I wrote this about J-Quick back on November 16:  “And oh yeah, J-Quick is the most underrated Goalie in the NHL right now.”  I for one second that notion.  In fact I third, fourth, and fifth it.  He single handedly beat Florida last night (41 Saves) to boost his season line to 11W/.936SV%/1.97GAA/4SO.  I know I’ve been (tongue in cheek) advocating for Mike Smith to get the Vezina, but JQ Magazine is the true contender.  The funny part is that he could still be undervalued, so trade for him if at all possible.  You won’t regret it…

Kris Letang – D (Pit):  Pooty tang is starting to worry me.  First it was just a broken nose, then he was having trouble breathing, and now the horrible “C” word is sneaking into the picture…  No not that C word you sicko, I mean Concussion.  If you own Pooty-tang I suggest building up some good karma by donating here.

Ryan  Miller – G (Buf):  Sounds like it could be Miller time again soon in Buffalo.  He practiced Wednesday for the first time since Milan Lucic somehow ran him over after a super-human attempt to avoid any contact.  It was truly a heroic effort and Lucic should be commended..  (as this post now drips with sarcasm)…  For selfish reasons I hope he takes his time, Enroth has been a nice addition to my Goalie starved teams   : )

Jason Chimera – LW (Was):  I have to admit I was shocked to learn that his Goal tonight was his 10th on the season.  10 Goals.  “That’s more than menudo!”  That it is VTB, that it is indeed…  Make no mistake though, this 30+ Goal pace will not last.  But if you wanna ride him for the time being I promise I won’t judge.

Michael Del Zotto – D (NYR):  Normally I’m all over Defenseman who get as much Power Play time as MDZ does.  But this guy just doesn’t produce enough.  Sure he has a 3 game scoring streak but it will end soon and he’ll be back to the normal underachiever he’s always been.  In a 12 team, 4 D-man league he’s a borderline #4…

Ryan McDonagh – D (NYR):  Now here is a Defenseman on the Ranger’s I can get behind.  Or in front of… or just nevermind.  McDonagh is young and improving and after last night he now has 1G/3A/6PIM/11SOG in the Rangers last 5 games.  Now it’s time for Torts to start giving this kid Del Zotto’s Power Play minutes.  He’s earned them…

Brian Boyle – C (NYR):  I called this guy a bust in the preseason and he has not disappointed.  2 Goals on 37 Shots through 22 Games doesn’t even warrant ownership in a 20 team league, let alone a 10 or 12..  Last year 21 Goals on 218 Shots at least made him serviceable. Now the only thing he should be servicing is your car windshield…

Ondrej Pavelec – G (Wpg):  I really wanna like this guy but after endorsing him a couple weeks ago he proceeded to give up 16 Goals in the Jets next 4 games. So yeah I won’t be endorsing him any more…  HOWEVA!  He did pitch a Shutout last night, so there’s that…

Bryan Little – C/RW (Wpg):  If this guy was properly labeled in Yahoo as C only I would have no interest. But the RW eligibility makes me happier than an ice-fishing Canadian.  Little has been big over the last 11 Games scoring 7 Goals (on 35 Shots) and 4 Assists.  Plus he’s not embarrassing himself in the +/- category like most of his other teammates.

Steve Ott – C (Dal):  Hey Stevie!  What happened I thought you fell off the face of the earth??  I love the PIM’s but damn, just 5 Goals and 6 Assists through 19 games is terrible for a Center.  And to think we were BFF’s in the preseason…

Erik Condra – RW (Ott):  Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start…  Or Select-Start if you are playing 2 player mode.

Martin Erat – RW (Nsh):  Errra… Errrra…  What an errra Assist by Marty to set up Mr. Underwood’s game winning Goal.  If you have to own forwards on the Predators Erat is as good as anyone (meaning he errrrrrrrrrrrrrra stinks…)

Nikita Nikitin – D (CBJ):  I know it’s early, but it looks like the Nikitin for Russell trade w/ the Blues is favoring Colombus more than St. Louis.  Sure Kris Russell hasn’t been worthless (3Goals in 9 games) but Nikitin is slowly becomming the Jacket’s top Defenseman (sorry Clitsome, I still love you though… What?  How do you spell his name?  Wisniewski?  Who is that?).. Anyway I’m not advocating rushing to the Waiver Wire and picking this guy up, but just keep him in mind..

Colin Wilson – C (Nsh):  I’ve been telling you since this blog first “dropped” that there are no forwards in Nashville worth owning.. Well I still feel that way but Wilson could change my mind before the year’s done (1G/2A last night and he’s only 22 and a former 7th overall pick)..  Don’t treat him as anything more than Waiver Wire Fodder this year but next year I’m gonna have a man-sized crush on this dude.  The skills are there to pay the bills…

Sidney Crosby – C (Pit):  no points?  NO POINTS?  I demand a recount!!!

Logan Couture – C (SJ):  A Goal and an Assist is a good start, but Weapon-X has been more like Weapon-XX this season (if you get that joke let me know in the comments, you could win a prize!)

Jack Johnson – D (LA):  I’ve never seen this guy live, but I’ve heard a few of his songs and he’s laid back.  American Folk Rock might be right up my alley…

Mike Richards (LA):  Didn’t play the 3rd Period thanks to a high hit from Bergenheim.  It’s just being called a UBI right now, but those can quickly turn into seriously bad news….. ahem….. concussion…..  Not that I said it though, that’s a dirty word..



  1. J says:

    Didn’t you project Brodeur as your number #1 ranked goalie to start the year? Or is my memory failing me?

  2. DC

    DC says:

    @J: FAIL!… I had Brodeur ranked #17 (between Cam Ward and Halak).

  3. J says:

    Somebody suggested I take him! I need somebody else to blame.

    It must have been one of the other sites then.

  4. Marty Funkhouser says:

    @DC: Drop Montoya or Varlamov for Reimer or just stand pat for now?

    Also, woke up this morning to a gift on my roster: Yahoo! was doling out additional position eligibility to everyone and their mother. Couture and Filppula’s LW shiz is nice, but Dupuis’ shiny new RW eligibility kind of makes me regret not picking him up.

  5. BeatBox says:

    DC, who are you buying the most between Flippula, Chimera, and Bryan Little. Thanks as always..

  6. DC

    DC says:

    @J: Well I didn’t exactly nail it.. I should’ve had Brodeur even lower than the #17 Goalie

    @Marty Funkhouser: Tough one. I think I’d keep Montoya and Varlamov though.

    @BeatBox: Filppula..Little…..Chimera

  7. anon says:

    Drop Cam Ward or Hiller for Montoya?

    Also drop Cam Fowler for McDonagh?


  8. Lines says:

    Keep one, drop one: Bernier and Bobrovsky. I’m leaning toward keeping Bob, the way Jonny Quick and Bryzgalov are playing.

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