Dallas on Friday.. Sweet. Don’t go telling anyone else though, I don’t want the Stars to find out… UPDATE: Turns out he won’t be returning on Friday.  The saga continues…

  1. ben_smith says:

    do you like Krejci over M. Koivu, Ott and Prospal?

  2. Jon says:

    Justin Williams or Horton?

  3. JagrBomb says:

    Hey DC,

    My league allows three pick-ups per week. Its a 10 man league and my bottom guys right now are Evander Kane, Taylor Hall, and Pietrangelo (at least I’m pretty sure these are my bottom guys?).

    Do you think think its a good idea to make room on my roster to stream to try and make up points in categories i may be close in for the week? And if so can any of these guys be dropped to make room for streams?


  4. DC

    DC says:

    @ben_smith: Over Prospal for sure and over Ott if you have enough PIM’s elsewhere on your team.

    @Jon: Williams if you don’t mind the risk…

    @JagrBomb: I’m not dropping any of those guys yet..

  5. BryzgalovMonopoly says:

    Hey what’s up with no mention of PATRICK Marloooooww?

    Tim Hortons doughnuts FTW!

  6. Slam says:

    Would you trade Tim Thomas for Rick nash or Ilya kovalchuk? My other goalies are hiller and Howard. My current left wingers are morrow, lucic, and calamari. Can’t decide if giving up Thomas is worth the upgrade at lw

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