I always used to watch the Price is Right whenever I would stay home sick from school.  Something about a bunch of random idiots winning prizes just hits a chord with me.  Or is it strikes a nerve?  Ah it’s not important.  What is important is that Carey Price’s season is officially over.  Blame the nasty “C” word or the awfulness that is the Montreal Canadians, they’re both equally to blame.  I thought the Price would be right in 2012, but instead I’m the guy who bid $1200 only to watch in horror as the last guy bids $1201….

Vincent Lecavalier – C (TB):  I kinda wish I had a Rudy for this site because I have a feeling I’m gonna love My Cousin Vinny in next years drafts.  Despite the fact it won’t be a wise decision…

Johan Franzen – RW (Det):  If you add 1 more point to his season line, you get his 2nd best season in the NHL.  And if you add a Z to his first name, you get these guys

Andy McDonald – C/LW (StL):  The poster boy for the term “health is a skill” is finishing another injury riddled season strong.  If the Blues continue their regular season success in the postseason, Andy-Mac will probably be a big reason why.  All that past playoff experience will certainly shine through…. Or not.  I can’t predict the future…

Erik Cole – LW/RW (Mon):  Cole is a dirty combustible fuel, we all know that.  But the fact remains it’s still one of the most dependable energy sources on the planet.   Cole proves that by scoring more Goals this year (34) than his current age (33).  So back off green energy!

Gustav Nyquist – C (Det):  It’s amazing that a 22 year old Swedish born hockey player is single handedly responsible for crippling the Republican party’s ability to compromise

Jonathan Toews – C (Chi):  He should play in the Hawk’s final regular season game, but it doesn’t erase the fact that he’s missed 20 games with the “C” word.  I am worried about Toews going forward.  Concussions are not good on the head, and if Toews doesn’t have a functioning head, shoulders, knees and toews he’s just not the same player.

Chris Stewart – RW (StL):  I’ve got stew on my face after ranking this dude really high in the preseason.  The worst part is if you would’ve told me back in August that the Blues would be the TOP SEED in the Western Conference, I would’ve had Stewart ranked even higher.

  1. ChrisV

    ChrisV says:

    I hope Erik Cole scores 41 goals when he’s 40.

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